Designing and decorating a new room is always a fun and exciting time. This article has put together some of the best options of living room furniture and living room designs so that you can develop some ideas and inspiration to find the perfect living room furniture for your room and your home to make a comfortable and homely space for you and your family. We are confident that this list has an option for every theme and every family to create a beautiful living room design. You may also see Furniture Designs

Modern Living Room Furniture

Modern living room furniture sets are usually a very simple and minimalistic black and white furniture set that is perfect for the modern and scaled back home, whilst still creating a comfortable and homely space.

Modern White Living Room Furniture

modern white living room furniture

Rustic Living Room Furniture

Rustic furniture is usually made from hard wood, such as oak, and gives a rustic and country feel to the room. These furniture sets are usually very comfortable and very homely. You may also see Small Living Room Furniture Designs

Rustic Wood Living Room Furniture

rustic wood living room furniture

Small Living Room Furniture

Small living room furniture is suitable for a number of different themes of room, especially rooms that are slightly smaller and need more compact furniture. These designs are available in a number of different fabrics and designs.

Small Apartment Living Room Furniture

small apartment living room furniture

Contemporary Living Room Furniture

Contemporary living room furniture is very similar to modern furniture in that it is usually minimalistic and has quite a sleek design. Minimalistic furniture is perfect for the more modern living room and style of home. You may also see Contemporary Furniture Designs

Contemporary Sectional Living Room Furniture

contemporary sectional living room furniture1

Leather Living Room Furniture

Leather living room furniture is very popular in all themes and designs of home. These designs add a more aged feel to the room and are very comfortable. A leather living room furniture is perfect for a more traditional and luxury themed living room or study.

Black Leather Living Room Furniture

black leather living room furniture

Traditional Living Room Furniture

Traditional living room furniture set is a fabric couch or sofa with elegantly carved wooden frames. These designs are much more vintage and traditional and are ideal for older and more traditional styled homes. You may also see Bedroom Furniture Designs

Traditional White Living Room Furniture

traditional white living room furniture

Design by Perrone Construction

Country Living Room Furniture

Country furniture is usually formed of wood or leather and creates beautiful finishes to any room. These designs are ideal for country homes or for older and more traditional styles of room.

Floral Country Living Room Furniture

floral country living room furniture

Luxury Living Room Furniture

Luxury living room furniture is commonly made from leather, but there are fabric options available also. This style of living room furniture is very large and grand and is perfect for a traditional style of home. You may also see Outdoor Furniture Designs

Modern Luxury Living Room Furniture

modern luxury living room furniture

Vintage Living Room Furniture

Vintage living room furniture is a very old fashioned style of furniture and usually takes influence from the Victorian era. These furniture sets are very elegant and look best in older houses, as they fit with the historical theme of the house.

Vintage Cream Living Room Furniture

vintage cream living room furniture

Kids Living Room Furniture

Kids living room furniture is a fun way to create a children’s room so that they can play in their own space. This furniture style is usually similar to traditional furniture but is scaled down in order to be the right size for children.

Modern Kid’s Living Room Furniture

modern kids living room furniture

Robeson Design

Beach Living Room Furniture

Beach living room furniture often features the colours blue and white, as these are more nautical themed-colours. Beach furniture is usually made from wood and brightens up the living room, whilst also offering comfort and a homely feel.

Beach Cottage Living Room Furniture

beach cottage living room furniture

Photo by Russell Satterthwaite

Outdoor Living Room Furniture

Outdoor living room furniture sets are usually crafted with a wicker body and a fabric seating area to add comfortability to your garden, so that you can make the most of your garden space during warm summer months.

Outdoor Patio Living Room Furniture

outdoor patio living room furniture

Apartment Living Room Furniture

Apartment furniture sets are a very simple and minimalistic style of furniture that is perfect for an apartment in order to utilize the space whilst still making the room feel large and spacious.

Contemporary Apartment Living Room furniture

white living room furniture for apartment

Transitional Living Room Furniture

Transitional living furniture set design is a beautifully simple design of furniture that can easily be dressed up for the colder months, with blankets and cushions, and dressed down in the warmer months to keep the area cool.

Small Transitional Living Room Furniture

small transitional living room furniture

Sectional Living Room Furniture

Sectional living room furniture is a number of different sizes of couch elements so that you can customise and create the living room furniture design that you want, exactly to your specifications.

Leather Sectional Living Room Furniture

leather sectional living room furniture

Cottage Living Room Furniture

Cottage themed living room sets are a very simple furniture set design that offers a very comfortable and cosy theme for your country cottage in order to create the perfect living room space for you and your family.

Country Cottage Living Room Furniture

country cottage living room furniture

Industrial Living Room Furniture

Industrial living room furniture is a set of furniture made from reclaimed industrial wood and metal in order to create a furniture set that is perfect for a studio apartment in order to utilize the space and give it a hipster vibe.

Simple Industrial Living Room Furniture

simple industrial living room furniture

Floral Living Room Furniture

Floral furniture designs use large floral patterns in order to add a bold design element to the room. These patterns are available in a number of colours, themes, and designs in order to give you the best option.

Floral Pattern Living Room Furniture

floral pattern living room furniture

Colorful Living Room Furniture

Colourful living room furniture designs create a bold and fun furniture design that is ideal for a number of different rooms. These furniture sets look best in simple rooms with a little colour so that they stand out and brighten up the room.

Modern Colorful Living Room Furniture

modern colorful living room furniture

Corner Living Room Furniture

Corner living room furniture fits perfectly into the corners of your room so that you can make the most of the space that you have. These sets are perfect for smaller rooms in order to make the most of the floor space that you have.

Cool Corner Living Room Furniture

cool corner living room furniture

Photo by Alex Maguire

We are confident that this list of furniture designs has an option for everybody, and will give you the perfect design elements to create a beautifully finished room. We have carefully researched this article to ensure that we only bring you the best ideas and inspiration for your home needs.

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