A fireplace is that one home feature that you would want to be functional and aesthetically appealing. Why does it need to be appealing? The answer is simple; you would want to look at it and not just feel the warmth but see something decorative and beautiful as well. There are several modern fireplace ideas out there. Your main focus should be on where you want yours. For instance, if you want a living room fireplace, you should choose one that could warm up the entire space.

Modern Stone Fireplace Idea

modern stone fireplace idea


For this outdoor entertainment space, the fireplace is built into the limestone wall. The scene is very appealing and perfect for spending a cool night out with close friends and family. The glass windows aid the glass door in providing visual access inside the home.

Modern Tiled Fireplace

modern tiled fireplace


This simple modern living room is decorated with a tiled fireplace. The installation is so perfect that the fireplace actually looks like a picture from a distant. You can also see Living Room Idea with Fireplace

Modern Corner Fireplace Design

modern corner fireplace design


This free-standing custom-made fireplace is definitely modern in design. The gas insert is installed into the custom-built box and then covered with a limestome slab. The result is a very attractive fireplace that adds warmth and aesthetic appeal into the space.

Modern Brick Fireplace Idea

modern brick fireplace idea


The darkness of the fireplace provides a beautiful contrast into the whiteness of the rest of the room. The black rug on the polished wooden floor adds a great match.

Modern Electric Fireplace

modern electric fireplace


This modern eclectic living room has custom built fireplace in multi-colored tiles. The gas insert is perfectly installed and the final result is a decorative and functional fireplace. The rest of the room is designed in the same neutral shades that the tiles have.

Modern Wood Fireplace Idea

modern wood fireplace idea


The good thing about gas insert fireplace models is that you can build a wooden frame around them. They are not fire hazards since they do not use real wood for burning and creating warmth. This particular fireplace is made with unpolished wood panels that look rustic in the midst of the modern-industrial style of the loft.

Modern Open Fireplace

modern open fireplace


This unique open fireplace provides warmth and light to the living and dining spaces. This is a statement-making feature that reflects the light from the magnificent hanging pendant lights from the dining room.

Modern Gas Fireplace Idea

modern gas fireplace idea


This modern linear fireplace is installed in an accent wall made of unpolished tiles. The whiteness of the tiles provides a nice background for the darkness of the gas insert and the flashy brightness of the fire.

Built In Modern Fireplace

built in modern fireplace


A built in modern fireplace allows you to save on space. The gas fireplace used for this living room is framed with stone tiles in a very light shade. The result is a fireplace that looks so simple and appealing amidst the modern interior design.

Modern Fireplace Wall Design

modern fireplace wall design


This black and white fireplace surely looks so modern and appealing.  The final result is a three-toned fireplace that matches the rest of the living room interior to perfection.

Modern Fireplace 3D Wall Design

modern fireplace 3d wall design


Modern Fireplace Wall Light Idea

modern fireplace wall light idea


Modern Dining Room Fireplace Idea

modern dining room fireplace idea


Royal Modern Fireplace

royal modern fireplace


Modern Hardwood Fireplace Idea

modern hardwood fireplace idea


Modern Sunroom Fireplace

modern sunroom fireplace


Modern Brick Stone Fireplace

modern brick stone fireplace


Fireplaces provide warmth into a room. If you choose your fireplace properly, you could even end up with a fireplace that can also add aesthetic appeal to the space. In building or creating a design for your fireplace, you must first consider the space you have available, as well as the materials that would look good with your existing interior design. It is also best to choose the best fireplace size for your living room or bedroom fireplace.

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