Are you planning a farmhouse renovation? Things can get quite exciting once you browse through your options. Depending upon your budget and style of living, a farmhouse décor can be both rustic and ultra-modern. The living room design will also depend on the degree of functionality you demand out of the space. Consequently, you can either create a space that is cozy and subdued or a very bright environment that will keep you active and ready all day. Here’s a list of some very unique living room designs that you inspire you with your home project. You may also Tiny Living Room Designs

Farmhouse Living Room Furniture

farmhouse living room furniture

A farmhouse living room needs to be gorgeous. Consequently, you can come up with interiors that are colorful and bright. As shown in this example, the use of natural colors and warm lighting makes this living room look like a very cozy place to have in your premises.

Attractive Living Room Farmhouse Idea

attractive living room farmhouse idea

If you have a vast space for your farmhouse living room, it would be a good idea to keep it that way. Having enough space allows you to invest in highly plush and big furniture. With minimalistic décor, a lot of lighting and a combination of rustic and modern construction materials, you can create wonders.

Rustic Porch Farmhouse Living Room

rustic porch farmhouse living room

The picture in the example is just perfect! Using rustic materials like exposed bricks and wooden floorboards, the owner has been able to create a really amazing space here. The farmhouse living room sofa, big chairs and a lot of live plant installations somehow connects the outdoors and the indoors in a striking way.

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room

rustic farmhouse living room

Farmhouses are perfect for a rustic ambiance. As shown in this example, you can wood, warm lighting and a lot of rich textiles to create an environment that is rich and plush. The idea is about picking up earthy décor items that sync with each other and also provide a high degree of comfort. You may also See Gray Sofa Living Room Designs

Vintage Farmhouse Living Room Decor

vintage farmhouse decor

A vintage/antique farmhouse décor is all about choosing textiles that are subdued yet rich in looks. This idea would be perfect if you have a small space for a living room.

Farmhouse Living Room Wall Decor

farmhouse living room wall decor

A farmhouse living room wall décor should essentially establish the richness of your heritage. Therefore, a lot of big wall paintings and pictures would be a good investment. You can also go for a lot of floating shelves to keep small collectibles that add to the décor.

Country Farmhouse Living Room idea

country farmhouse living room idea

Again, depending upon the amount of space at your disposal, a country farmhouse should be a balanced mix of colors. However, it is necessary that you go for earthy colors and textures all around. The inclusion of a fireplace and a lot of warm lighting fixtures, including small ceiling lighting can invoke a sense of richness and coziness.

Farmhouse Chic Living Room Design

farmhouse chic living room design

A chic living room for your living room demands that you go for rich abstract décor, including collectibles from all around. Regardless of the amount of space at your disposal, you can go for intricate detailing in textiles, fireplace lids and other small things all around. You may also See Living Room Window Designs

White Cottage Living Room Idea

white cottage living room idea

If you have a beach farmhouse, it would be an amazing opportunity to go for a white themed farmhouse. Keep the décor and furniture layout to the minimal and establish a sense of spaciousness.

Farmhouse Living Room Couch

farmhouse living room couch

If you use your farmhouse living room as guest rooms, it would be worthwhile to invest in a couch that goes with the décor and also meets the intended functionality. As shown in this example, this couch can act both as a seating and for sleeping purposes.

Outer View Modern Farmhouse

outer view modern farmhouse

White Chandelier Farmhouse Kitchen

white chandelier farmhouse kitchen

Interior Farmhouse Living Room Style

interior farmhouse style

Outlook Vintage Farmhouse Living Room

outlook vintage farmhouse

Farmhouse with Interior Decor

farmhouse with interior decor

Traditional Farmhouse Living Room

traditional farmhouse1

Traditional Porch Living Room

traditional porch living room

Open Living Room Farmhouse

open living room farmhouse

Farmhouse Break Wall Design

professional farmhouse

Fireplace Living Room Idea

fireplace living room

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