Hanging lights or chandeliers were used in ancient Greece. Those times use of animal fats was made to lit the lamps. Perfumes were used too what in today’s time called aroma therapy. Wicks were used to light the clay pots in the middle century. The industrial versions started to emerge since 1920s and 1930s.

Luxurious Crystal Droppy Lamp Designs

luxruious crystal droppy lamp designs


Elegant Crystal Drop-down Lamp Ideas

elegant crystal drop down lamp ideas


Rustic Bedroom Flowing Lights Designs

rustic bedroom drop down lamp designs


When you think of a bedroom it could be a double bed or a single bed. The lights may hang on either sides or both. The same may be used for reading or to highlight some art work. The call is totally of the users.

Creative Bedside Droppy Lamps Model

creative bedside droppy lamps model


Wallmount Deco Drop Down Lights Ideas

wallmount deco drop down lamp ideas

Svetlana Filippova Designs

Large Drum Bedside Lights Plan

solid hanging bed lamps ideas


Beautiful Suspended Bedside Lamps Ideas

beautiful suspended bedside lamps ideas


If you like cozy looks then you may opt for retro style hanging lights. There is one style, if you go in for sheer looks then these are those lights that are visible to the naked eye only when switched on else not. They look real nice as they give camouflaged effect.

Antique Style Hanging Lights Decor

antique style hanging lamps decor1


Suspended Bedside Cylinder Lamps Design

suspended bedside cylinder lamps


Modish Flowing Lights Decor Design

modish flowing lamps decor designs


Flat Drum Bedside Hanging Lamps Designs

solid drum bedside hanging lamps designs


Bedside Metal Pendant Lamp Model

metal pendant lamp bedroom plans


Vintage Bedside Big Drum Lights Ideas

vintage style bedside pendent lamps model


Sassy Round Crystal Lamp Decor Ideas

sassy round crystal lamp decor ideas


Sparkling Hanging Lights Decor Ideas

sparkling hanging lamps decor ideaas


Dangling Lamps Bedroom Designs

dangling lamps bedroom designs


Glittering Droppy Bedroom Lamps Designs

glittering droppy bedroom lamps designs


Solid Droppy Bedroom Lamps Ideas

solid droppy bedroom lamps ideas


Stylish Bedside Hanging Lamps Ideas

contemporary bedroom


Unique Bedside Drop Down Lamp Ideas

unique bedside drop down lamp ideas


Gold Finishing Round Bedside Lamp Ideas

fabulous round crystal bedside lamp ideas


DIY Hanging Bedside Lamp Models

diy hanging bedside lamp models


Round Hanging Bedside Lamp Design

round hanging bedside lamp design


Creative Bedside Hanging Lamp Model

creative bedside hanging lamp model

Juli Baier Interior Designs

Glamorous Bedroom Droppy Lamp Ideas

glamorous bedroom droppy lamp ideas


Gold finish hanging lights add drama and mystique to bedroom. They look classy though. If you have a large light hanging on the bedside, you may use it to highlight a particular piece of art work. You may opt for bright color lights to add energy and color.

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