Scandinavian designs came from the five Nordic countries of Finland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Sweden. These designs basically represent simplicity and minimalist and recognize art in a functional aspect. Today, Scandinavian designs are highly in demand because of the elegance and charm they carry. There are huge brands and organization that specialize in scandinavian designs. But in order to be sure, if you permanently want to include this design style in your interiors, we suggest you start by making small changes. These designs are mostly applied in architecture and interior designs. Today we are going to be sharing few important tips and ideas that will help you inculcate scandinavian design in your space and interiors.

1. Floor


Starting with floor, if you have a carpeted floor, we suggest you to get rid of the carpets. Scandinavian interiors do not have wall to wall carpets. Rugs are allowed otherwise the floor is generally white marbled/tiled or light wooden.

2. Furniture


Next comes the furniture. The material that is used to build the furniture has to be to high quality, that’s the first rule for scandinavian furniture. Since the scandinavian design is all about functionality and minimalism, the furniture lasts for a long time and is designed to optimize efficiency. Therefore, if you have an antique furniture lying around, make sure you accentuate your interiors with it.

3. Outside extension

outside extension

In scandinavian architecture, as additional space on the outside is always preferable. Be it in the form of a balcony, terrace or a tiny room in the outyard. This space is used as a connection between the inside and the outside.

4. Color Scheme

color scheme


Color scheme is a very important part of interiors that makes a huge difference. In Scandinavian interiors, the color scheme is always natural and neutral. Pastel colors signify Scandinavian designs. Infact, Scandinavian art is known all over the world for its use of soothing colors. These light hue represents calm and compose vibes. They signify the minimalist which is an important aspect of Scandinavian design.

5. Fireplace


Scandinavia is known for harsh cold winters and therefore the interiors demands a fireplace. As per the Scandinavian tradition, the fireplace are suppose to be placed at the corner of the room and not in the centre.

6. Lights


Scandinavians know the importance of light since some parts of it have to deal with the winters without the sunlight. But during the summers, Scandinavia witnesses sun that remains in sky till midnight. Therefore Scandinavians believe in the theory of letting the natural light in. The architectural style dictates that the windows should be from floor to ceiling to maximise the pleasure of sunlight during summers.

7. Wood


One material that is always a part of Scandinavian interiors is the wood. As per their tradition one should not be hesitant in using wood in the interiors. Wood is a durable material and lasts for a long time. They add a texture and warmth to the space and provides the interior with a dimension.

8. Eco-friendly Structure

eco friendly structure

Scandinavian architecture advocates for an eco-friendly space. Proper insulation, electricity conservation are few aspects that are well taken care while designing a space in Scandinavian style.

9. Saunas


Saunas are an important part of Scandinavian tradition and is prefered in most of the households. There are certain etiquette that are followed in the Suansa. If you are interested in Scandinavian interiors design, make sure you get a sauna.
We are sure that, like us, you are bowled over by these design elements! So, get on with your magic wand and add a little Scandinavia into your homes!

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