When you look out for smart indoor furniture, the computer desk deserves special attention. In most of the modern homes, people love to customize the computer desk to perfection. Trends of housing have changed, and when you crave for a stylish interior, you can incorporate the floating computer desk design ideas in your home. There are different variations of these floating desks, and here you will find ten exclusive designs that will live up to the contemporary housing trends.

Hanging Shelves Computer Desk

hanging shelves computer desk


In office or conference rooms, where the walls are vibrantly painted, you can try out the hanging shelf computer desk. The computer desk is a part and parcel of the book shelf here, and there is an air of oneness in the entire setting. The wooden frames of the desk look marching with the background wall colour.

Diy Floating Computer Desk

diy floating computer desk


If you want a change in the traditional pattern of Computer Desk Design at your home, you can opt for the DIY floating computer desk design. The monitor rests on a deck on the wall and is compatible to the white background wall colour of the room.

Wall Floating Computer Desk

wall floating computer desk


When you want to place the computer on a deck in a room with box shelves, you can choose a wall by the side of the window. The white colour of the walls looks great in this setting. The computer desk is made of polished wood and is compatible to the modular cube storage system in the room.

Black Floating Computer Desk

black floating computer desk


A well-planned Office Desk Design for computers bring a manly look to the interior setting. Go for the black colour for the desk, and you will get the perfect match for the room when you get dark brown floors. The wide desk provides enough space for more than one monitor.

Floating Computer Desk with Storage

floating computer desk with storage


When you look out for a perfect home office design, you will crave for a fitting storage system along with the computer desk. Here, you will find the ideal setting with proper drawers under the deck. Get a white monitor for the room, and it will complement the white walls and contrasting black floor and furniture in the room.

Modern Floating Computer Desk

modern floating computer desk


When you try to modernise the look of your house, you can incorporate this particular floating computer desk design. The desks are actually built-in with the walls, and complement the dark floor colour in the room. White walls add the desired colour contrast here.

Small Floating Computer Desk

small floating computer desk


In several apartments, where you get limited interior space to place the computers, you can use the built-in cabinet in the room for the same purpose. It is a compact setting and you can make the necessary sitting arrangements in the room. Go for bright wall colours in the room for utmost compatibility.

White Floating Computer Desk

white floating computer desk


People having a fascination for the white colour can incorporate the white floating computer desk design. In a professional office, you can get white walls for a sophisticated look. The white chair and monitor also complement the look of the room.

Wall Mount Floating Computer Desk

wall mount floating computer desk


If you have a minimalist room design idea in mind, you can just mount the computer on the wall. With white interior settings, the device looks smart and elegant. It will find the right place along with other electronic goods in the shelf.

Corner Suspended Computer Desk

corner suspended computer desk

Design by Pause Designs

For people who want to place the monitor in a reading room, this is the ideal setting. Even in offices, you can choose a particular corner for the device. With white interior and stone flooring in the room, the computer desk enjoys great compatibility and you will get an elegant interior in your workplace.

Renovation of Floating Computer Desk Idea

renovation of floating computer desk idea


Window Side Floating Computer Desk

window side floating computer desk


Decorative Floating Computer Desk

decorative floating computer desk


Floating Computer Desk Design

floating computer desk design


Bedroom Side Floating Computer Desk

beadroom side floating computer desk

Design by Ample DESIGN

Home Office Floating Computer Desk

home office floating computer desk


New innovations are always on the cards when it comes to floating computer desk designs. People tend to personalise the desks according to their functional ease, looks of the interior of the place and the overall ambience of the rooms. You can come up with innovative ideas related to floating computer desks. Let us know what if you come up with a brand new idea. You may also see minimalist computer desk designs.

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