A desk design with a simple wall mounted shelf is definitely for a few. Such designs are often quite handy where space is a limiting factor, where a conventional desk with several drawers would render the room jumbled and tiny. Besides, shelf desks are suitable alternatives for minimalist décor regardless of the room size.

Contemporary Shelf Desk Design

contemporary shelf desk design

Feldman Architecture

Trendy Shelf Desk for Kids

trendy shelf desk design for kids


Modern Shelf Desk in Bedroom

modern shelf desk design in bedroom


Turning a small crook of your room into a office workspace or home office is easy with an appropriate shelf desk design. All you need is a shelf mounted to the wall at an appropriate height and this can serve as your desk. The corner desk design can come in all sorts of sizes and, regardless of the size, the practicality and functionality of the shelf desk won’t be hampered.

Home Office Shelf Desk Idea

home office shelf desk design

John Kraemer & Sons

White Color Shelf Desk Idea

white color shelf desk design

Riemer Kitchens

Scandinavian Shelf Desk Design Idea

scandinavian shelf desk design


Nice Shelf Desk with Book Shelves

nice desk design with book shelves

Photo by Rosangela

Beautiful Shelf Desk with Study Space

beautiful shelf desk design with study space


Stylish Shelf Desk for Home Office

stylish shelf desk design for home office

Niche reDesign

Elegant Desk with Black Wood Shelves

elegant desk with black wood shelves


Gray Color Shelf Desk Design Idea

gray color shelf desk design idea

Christian Rice Architects

Traditional Desk with White Shelves

traditional desk design with white shelves

Knight Architects

Awesome Shelf Desk Design

awesome shelf desk design

Homes By Tradition

Wood Desk Design with Open Shelves

wood desk design with open shelves

Emerick Architects

Bright White Shelf Desk for Boys

bright white shelf desk design for boys


Modern Desk with Brown Wood Shelves

modern desk with brown wood shelves

Photo by Leslie Goodwin

Lavish Shelf Desk Design

lavish shelf desk design


Asian Desk with Glassy Shelves

asian desk design with glassy shelves


Luxurious Shelf Desk Idea

luxurious shelf desk design

Morgante Wilson Architects

Rich Look Shelf Desk Design

rich look shelf desk design

Arnold Schulman Design Group

Retro Style Shelf Desk Idea

retro style shelf desk design


The simplicity and sleekness of some shelf desk designs renders them a more casual look compared to the traditional desks. A shelf desk mounted onto a window frame in front of a window is an option worth consideration as it allows in plenty of natural light ideal for a typical working space. The impact created by a shelf desk mounted onto a wall that doesn’t feature bookshelves or cabinets is definitely strong and quite irresistible.

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