Sliding doors offer perfect solution to small spaces in style. They can be used almost anywhere in house whether it is your bedroom, living room or bathroom. Sliding doors are perfect door designs to suite any pocket. There are endless options to choose from starting from clear glass, stained glass, acrylic sliding doors or traditional wooden sliding doors. Here are a few innovative and attractive sliding door designs.

Sliding Glass Door Designs

A simple glass sliding door with white frame helps you enjoy greenery the entire day and also keeps your room bright with natural light. You can add a little colour with sliding door with dark wood frame work. For a modern look you can opt for glass sliding doors with aluminium frame work. You may also see Interior Glass Door Designs

Living Room Sliding Glass Door

living room sliding glass door

Sliding Closet Door Designs

Match your sliding door with your furniture. A sliding door seamlessly divides your closet from your bedroom. You can have a single sliding door or double pocket doors. If you are really organised you can opt for a glass sliding door for your closet showing off the display of clothes and accessories.

Traditional Sliding Closet Door

traditional sliding closet door

Sliding Shower Door Ideas

A glass sliding shower door is perfect small bathrooms. It makes your bathroom looks bigger and at the same time saves extra space required for swinging doors. Sliding shower doors also look sleek and stylish. If not for plain glass you can also opt for foggy glass sliders. You may also see Shower Door Designs

Sliding Bathroom Shower Door

sliding bathroom shower door

Photo by Jim Bartsch

Bedroom Sliding Door Designs

The beauty of sliding doors is that you can keep them open or shut them to separate the private sections of house in open plans. They are equally functional in lavish plans as in small spaces like studio apartments. Separate your living room from bedroom or open your sliding doors to a beautiful balcony to breathe in the fresh air.

White Bedroom Sliding Door

white bedroom sliding door

Photo by Phil Bond

Modern Sliding Door Designs

Use wooden sliding doors to add rich look to your interiors. If you want to keep it light use glass sliding doors. To maintain opacity you can opt for foggy glass sliders. Milky acrylic sliding doors frames in aluminium or light wood looks sleek and stylish. You may also see Front Door Designs

Modern Cabinets Sliding Door

modern cabinets sliding door

Sliding Patio Door Ideas

Let natural light interrupt your interiors with clear glass sliding doors. You can use them in full or frame them in wood or metal to suite your interiors. If clear glass is not your style your can also create a pattern with black or stained glass for your sliding doors.

Simple Sliding Patio Door

simple sliding patio door

Sliding Bathroom Door Ideas

For a private space like bathrooms you can use acrylic sliders. If you are remodelling your kid’s room use colourful doors with cartoon themed designs on them. In case you with to use class you have an option to go for textured or frosted glass to maintain opacity.

Sliding Master Bathroom Door

sliding master bathroom door

DIY Sliding Door Ideas

Install your sliding doors yourself and save your pocket. All you need is a door, two wheels, hoops, screws, angles and flanges. Once you have made a frame for your sliding door fix the door in it with screws or glue it. Fix wheels in the lower part and hoops in upper end. Fix a pipe above sliding area to support the door and railing below for smooth sliding movement.

DIY Wood Sliding Door

diy wood sliding door

Sliding Garage Doors

Make your garage look interesting and artistic with colourful sliding doors. For a rough look you can have an elegant hard wood sliding door. You have an option of doors sliding on one side though a two way sliding door is more convenient.

Sliding Blue Garage Door

sliding blue garage door

Sliding Cabinet Doors

Sliding cabinet doors can prevent many day-to-day accidents. In the kitchen, you can opt for beautiful glass sliding cabinet doors showing off your expensive glassware and chinaware. Even in your living room, you can opt for sliding cabinet doors to save space.

Sliding Kitchen Cabinets Door

sliding kitchen cabinets door

Design by Leicht Westchester-Greenwich

Wardrobe Sliding Door Designs

Frosted glass sliding door wardrobe looks stylish and sleek for a minimalistic decor. Milky glass sliding doors in light wood frame look light but rich at the same time. You can also think of sliding doors with a mirror fixed on the exteriors.

Kid’s Wardrobe Sliding Door

kids wardrobe sliding door

Sliding Barn Door Designs

A rustic wooden barn door can change your interiors beyond your imagination. Don’t compromise on your love for barn doors, use sliding barn doors to save space. Separate your living space from your bedroom with a painted white barn door.

Sliding Wooden Barn Door

sliding wooden barn door

Sliding Door Designs for Living Room

You can separate your living room from dining space with a contemporary wooden mesh sliding door. You can add barn door to your living space to give it a personalized look. You can use glass sliding doors in your living room opening into your sun deck.

Contemporary Sliding Door for Living Room

contemporary sliding door for living room

Sliding Pantry Door Designs

A frosted glass sliding door looks perfect for a pantry. For office spaces, glass sliders make for a perfect option as it is a common area for all. Wooden sliding doors to compliment your interiors also add to the look.

Sliding Kitchen Pantry Door

sliding kitchen pantry door

Sliding doors add style with minimum space requirement. If you love sliding doors you can also plan an attracted sliding option for your front doors. Installing sliding doors is easy and adds a definition to your space. Use them in your bedroom or bathroom they always look amazing.

Sliding doors are perfect design ideas for small spaces. They increase the looks of any house to a great extent. Sliding doors are perfect for places like storage cabinets in small kitchens or wardrobes that need a door but do not have enough space to accommodate hinged doors. A sliding barn door in your living room can add luxury and style at the same time. Remodel your house with these beautiful and plush sliding door ideas.

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