Whenever you long for a good time in your drawing room hooked to television or chatting with guests, you look for balanced comfort and elegant look in the sofa sets. Coming to Sofa Design ideas, there are vast and varied colours, designs and styles to pick from. You need to customise it according to the interior design, other furniture in the lounge, lightings and so on. Here, you will come across more than twenty sofa design themes and you can incorporate the most compatible one in your home.

Modern Sofa Designs

In modern homes, people look out for sophistication and elegance. In a brightly painted and spacious drawing room, you can install grey ‘L’ patterned sofas with a leather finish. These sofas have good vinyl finishes too. You can gain optimum shine and polished look from these sofa sets.

Modern Wooden Sofa Design

modern wooden sofa design


Modern Fabric Sofa Design

modern fabric sofa design


Ultra Modern Sofa Design

ultra modern sofa design


Corner Sofa Designs

Corner sofas are designed to fit into the room, utilizing maximum space. Wooden, wrought iron or leather sofas are ideal for this purpose. You can install a small round or rectangular table in front of these sofas to make the lounge complete.

Living Room Corner Sofa Design

living room corner sofa design


Small Corner Sofa Design

small corner sofa design


Contemporary Corner Sofa Design

contemporary corner sofa design

Design by G B G Building Services

Sectional Sofa Designs

Sectional sofas are common in commercial houses as well as modern residential buildings. These sofas add space and comfort to your rooms. The long sofas are divided with cushions for people to sit and you can even design it in an ‘L’ pattern to fit the interior of your house.

Modern Sectional Sofa Design

modern sectional sofa design

Trewin Design Architects

Leather Sectional Sofa Design Idea

leather sectional sofa design idea

Design by Paul Schatz Furniture

Sofa Bed Designs

Sofa beds are a part of old trends, but with the change in living styles, you can find a modern mix in these sofas as well. These sofas are foldable and you can unfold it to use it as a bed. Houses with limited space or small offices use these types of sofas.

Modern Sofa Bed Design

modern sofa bed design

Kelly Deck Design

Corner Sofa Bed Design

corner sofa bed design


L-Shaped Sofa Designs

These sofas are designed keeping in mind the shape and architectural aspects of the room. These can be customized in the form of sectional sofas. ‘L’-shaped sofas utilize the corner spaces of rooms. You can choose the material-leather, wooden or wrought iron as per your desire.

L-Shaped Leather Sofa Design

l shaped leather sofa design

Kristina Wolf Design

L-Shaped Living Room Sofa Design

l shaped living room sofa design

Design by Mark English Architects

Transitional L-Shaped Sofa Design

transitional l shaped sofa design


Small Sofa Designs

There are instances when people require sitting arrangements of just a few people in the drawing rooms. In these cases, small freestanding sofas serve the purpose. These sofas are placed in small rooms, or in spacious rooms with a lot of breathing space.

Small Leather Sofa Design

small leather sofa design


Small Wooden Sofa Design

small wooden sofa design

Rebecca Hayes Interiors

Small Sectional Sofa Design

small sectional sofa design

Nicole White Designs Interiors

Sleek Sofa Designs

Sleek sofas are ideal for modern living rooms and offices. These occupy less space and you can get rid of bulky furniture when you incorporate these sofas in your room. The color contrast between interior settings and sofas is crucial for your home.

Sleek Living Room Sofa Design

sleek living room sofa design


Sleek Wooden Sofa Design

sleek wooden sofa design

Photo by Tara Bussema

Luxury Sofa Designs

Luxurious sofa sets are preferred by people who live a lavish lifestyle. In these furnitures, there are extensive artwork and designs. Sophisticated fibers like velvet and muslin are used for the outer cover. You can pamper yourself with the best of comfort when you avail these sofas.

Modern Luxury Sofa Design

modern luxury sofa design

Design by Modern 2 Los Angeles Customs

Traditional Sofa Designs

Traditional sofas still continue to be a part of popular living trends. These sofas come with well-cushioned back-rests and elegant arm-rests. Altogether, if you want a cultured finish for your drawing room, you can opt for these sofas.

Traditional Woden Sofa Design

traditional woden sofa design

Design by Britt Carter & Company

Traditional Reclining Sofa Design

traditional reclining sofa design


Living Room Sofa Designs

Sofas for living rooms are highly customized and you can choose a particular variety like ‘U’ shaped designs, ‘L’ shaped sofas and sectional sofas. There are traditional, exotic and high-end finishes in these sofas. You need to assess the size of the sofa sets according to the available space.

