A well-designed fireplace adds value to your home. If you live through the four seasons a fireplace becomes an important part of your home décor. It also helps you create a perfect cozy ambiance. Fireplace designs are not restricted to any boundary. You can design your fireplace to attain the look of your choice. Modern classy designs, Victorian, rustic or contemporary you can design your fireplace to match your interior design choices. Here are a few designs you can take inspiration from.

Outdoor Fireplace Designs

An outdoor fireplace can add extra warmth to your patios. A fireplace made in an elaborate stone structure and extended mantelpiece looks rustic and brings an old world charm. You can use bricks, or a complete concrete structure can also do the trick. You can decorate your extended hearth shelf with small decoratives like candle stands or family picture frames.

Brick Outdoor Fireplace Design

brick outdoor fireplace design

By: Sean McEvoy

Small Outdoor Fireplace Design

small outdoor fireplace design


Stacked Stone Outdoor Fireplace Design

stacked stone outdoor fireplace design

By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Modern Fireplace Designs

To match your fireplace with clean straight lines of your modern interiors with a trendy open fireplace design. You can also combine your fireplace with your television wall. You can sit in your living room and enjoy your favorite daily and warmth at the same time. You can develop the hearth into a polished marble shelf which can be decorated with flower vase and other such decorative.

Modern Wood Burner Fireplace Design

modern wood burner fireplace design


Modern Gas Fireplace Design

modern gas fireplace design


Modern Indoor Fireplace Design

modern indoor fireplace design


Corner Fireplace Designs

It is not necessary that you dedicate the entire wall for your fireplace. You can remodel one of your corners into a fireplace as attractive and cozy as the one on a straight wall. You can design a rustic stone fireplace or a traditional fireplace. A modern fireplace with slightly extended marble hearth just adds to the sleek defined lines of your interiors.

Built In Corner Fireplace Design

built in corner fireplace design

Photo By: Grace Blu Designs

Basement Corner Fireplace Design

basement corner fireplace design

By: Caroline Shannon-Karasik

Small Corner Fireplace Design

small corner fireplace design


Living Room Fireplace Designs

Your fireplace can be multifunctional. A double sided fireplace can connect your living room and dining hall. A stone wall with open fire place can keep both rooms warm. A long slim fire place with extended hearth and space above designed into media wall with concealed storage cabinets make it multifunctional yet stylish.

Modern Living Room Fireplace Design

modern living room fireplace design


Living Room TV Fireplace Design

living room tv fireplace design


Minecraft Fireplace Designs

If you are not sure if the design in your mind will suite your interiors or not just use mind craft. The visuals of 3D lego models in Minecraft will help you make your final decision before you hit the stores.

Minecraft Decorative Fireplace Design

minecraft decorative fireplace design


Minecraft Brick Fireplace Design

minecraft brick fireplace design


Patio Fireplace Designs

Patios are your personal space to socialize. You can use stone and bricks to design your patio fireplace complimenting the tiles used for the patio. You can have an extended mantle. Use wooden seating to compliment your patio fireplace.

Covered Patio Fireplace Design

covered patio fireplace design


Paver Patio Design With Fireplace

paver patio design with fireplace

Photo By: Southview Design

Backyard Patio Design With Fireplace

backyard patio design with fireplace


Traditional Fireplace Designs

Traditional fireplace designs are timeless. To make it look different surround your traditional fireplace with stone or brick surroundings. The extended hearth can be used for beautification. You can keep family picture frames, paintings or flower vases to decorate empty shelf above. Cover it or keep it open.

Traditional Stone Fireplace Design

traditional stone fireplace design


Traditional Wood Fireplace Design

traditional wood fireplace design


Traditional Gas Fireplace Design

traditional gas fireplace design


Backyard Fireplace Designs

Open fireplace with comfortable seating to enjoy the ambiance are a perfect fit for the backyard. A stone fireplace with elongated mantelpiece looks beautiful. You can keep it rough or define the cuts to develop your fireplace mantel into a well-finished wall. Extend the hearth to make inbuilt seating and use cushions to add to the comfort.

Small Backyard Fireplace Design

small backyard fireplace design


Backyard Pool Fireplace Design

backyard pool fireplace design


Backyard Stone Fireplace Design

backyard stone fireplace design


Rustic Fireplace Designs

Nothing brings out rustic look as stone. You can use stones to make your fireplace. Use a granite slab as hearth which can be embellished with the metallic vase or old wood decorative pieces. You can use the empty space below hearth to store fire wood. Use old world metallic bracket lights to add to the rustic look.

