In case you want to add something different in your bedroom then you should think about getting a vanity. Vanity designs are suitable to do your makeup routine, to store your cosmetic products and tools as well as your collection of accessories. There is a great variety of designs ranging in style and material while bringing you a vast selection to choose. Today we are sharing with you the most stylish options of bedroom vanities. You may also See Small Master Bedroom Designs

Modern Bedroom Vanity Designs

modern bedroom vanity designs

Ernesto Santalla PLLC

Design your space with your personal taste choosing a modern vanity design. From metal to wood you can find many vanity designs for your bedroom to use, while you can get designs with added features like matching bench and mirror.

Bedroom Makeup Vanities

bedroom makeup vanities

Sealy Design Inc.

No woman can have just a couple products. This means extra storage space is always on demand from vanity designs. You can find many styles that will cover the needs for décor while getting ample storage to hide you makeup products.

Small Bedroom Vanity Ideas

small bedroom vanity ideas

Union Adorn

Even if there are space constrictions, you can squeeze in a beautiful vanity design. There are many designs with a smaller size that can cover your needs while giving you a stylish corner to do your makeup adding to the room’s character.

Antique Bedroom Vanity Designs

antique bedroom vanity designs

Wesley-Wayne Interiors, LLC

An antique design is going to bring a classic look in your bedroom. These vanities offer a great range in designs including mirrors, drawers, and cabinets for extra storage. A matching bench will complete the look in style and character.

Built-In Bedroom Vanity Ideas

built in bedroom vanity ideas

Gary Brewer Robert A.M. Stern Architects

A fitted vanity design will make your bedroom look complete. In-built vanities have a high-class look, which can add a luxurious feeling in your bedroom. They are available in many chic materials and color combinations to choose from.

DIY Bedroom Vanity Ideas

diy bedroom vanity ideas

Charlie Kingham | London

A set of drawers and a stylish top will give you the most wonderful vanity designs for bedrooms. You can choose a design with minimalistic mood or you can go all out with a sculptured design for extra added character.

Master Bedroom Vanity Ideas

master bedroom vanity ideas

Orange Coast Interior Design

A luxurious finish type will give an elegant and chic style in your master bedroom. You can find many designs for vanities that incorporate various elements like storage space and mirror designs bringing you a true masterpiece for your bedroom.

Corner Bedroom Vanities

corner bedroom vanities

Home Staging

If your space is not that big you can consider utilizing the available space of an empty corner. This will help you create a space where every square inch counts. Wood, glass, and metal will give you extra sophisticated results.

White Bedroom Vanities

white bedroom vanities

If you have designed your entire bedroom in white then the vanity should follow the color scheme. The variety of white vanity designs is huge bring you incredible pieces to incorporate your space with, making the overall room look even. You may also See Hello Kitty Bedroom Designs

Contemporary Bedroom Vanities

contemporary bedroom vanities

Vanities with crisp design and elegant lines will bring you magnificent designs for a contemporary bedroom. In various colors and designs to choose, the vanity will complete your bedroom adding to its style while providing you a spot for your makeup.

Teen Bedroom Vanity Designs

teen bedroom vanity designs

GMD Design Group

Rustic Bedroom Vanities

rustic bedroom vanities

Sims Hilditch

Rustic designs focus on practicality combining elegant features that can match every woman’s needs for a style. Get a designer vanity that will allow you to do your makeup with style and character while completing your bedroom according to your personal taste.

Mirrored Bedroom Vanity ideas

mirrored bedroom vanity ideas

Max Crosby Construction

There are many designs with mirrored finish. These vanities offer a classy look that will give you a luxurious living experience. Additionally, you can make your space look brighter due to its high reflecting surface that will reflect the light beautifully. You may also See Tween Girl Bedroom Designs

Wood Bedroom Vanity Designs

wood bedroom vanity designs

JRP Design & Remodel

Wood can give you all the answers for both style and practicality. You can get a wooden vanity design that will match your bedroom’s furnishings as well as to accentuate the style adding high levels of warmth making it inviting.

Kid’s Bedroom Vanities

kids bedroom vanities

PAVONETTI Office of Design

Vanities are a great way to add style in a little girl’s room. You can go for a colored theme following the bedroom’s color scheme or you can go for something neutral that will add character giving her a corner to play.

A vanity needs to have certain qualifications. You can get a designer vanity that you can accentuate with the right vanity lights. Also, you need to choose the right style depending on your bedroom’s general look as well as the provided storage space to keep everything neat and well organized.

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