‘Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is the best pick of them all’, we finally have the answer to evil queen’s interior decor question. This simple and sleek decorating item can not just change the look of the wall, but also make space look bright and spacious instantly and effortlessly. If you are looking for a minimal yet extravagant addition to incorporate into your space, the mirror is the safest solution. We have today collected a set of 10 original mirror designs that will definitely enhance the look of your space.

1. Moreno Vanity Circle Mirror

moreno vanity circle mirror

The vanity circle mirror is designed by Iris Design Studio. The mirror is inspired by a south American glacier by the same name. The round shaped mirror features 12 illuminated half bulbs which make the look close to a clock than a mirror. Either way, the mirror carries an interesting design which makes it an extraordinary piece to add to your space.

2. Skateboard Mirror

skateboard mirror

The skateboard mirror is a creative option that can be placed either in the teen’s room or the bathroom. Holding a close reference to the actual skateboard, the mirror also carries exterior wheels like the original board. Resembling a trophy, the mirror can also be a great present for hard rock skaters.

3. Floral Round Wall Mirror

floral round wall mirror

This decorative round shaped mirror reflects an elegant and chic character with cream coloured frame. Lightly weathered, the frame carries a romantic look with a storybook country cottage appeal.

4. Crate & Barrel Dahlia Round Wall Mirror

crate barrel dahlia round wall mirror

This elaborate floral bloom shaped mirror carries an elegant and contemporary value. Made of high-quality iron, the mirror is definitely heavy, so think of a sturdy and more permanent spot before hanging it in your home.

5. A&B Home Round Mirror

ab home round mirror

This minimal and industrial looking mirror carries that nautical vibe with gritty rope material and the complementing round shape. The mirror is an apt fit to bring a punch of personality to your space.

6. Apollo Mirror

apollo mirror

This luxury style mirror by brand Boca do Lobo is a tribute to the god of the sun. With an intricate and elaborate design, the mirror can bring an instant stylish and lavish upgrade to your space.

7. Stella Mirror

stella mirror

With an unusual spring design, the Stella mirror is the perfect piece to give a designer touch to your room. The Polish brass flowers make up for a great edgy detail. The mirror with its beautiful border can also help you decide on a themed decor for your space.

8. Fittipaldi Mirror

fittipaldi mirror

With a sleek and simple style that reflects modern and contemporary, the mirror is a great pick for your living room. The mirror is also a great selection to bring that missing touch of glamour to your space.

9. Haikur Mirror


The mirror takes its inspiration from the wilderness much like many other design pieces of Brabbu. This mirror is the perfect fit for someone looking to bring a nature-inspired decorative element to the home.

10. Marie-Thérèse Mirror

marie thérèse mirror

You can actually feel the glamour peep through right from the first glance. The lavish use of color green and the intricately patterned border make the design perfect for a living room. The mirror without a doubt will definitely attach a luxe value to your space.

Sleek, comfortable and stylish, bring an instant designer value with these unconventionally designed mirrors.

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