Rustic Rock Fireplace Design

rustic rock fireplace design


Rustic Cabin Fireplace Design

rustic cabin fireplace design


Rustic Outdoor Fireplace Design

rustic outdoor fireplace design


Contemporary Fireplace Designs

A stunning contemporary fireplace can increase the attractiveness of your house. A built-in ribbon fireplace looks sleek and perfect for contemporary interiors. A built-in fireplace on a textured wall with contemporary art pieces adorning the empty space above looks every bit classy. The space on either side can be developed into open wooden shelves with decorative complimenting the look.

Contemporary Gas Fireplace Design

contemporary gas fireplace design


Contemporary Open Fireplace Design

contemporary open fireplace design


Contemporary Wall Fireplace Design

contemporary wall fireplace design


Luxury Fireplace Designs

A vaulted ceiling with open fireplace translates luxury in every way. Pushback glass covers make the design even more attractive. A traditional fireplace with the beautifully carved Victorian finish is nothing less than luxurious. Decorate the upper hearth with carved candles and paintings with ornate frames.

Luxury Outdoor Fireplace Design

luxury outdoor fireplace design1


Luxury Electric Fireplace Design

luxury electric fireplace design


Kitchen Fireplace Designs

If you have a spacious kitchen and want a fireplace, dedicate one wall for it. Add a little rustic look to your kitchen by opting for a brick fireplace. For a more sleek and contemporary look, you can opt for an inbuilt electric fireplace.

Kitchen Stone Fireplace Design

kitchen stone fireplace design


Kitchen Cooking Fireplace Design

kitchen cooking fireplace design


Kitchen Brick Fireplace Design

kitchen brick fireplace design


Tuscan Fireplace Designs

A fireplace made of stone can enhance the look of your Tuscan fireplace. Select the type of stone that suites your interiors the best. You can arrange them uniformly or in a loose rough finish. You can also opt for a concrete fireplace with neat edges. Team it up with straight wooden furniture.

Tuscan Outdoor Fireplace Design

tuscan outdoor fireplace design


Tuscan Wood Burning Fireplace

tuscan wood burning fireplace

Photo By: Eric Perry

Open Fireplace Designs

The best feature of an open fireplace is that you can use it to combine two spaces in your house. Instead of a fireplace mounted in a wall, an extended wall between your living and dining room with an open fireplace can keep both areas warm. Your open fireplace can also be a smartly designed pit in the center of your living room covered by stained glass adding style to your interiors.

Modern Open Fireplace Design

modern open fireplace design


Gas Open Fireplace Design

gas open fireplace design


Small Fireplace Designs

A built-in ribbon fireplace in your media wall will give you as much warmth as an elaborate one. You can also restrict your fireplace to a narrow wall and define it with a wooden hearth. A small section of your wall in your library with marble surrounding adds style and warmth to the design.

Small Room Fireplace Design

small room fireplace design


Small Backyard Fireplace Design

small backyard fireplace designs


Cottage Fireplace Designs

If you are designing fireplace for your cottage use natural material to make it look more authentic. An elaborate stone wall heavy mantelpiece above and extended hearth below makes for a beautiful fireplace. Decorate the extended hearth with wooden artifacts and flower vases to add to the look.

Country Cottage Fireplace Design

country cottage fireplace design


Beach Cottage Fireplace Design

beach cottage fireplace design


Bedroom Fireplace Designs

A simple concrete fireplace on a wall with wooden hearth is enough to add the required warmth and style to your bedroom. Use indoor plants on a wooden mantel to enhance the look. A built-in fireplace on a stone wall with a simple wooden shelf above look stylish yet sleek.

Master Bedroom Fireplace Design

master bedroom fireplace design


Bedroom Corner Fireplace Design

bedroom corner fireplace design


Modern Bedroom Fireplace Design

modern bedroom fireplace design


Electric Fireplace Designs

An electric fireplace is a perfect choice for modern families. It is available in two modes and can be used in summers as well. It has imitation fire that creates the similar ambiance like that of a real fire place. It is easy to install and available in various styles.

Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Design

wall mount electric fireplace design


Corner Electric Fireplace Design

corner electric fireplace design


Outdoor Electric Fireplace Design

outdoor electric fireplace design


While a fireplace adds style and warmth to your interiors it also results in a maximum number of accidents. Here are some tips you need to remember while including a fireplace in your interiors. You need to hire a specialist to set a traditional fireplace in your urban home as it can dangerous if not planned well. Maintain your fireplace regularly and air the fuel. Use sturdy material for your fireplace for safety assurance and keep your chimneys clean.

Remodel your house to add a beautiful fire place but make sure to take safety measures. Whether it is an indoor fireplace or an outdoor fireplace in your backyard, these designs will definitely help you design the best fireplace for your home. Traditional fireplace or electric, stay warm in style.

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