Styles and trends in fashion come and go. It changes regularly, almost every year even. This means that what could be a trend this year might no longer be a trend next year. This fact is not only applicable in fashion, but also in other aspects, including interior designs. If you try to go with the trend every time it changes, then you could be someone who has a lot of resources to spend since you can afford buying new furniture pieces and getting your home redecorated.

On a different perspective, if you are an interior designer, it would be best advised that you keep yourself updated with the ongoing trends to keep up with the demands of your clients. Though there may also be people who prefer the old-fashion designs rather than those that are trending, but it would really be an advantage if you are up-to-date.

Below are some of 2017’s top interior design trends, including the trendiest furniture pieces, wall colors, and decorations. We will also be mentioning a few trends that no longer belong to the top this year, so feel free to scroll down below.

Trendy Colors

The color motif of a house is one of the most prominent features when it comes to interior designing. Even before deciding on what furniture or decorations to place in a room, interior designers and homeowners alike will usually decide first on what color of paint or wallpaper to use on their walls. Some people may even take pictures of their walls and use photo editors to check on the possible end-result after applying the desired colors.

You may want to read and follow a few interior design blogs to gather up some relevant ideas, but for your convenience, we have listed four of this year’s trendiest colors below:

#1 – Chartreuse Green


This shade of green is not very much well known among many people, we even had quite a hard time spelling it when we learned about it, but this green can be described as apple green with a touch of of yellow. One reason why this shade of green is becoming a trend is that it looks like the shade you see outdoors on a bright, sunny day. So, having this color on your walls is like bringing the outside world into your own home.


#2 – Cerulean Blue


This shade of blue is something between the ranges of sky blue to deep cyan, which means it is neither too bright nor too dark for its kind. This is the ideal shade to be used for modern bedrooms since it doesn’t darken the room that may create a false perception of a small and compressed space. It also isn’t too glaring to the eyes. The word cerulean was derived from the Latin word meaning “heavens”, and having this on your wall may help create a calming sensation.


#3 – Cloud Gray


White walls have gone out of style over the recent year and interior designers have said that if you still prefer the pureness of that color, you can still opt to go with something close to white but slightly darker and more defined to provide levels on the colors of your home. This is where cloud gray came in, to put a modern twist to the classic white.


#4 – Spruce Blue


Another not-so-well-known shade for a very common and widely used color, spruce blue may lean more towards the darker side, but it very much compliments the areas of the house that are in bright colors. While this may not be advisable to be used on bedroom walls, this shade of blue is ideal on the living room walls, and even on surfaces of a cabinet or shelves.


Trendy Furniture Pieces

Just because we are in the modern generation, it doesn’t mean that we should stick to the modern style in furniture and other objects inside our homes.

In the world of interior designs, we can travel to different decades just by observing a retro theme. Though it is not easy to find an authentic retro furniture, we can go for alternatives by looking for furniture pieces that may be crafted in today’s generation, but is inspired by the previous decades.

Another possible way that we can have retro objects in our homes is by restoring old furniture to their best condition while not getting rid of their retro qualities.


#5 – Retro-inspired Furniture


A living room with retro-inspired furniture, chandelier, shelves, and decors. Make it even more retro-looking by using a daylight or yellowish light bulb to compliment the colors of the furniture as well as the floor.


Look around for authentic retro furniture pieces that have been refurbished, or if you have ones laying around your house, have them fixed while retaining its retro features.

#6 – Multi-purpose or Transforming Furniture



Another kinds of furniture that have become increasingly popular are those that are multi-functional and can be transformed from one furniture to another. The sample images above show us a sofa that can be transformed into a table complete with chairs, and a double-deck bed that can be transformed into a sofa. These multipurpose furniture pieces are ideal for small homes to save a lot of space.


Trendy Decorations

Based on commercial interior designs, a room may not be complete without adding some decorative pieces to help enhance its quality, as well as make it even more conducive for living. As long as the appropriate decorations are used, including wall color and the kinds and shapes of furniture used, these decorations may compliment all the other features in that room.

To give you an idea on some of this year’s trendiest decorative pieces, scroll down below.

#7 – Mandala-inspired Floor Carpet


Mandala coloring books have become a trend among adults over the recent years, so why not apply that same artistic concept to a floor decoration? The only difference with this one is you no longer need to apply the colors. These Hindu artistic symbols are sure to create a psychedelic and unique characteristic to any room that this carpet is placed on.


#8 – Cork Bulletin Board



With the recent advancements in technology, reminders and post-its have taken the digital form, leading to the decline in the use of bulletin boards. But over the recent months, the use of cork bulletin boards have started to grow once again thanks to its ability to blend in with other decorative and artistic features in a room.

We have seen homes that maximize the use of cork boards by filling an entire wall with it. You can do a lot with cork bulletin boards, not only for attaching notes and reminders, but also as an interchangeable photo frame where you can attach pictures and art drawings.


#9 – Bright-colored Window Curtain or Curtain with Thin Fabric



The main reason why creative interior designers suggest the use of window curtains that have brighter shades and/or made from sheer material is to allow light from outside the window to enter the room. For interior designers, it is always best to have natural sunlight brighten up a room rather than rely on electric lights especially during daytime.


