If you are a craft fanatic who is interested in interior designs and related DIYs then there must be certain websites, blogs, social media pages and apps that you follow. In the age of internet getting information is not a problem. There are various design inspirations available on the net and there are various platforms on which even you can share your creative ideas with the rest of the world. However, the problem with the internet is the information overload. With so much available it is difficult to filter out what is unwanted. So, to help you clear the clutter off your bookmark, we have listed some blogs that you must follow as an amateur interior designer or even as a creative individual.

Paper & Stitch

This blog is run by Brittany Mehlhoff and it is a treat for any creative person. Be it food, fashion or interiors, the blog has great ideas and DIYs which will surely keep you hooked. If you are interested in home design related DIYs, please follow this blog! You will love the tutorials and vibrant home tours. A great source of inspiration for every designing enthusiasts.

The Design Files

The design inspiration in this blog are from Australia but this hasn’t stopped the blog from getting global attention. The designs ideas are available in ample and you’ll never run out of inspiration if you start following this blog. This is certainly a great space for great interior design ideas.

Lark & Linen

The blog started as a project by Toronto-based designer, Jacqueline Clark, and has today achieved innumerable milestones. The blog focuses on lifestyle, food and interiors. For interior design enthusiast, the interior section of the blog features some tips and DIYs along with office and exterior design ideas. With this blog, you get an access to the most practical ideas that are easy to execute.

Design Sponge

This blog has an immense following and if you are not following it you should do it right now! The blog provides a platform to people from all over the world to share design ideas and that’s how you get glimpses of homes from around the globe. No wonder this blog remains on the top design blog list every year.

My Scandinavian Home

If you have even an iota of interest in interior design then you should know about the stature Scandinavian designs have in the world of architecture and interior design. This blog is the Mecca of Scandinavian designs. Nikki Brantmark, the founder of this blog, describes herself as a London girl who has a passion for Scandinavian design. The blog is all about simplicity and minimalism inspired from Scandinavia.

Vintage Revivals

The name sounds interesting, rights? Well, the content is equally interesting or maybe more, depends on the kind of interior design projects you prefer. This blog is certainly not for people who only limit themselves to small projects. If you are someone who can go as extreme as complete room makeover, this blog is your space and you should never get rid of it. The space inspires you to design your interiors on your own terms. The blog never lets you realize how difficult any project or idea can be to implement. The founder claims to have known nothing when she started and believes that if she can do it, anybody can.

Little Green Notebook

The blog is run by decor guru Jenny Komenda who can leave anybody inspired with her awesome ideas and DIYs. The blog can help you with design revivals, interior designs tips and tricks, room makeover ideas and DIYs that would want to try immediately after having a look at them. Resisting this blog is something that is going to be very difficult for you.

Happy Interior Blog

We all know travel can be a great source of inspiration for any creative individual. The blog advocates the same theory and presents design ideas from everyday life inspired by travel. You’ll be loaded with ideas and inspiration once you have a look at the blog. Missing out on this would be missing out on some real design gems for your interiors.

Mad About the House

The blog is run by a former interior design journalist, Kate Watson. The blog introduces us a to a very different approach of designing that talks about multi-purpose function and practical lessons on classic designs

The Jungalow

And now we have something for the bohemians.Yes if you are a fan of the bohemian style and want to make it a part of your interior design too, then here is a blog for you. The blog gets you into the wilderness and you’ll end up getting fascinated with the design approach that the blog endorses. The blog is run by Justina Blakeney who leaves you stunned with her fearless style and implication of design.

These blogs have certainly pushed the boundaries of designs and that is the primary requirement for any individual who is a wannabe artist. Need help with your next interior project? Make sure you take the cues from these blogs.

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