Furniture designs come in many styles and forms that allow you to synthesize amazing rooms. Contemporary furniture originates from the modern style while having an artistic twist on their design. Many designs have an abstract quality that looks enchanting and works as a statement piece, while others have a conservative look that blends in beautifully. Today we are presenting you with our collection of contemporary furniture designs that are going to inspire your interior designer. You may also see Furniture Designs

Contemporary Bedroom Furniture

Let the bed monopolize all the attention with a smart and trendy design. You can choose it in any material you like with or without upholstery. The color has to be unique in order to stand out. You may also see Contemporary Bedroom Furniture Designs

Modern Contemporary Bedroom Furniture

modern contemporary bedroom furniture

Photo by Casey Dunn

Contemporary Master Bedroom Furniture

contemporary master bedroom furniture

Contemporary Office Furniture

If you want to set a contemporary office then you need to check out clean cut designs with sleek or matte finish. You can also choose an office desk in two different materials like wood and glass or metal and wood. You may also see Contemporary Home Office Furniture Designs

Contemporary Home Office Furniture

contemporary home office furniture

Contemporary Living Room Furniture

For contemporary living room designs you have many options. You can choose furniture in dark colors that will create a stylish contradiction in a bright room. You can also decide in a colored option like teal for a fashionably fresh tone.

Contemporary Sectional Living Room Furniture

contemporary sectional living room furniture

CHIL Interior Design

Contemporary Living Room Storage Furniture

contemporary living room storage furniture

Outdoor Contemporary Furniture

Even outdoor spaces need style. Bring some character in your patio with a set of furniture in contemporary style. With the various materials and color combinations available, choosing the right one for your space is going to be easy.

Outdoor Contemporary Wicker Furniture

outdoor contemporary wicker furniture

Outdoor Contemporary Patio Furniture

outdoor contemporary patio furniture

Design by Coastech Construction

Contemporary Dining Room Furniture

Choose the right dining set in contemporary style for an elegant dining room. You can choose among different materials as well as designs that range from pedestal tables to upholstered chairs. Choose a glamorous finish for extra style and character.

Modern Contemporary Dining Room Furniture

modern contemporary dining room furniture

Photo by Chris Snook

Contemporary Round Dining Room Furniture

contemporary round dining room furniture

Contemporary Bar Furniture

Bar sets come with matching bar counter and stools. In a great variety of designs and material combinations you can find the most extraordinary designs to give a stylish note in your space no matter where you choose to place it.

Contemporary Outdoor Bar Furniture

contemporary outdoor bar furniture

Contemporary Bar Cabinet Furniture

contemporary bar cabinet furniture

Contemporary Wood Furniture

Wood is a warm material that is used in many styles. The same goes for contemporary. You can find furniture with crisp design and clean cut to give a warm and artistic twist in every space indoors and outdoors.

Contemporary Wood Living Room Furniture

contemporary wood living room furniture

Contemporary Wood Bedroom Furniture

contemporary wood bedroom furniture

Sectional Contemporary Furniture

Sectional furniture is versatile and easy to adjust in your space. Get a contemporary sofa design for your living room with stylish upholstery and creative design that will attract everyone’s eye. Choose any color you think is suitable for the room. You may also see Modular Sectional Sofa Designs

Contemporary Sectional Sofa Furniture

contemporary sectional sofa furniture

Contemporary Leather Sectional Furniture

contemporary leather sectional furniture

Contemporary Leather Furniture

Suitable for bachelor pads, contemporary leather furniture is going to be a strong focal point that will exude masculinity. You can choose it in every available color combination while you can style them with furry décor to add needed warmth.

Modern Contemporary Leather Furniture

modern contemporary leather furniture

Robin Bond Interiors

Contemporary White Leather Furniture

contemporary white leather furniture

Contemporary Kitchen Furniture

Elegant designs with sleek surfaces along combined with metallic appliances will give you stylish kitchen designs in contemporary style. This style allows you to freely play with colors and creative designs that will make the kitchen the heart of the house.

Contemporary Kitchen Dining Furniture

contemporary kitchen dining furniture

Contemporary Restaurant Furniture

Contemporary restaurant furniture range in design, shape and colors. You can follow a certain color scheme or you can decide to bring a little mix and match for trendy designs. Choose among various textures to make things interesting and eye catching.

Modern Contemporary Restaurant Furniture

modern contemporary restaurant furniture


Contemporary Entryway Furniture

From a leather tufted bench to a clean cut console and from a metal coat rack to upholstered shoe cabinet you can find a great variety of entranceway furniture in contemporary style. Impress your guests with a stylish and strong setting.

Contemporary Entryway Hall Furniture

contemporary entryway hall furniture

Contemporary Kid’s Room Furniture

Your kids love colors and what better way to incorporate them other than furniture in contemporary style. Decorate their room with style and character while adding touches of your kid’s personal taste that will make every moment, even sleep memorable.

Contemporary Kid’s playroom Furniture

contemporary kids playroom furniture

White Contemporary Furniture

If you want a serene design that will look relaxing and pleasant then you can check out white contemporary pieces. The materials used, have a really beautiful design that blends in with every other color you might choose to style.

Black and White Contemporary Furniture

black and white contemporary furniture

Contemporary Bathroom Furniture

Contemporary bathrooms are known for their minimalist design. You can find sink vanities in simple designs and elegant finish that will give an instant upgrade in the space. Floating and wall mounted furniture will add a strong modern appeal.

Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Furniture

contemporary bathroom vanity furniture

Janet Brooks Design

If you want a state of art piece of furniture then you should check out the contemporary design. You will find them in a great variety of designs, materials and colors to choose from in order to decorate your house in a modern and abstract design that will draw attention.

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