#10 – Mural-inspired Wallpaper



Filling up an area in a room with furniture and decors could make the space unbalanced and disorganized; modern interior design ideas suggest that if you want to bring out the best in a room, you can apply a wallpaper bearing a mural design. However, be sure to choose the design carefully and visualize how it would look on your wall. Creating murals on walls may need a lot of patience and practice, so to save you from all the hassle, just use wallpapers instead. Try not to go over-the-top with the use of mural wallpapers to avoid making the room look chaotic.


Other Trendy Home Accessories

#11 – Terracotta-inspired Walls and Floors


Terracotta stones have slowly made a comeback, and are even starting to replace the commonly used white tiles on floors. Terracotta can be used not only on floors, but also on walls to create a warm and rustic effect in a room, which helps build character to a dull and boring space. These are also ideal for use when you have a lot of wooden furniture pieces in your house, since the brighter shade of color on terracotta stones can create a contrasting feel to the darker ones on furniture.


#12 – Wooden Surfaces


Move over marble and granite counter tops, wooden surfaces are making a comeback this 2017!


Speaking of wooden furniture pieces, surfaces made out of wood or simply inspired from wooden objects have returned to being on the trendy list this 2017. To preserve its wooden appearance, these surfaces were not painted with colored paint; instead, varnish has been applied to simply enhance the quality of the wooden surface and make it shinier while retaining its rustic features.


Outdated Interior Design Trends

Good times come and go, and the same thing can be said with interior design trends. Some trends may remain trendy over a few or even many years, but there will always be those trends that need to say goodbye. Some of these trends don’t necessarily mean that they are no longer appropriate, but that there are alternatives available that are not only trendy, but are actually much better in terms of appearance and its ability to compliment other features in a given room.

Listed below are some of those trends that we need to avoid or should say goodbye to.


Damask Patterns


Damask patterns resemble an abstract floral figure with a lot of ornate designs surrounding it. These patterns were one of the most commonly used designs during the 90’s, and you can usually find them on wallpapers, window curtains, and table cloths. Though it isn’t really something that’s totally not trendy anymore, many interior designers suggest that you use the much simpler floral patterns instead.


Bean Bag Couches


Many homes in the previous decade had at least one bean bag in their living room. This was because bean bag couches were the most easy-to-transfer “furniture” (note quotation marks), they can be placed anywhere and can fit in small spaces. One downside with bean bags, though, is the fact that they are uncomfortable to sit on. They may be ideal in a dorm room, but other than that, regular or reading chairs are more preferable.


Vertical Window Blinds


There was a time when vertical blinds replaced the regular window curtains because they were unique. Plus, they didn’t require to be washed in a washing machine since they can be easily cleaned through wiping or dusting. But that era has come to an end. People have come to realize that blinds were sometimes, or maybe most of the time, difficult to open or close, and they would even break if you mishandle them. Today, interior design professionals would advice their clients to choose stylish window curtains over vertical blinds, since curtains help create an artistic feature to the room.


The Most Important Aspects of Interior Design

  • In a space inside a house, there should be an equal distribution of objects and other features to create a balance. Under balance, there are three types: namely symmetrical or traditional, asymmetrical or modern, and radial or center balance. Symmetrical balance is when the features of one side of the room are exactly identical to the other side, just like a mirror image. Asymmetrical balance is when the identical features are only on one side of the room. Radial balance is when the center area of the room is the main focus of attention.
  • In a room, there will be an area where you want most of the attention to be directed. This area is called the focal point or the emphasis of a room. Depending on how a room is being used, there may even be more than just one emphasis in a single room.
  • In order for a room to appear organized, there should be at least a single factor that provides a reason why the other features in the room are present. This aspect is called unity, and from the name itself, it unites the different elements in a room into a single theme or motif.
  • When considering furniture pieces or decorations for a room, you may need to think about the size of the room. If you place furniture that is too large for a room, a lot of the space will be used up, which might result in making the room feel crowded or unbalanced. While it may be considered okay to place small furniture pieces in a large room, it is best to go with the appropriate furniture size that is proportional to the available space of the room. This aspect is called proportion.
  • The last aspect of interior design is called movement, which can be taken in two different ways. It may be referred as a person’s ability to move freely around a room without encountering obstacles. Movement can also refer to how a person’s eyes move when looking at the features inside a room. Does it moves smoothly from a start point to an end point? Or does it keep wandering from one part of the room to another?

When working for clients in redecorating their homes or offices, you may not always be following what the trend is since you will also need to consider the client’s personal preferences and the availability of resources.

The purpose of this list is simply to guide you on what has become popular in the recent year. You may still go for alternatives if ever there is a lack of necessary resources, and these alternatives may either be something close and similar, or it could also be something totally different that the one in this list, the choice is up to you and your client.

If you want to learn more about interior designing, you may check out some designs from famous interior designers or you can go ahead and start reading from some of the best interior design magazines.

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