Farmhouse sinks are useful in many different ways, as they add a much more rustic and country feel to a home, and they can tie the entire design of a room together. This list has put together many of the best farmhouse sink designs for many different rooms so that you can find the best options and inspiration to complete the best design and theme of a room to give a homely feel to your home. You may also see Farmhouse Style Bathroom Designs

White Farmhouse Sinks

White farmhouse sinks are a large square basin created from white ceramic. These designs are ideal for kitchens and utility rooms as they offer a lot of room for cleaning and chores.

White Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

white farmhouse kitchen sink

Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

Double farmhouse sinks are popular in country kitchens as they offer a very large sink space. These sinks are created from ceramic and usually come in white or metal and give the room a rustic feel. You may also see Kitchen Sink Designs

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Faucet Design

farmhouse kitchen sink faucet design

Farmhouse Bathroom Sinks

Farmhouse bathroom sinks are usually smaller than the kitchen or utility room sinks and add a beautifully rustic feel to the room. These sink designs are ideal if you want to really tie together the theme of the bathroom. You may also see Bathroom Sink Designs

Cool Farmhouse Bathroom Sink

cool farmhouse bathroom sink

Vintage Farmhouse Sinks

Vintage farmhouse sinks are usually reclaimed and restored farmhouse sinks from a second hand store. These sinks are old fashioned and are perfect for a more traditional style of country home.

Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

vintage farmhouse kitchen sink

Small Farmhouse Sinks

Smaller sinks are better for smaller rooms. Small farmhouse sinks are still the white ceramic design and are perfect for smaller rooms, yet still give the old fashioned country feel. You may also see Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Simple Small Farmhouse Sink

simple small farmhouse sink

Farmhouse Utility Sinks

Farmhouse utility sinks are usually very large in size and offer plenty of room for chores and cleaning. These sink designs are available in ceramic or metal, so that you can definitely find the sink that best suits your room.

Farmhouse Entryway Utility Sink

farmhouse entryway utility sink

Farmhouse Vanity Sinks

Farmhouse vanity sinks are a simple white farmhouse sink design with a mirror above the sink. These sinks are usually made from ceramic and are ideal for a bathroom as they allow you to view yourself as you shave, apply make up, or wash your face.

Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Sink

farmhouse bathroom vanity sink

Corner Farmhouse Sinks

Corner farmhouse sinks are on a slant with a triangle back so that they perfectly slot into a corner. These sinks are very useful for fitting into a corner in order to make the most of a smaller room or space.

Corner White Farmhouse Sink

corner white farmhouse sink

Modern Farmhouse Sinks

Modern farmhouse sink add a beautiful and modern twist on the traditional styled farmhouse sink. These sink designs are ideal for a more traditional styled house if you want to add a modern twist.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Island Sink

modern farmhouse kitchen island sink

Wall Mount Farmhouse Sinks

Wall mounted farmhouse sinks need no counter or table to be rested on, they are simply mounted onto the wall. These sink designs are perfect for a smaller room as they are compact and easy to mount.

Modern Wall Mount Farmhouse Sink

modern wall mount farmhouse sink

Double Farmhouse Sinks

Double farmhouse sinks are perfect for kitchens and utility rooms as they offer a lot of space for chores and cleaning. These designs are white ceramic designs and are easy to clean and maintain.

Traditional Double Farmhouse Sink

traditional double farmhouse sink

Farmhouse Laundry Sinks

Farmhouse laundry sink designs are very large and spacious, perfect for hand washing your delicate laundry. These sinks are usually made from metal, as this is best for using with chemicals.

Cool Farmhouse Laundry Sink

cool farmhouse laundry sink

Large Farmhouse Sinks

Large farmhouse sinks come in many designs and are ideal for larger and country themed kitchens and utility rooms so that you have plenty of space for laundry, cleaning, and other chores.

Large Farmhouse Kitchen Island Sink

large farmhouse kitchen island sink

William Guidero Planning and Design

Diy Farmhouse Sinks

DIY farmhouse sinks can be created with large basins, or can be a traditional style of sink that you can do up and restore by yourself in order to create beautiful farmhouse sink design.

Rustic Diy Farmhouse Sink

rustic diy farmhouse sink

Photo by Bob Greenspan

Copper Farmhouse Sinks

Copper farmhouse sinks are the most traditional style of farmhouse sink. The sink is made from copper and are perfect for country and traditional styles of home and room.

Copper Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

copper farmhouse kitchen sink

Farmhouse sinks are a beautiful and simple design element to any room that help to truly create a rustic and country feel to any room. We are confident that this list has an option for everyone to help you create a homely, country farmhouse design to any room and home.

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