Small Living Room Sofa Design

small living room sofa design

Photo by Werner Straube

Living Room Fabric Sofa Design

living room fabric sofa design


Corner Sofa Design for Living Room

corner sofa design for living room


Office Sofa Designs

Office sofa sets are primarily formal, but in contemporary times, there are fashionable touches in these sofas as well. Leather sofas with a black or brown polished finish look elegant for this purpose. You can also opt for sectional sofas for your office.

Modern Office Sofa Design

modern office sofa design


U-Shaped Sofa Designs

Living rooms with U-shaped sofas look spacious and splendid. When you need to arrange for sitting arrangement of a large number of people, these sofas serve the best. You need to complement these sofa sets with a rectangular carpet and table in the center.

Leather U-Shaped Sofa

leather u shaped sofa


Grey U-Shaped Sofa Design

grey u shaped sofa design

Photo by Bryant Hill

Round Sofa Designs

Round sofas are ideal for offices or corporate lounges. This is somewhat similar to the U-shaped sofas, but there are no corners due to the rounded finish. A matching, round table in the center is all you need to make the room cultured.

Round Corner Sofa Design

round corner sofa design


Small Round Sofa

small round sofa


Bedroom Sofa Designs

Bedrooms sofas are customized according to the available space, keeping a good compatibility with the bed. The cushion and bedcovers are matched well to deliver a sense of unity. You can opt for small free standing sofas for this purpose.

Modern Sofa Design for Bedroom

modern sofa design for bedroom


Small Bedroom Sofa Design

small bedroom sofa design


Vintage Sofa Designs

When you look out for a comparatively greater amount of art work and embroidery in your furniture, you need to get in touch with the vintage sofas. These have comfortable back-rests and offer a good compatibility with the architectural design of the room.

Leather Vintage Sofa Design

leather vintage sofa design


Vintage Sectional Sofa Idea

vintage sectional sofa idea


Vintage Velvet Sofa

vintage velvet sofa

Coddington Design

Curved Sofa Designs

Curved sofa designs are comparatively new to housing trends. These are ideal for well-furnished lounges and drawing rooms. Commercial houses and waiting rooms too, can get a refined look when these sofas are used installed.

Curved Corner Sofa

curved corner sofa

Tim Barber Ltd. Architecture

Curved Sectional Sofa Idea

curved sectional sofa idea


Outdoor Sofa Designs

Outdoor sofas are exotic in looks and deliver optimum comfort. These can be tailored for specific uses like garden kitchens, patios and pergolas. You can opt for freestanding sofas arranged in an L-pattern for this purpose.

Outdoor Patio Sofa Design

outdoor patio sofa design

Design by Shapiro Didway

Modern Outdoor Garden Sofa Design

modern outdoor garden sofa design

Nash Baker Architects

Outdoor Wicker Sofa Design

outdoor wicker sofa design

Design by Middlefork Development LLC

Contemporary Sofa Designs

In the contemporary trends of furnishing homes, sofas are incorporated with decks for placing necessary accessories. There are wooden decks and planks attached with the sides. Apart from this, the comfort level is also enhanced with soft cushions.

Contemporary L Shaped Sofa Design

contemporary l shaped sofa design


Floral Sofa Designs

Floral sofa designs make a room bright and beautiful. Teens and girls prefer these types of sofas in their rooms. The color contrast has to be customized to complement the wall colors. You can incorporate matching carpets and table cloth in the room.

Floral Fabric Sofa Design

floral fabric sofa design


Vintage Floral Sofa

vintage floral sofa

Meadowbank Designs

Why is Sofa Important for a Home?

As a part of modern lifestyle accessory, Sofa Design themes are highly customized according to the requirements of individuals. A sofa is more than just a piece of furniture that refines the appearance of your room. It can deliver the desired comfort levels, particularly when you are enjoying entertainment, listening to music or watching movies. Adding to the comfort zone comes to looks of the sofas. When you want the furniture to complement the internal decoration of the house, you need to consider the size of the couches.

Different Sofa Trends

Sofa trends are evolving and have displayed a wide degree of variations. The lounge area has other furniture and the sofa sets need to strike a perfect match with these elements. So, offices and commercial areas mostly incorporate the ‘L’-shaped sofa designs. In houses with limited areas, you can find sofa-cum-beds. Sleek and luxurious sofas are preferred by people living in exotic mansions. You can customize the sofa sets as per your requirement.

The Sofa Design trends are changing with time and aptitudes of people. in order to cater the growing demands of style and sophistication, designers are innovating newer models that are suitable for different types of interior designs. If you are passionate about housing and have an innovative bend of mind, you too can come up with new sofa design ideas. Well, if you have anything innovative at the back of your head, you can share them with us.

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