Sinks come in multitude of designs and styles. They are a constant in every house while they play the most important role in the design of many kitchens and bathrooms. In a variety of shapes, finishes and materials sinks have come a long way incorporating modern design with the traditional use. Stay with us to find out more about the various sinks through a collection of 15+ sink designs that we have prepared for you. You may also see Bathroom Pedestal Sinks

Kitchen Sink Designs

The kitchen sink design is going to be the heart of your kitchen. Choose the material of the sink depending on the endurance and the look while you can always find them in every available style and design. A double or triple sink is always preferable in the kitchen for practicality.

Modern Kitchen Sink Design

modern kitchen sink design

Bathroom Sink Designs

Depending on the style of the bathroom you can choose the appropriate sink design. For a modern bathroom you can choose a frosted or clear glass wash basin while for a traditional styled bathroom you can choose a porcelain one with a more conservative shape and design. You may also see Bathroom Sink Designs

Undermount Bathroom Sink Design

undermount bathroom sink design

Modern Sink Designs

Choose a state of art sink to add a modern touch in your bathroom. While the glass designs are suitable for modern sinks you will find incredible designs in other materials too like wood, stainless steel and porcelain giving you great alternative options to style your wash basin.

Modern Bathroom Sink Design

modern bathroom sink design

Farmhouse Sink Design Ideas

The vintage vibe of the farmhouse sink design is provided by the large apron front. You will find a great variety of farmhouse sinks in ceramic and porcelain designs as well as in wood to give you any options regarding the color and the shaping of the sink.

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Design

farmhouse kitchen sink design

Corner Sink Designs

You can find many corner designs for sinks that come in single or double sink designs. When placing the sink in the corner you take advantage of this awkward spot while freeing much-needed space on your countertops. Match it with a corner kitchen window for natural light.

Corner Kitchen Sink Design

corner kitchen sink design

Outdoor Sink Designs

You can choose a sink made of natural stone or a stainless sink for your outdoors kitchen. You can experiment with different materials and create the most charming settings. You have to consider the quality of the sink as well as the weather resistant properties it might have.

Rustic Outdoor Sink Idea

rustic outdoor sink idea

Vessel Sink Designs

Choose the right vessel sink according to the room’s style. You can opt for a unique and stylish design made of glass or a combination of materials like metal, porcelain, wood, and glass to create the most fascinating designs. A vessel sink design is suitable for powder rooms and bathrooms.

Rectangle Vessel Sink Design

rectangle vessel sink design

Laundry Room Sink Designs

Laundry rooms require sinks in order to let clothes soak or to hand wash delicate pieces of clothing. You will find many different designs in sinks that come in a variety of sizes and materials. You can decide on a beautiful and unique design to add character in your laundry room.

Vintage Laundry Room Sink

vintage laundry room sink

Wooden Sink Designs

Wood sinks have a raw beauty that makes them perfect for a cabin look. You can bring the cottage style in your townhouse with a wooden sink in a stylish design for your bathroom or your kitchen. Make sure that you get a high-quality product for longevity.

Modern Wooden Sink Design

modern wooden sink design

Undermount Sink Designs

Undermount sinks are installed below the level of the countertop. This makes them invisible while seating making your kitchen look tidy and clean. You can have any sink style for under mount sink while the variety in materials allows you to choose the best for your space.

Contemporary Undermount Sink Design

contemporary undermount sink design

Bar Sink Designs

In order to avoid moving the glasses from the bar to the kitchen, you can install a bar sink to wash the glasses and all the appliances you used while preparing drinks. You can find sinks in many designs and sizes in order to provide you with convenient choice solutions.

Rustic Home Bar Sink

rustic home bar sink

Concrete Sink Designs

Perfect for industrial styled rooms, concrete sinks can be used in bathrooms, kitchens as well as outdoors. There is a great variety of concrete sinks that come in different shapes, styles, and sizes providing you with a stylish option for your room. Match them with stainless steel faucets for effect.

Wall Mount Concrete Sink

wall mount concrete sink

Garage Sink Ideas

Stainless steel is one of the most preferred materials for sinks for garage sink designs. You can choose a unique and creative design for the shape of the sink while you can match it with creative vanities to create something extraordinary for your space. Suitable for bathrooms and powder rooms.

Traditional Garage Sink Design

traditional garage sink design

Powder Room Sink Ideas

You can go for the classic pedestal sink or you can make a difference and choose a stylish sink for a unique powder room design. The constricted space is not restricting your choices since there is a huge variety in sink styles, materials, and sizes to choose from.

Farmhouse Powder Room Sink

framhouse powder room sink

Sinks are mainly used for washing purposes. Depending in which room they are installed they might have a different purpose. The most common are hand washing, dish washing, soaking clothes and others. Sinks come in many designs. According to the room, you want to install the sink, you have to choose the right design. You can have a simple design with two sinks in the kitchen and a more uniquely shaped design in your bathroom.

Make sure that the sink you choose has a top quality. You can choose a design with carvings or with special features in order to add character in the room. From triple sinks to round washbasins you will find sinks in every possible style to make washing your hands enjoyable.

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