If you want a modern front door, it is a good idea to check out online before you start building or buying your door. Modern exterior doors are nice to look at and very functional. They provide additional aesthetic appeal to the home exterior design. Check out these great examples of residential front doors.

Exterior Front Doors Idea

exterior front doors idea

Design by : Hendricks Construction

These exterior front door is quite elegant and would be perfect for a Mediterranean inspired mansion. The classic art facade provides a beautiful introduction to the main door design.

Sliding Patio Door Design

sliding patio door design


Sliding doors are usually used for side doors or for doors leading to the backyard or garden. This house, for instance, has a nice and wide entryway, making it possible for a wide sliding door that leads to the patio.

Wooden Front Doors

wooden front doors

Design by : John Kraemer & Sons Inc

This wooden front door is a good example of using a magnificently curved wood that serves both as an entry way and a decorative piece.

Front Entry Doors Idea

front entry doors idea

Design by : Kristi Spouse Interiors

One great idea to create a beautiful front door is to paint it with a color that is different from the rest of the interior. Like this front door in pretty mauve color. You can also see 

Steel Entry Door Design

steel entry door design

Design by : Jeannette Architects

A steel front door may not be common, but it can be a unique feature for your house. This front door, for instance, provides this house with a nice and clean – almost clinical – look.

Glass Front Doors Design

glass front doors design


Framed glass doors are the best if you want an entry way that gives you easy viewing options –  looking either in or out. This front door is a nice example as it allows easy access to the yard.

Hardwood Front Doors

hardwood front doors1

Design by : DK Design

This front door is made from hardwood and it beautifully framed with double sidelights. The dark color of the hardwood stands out amid the whiteness of the house exterior.

Solid Wood Door Idea

solid wood door idea

Design by : Doors For Builders, Inc

This solid wood entry door looks a bit like an entry into a dojo. The design is somewhat Japanese and it offers a nice contrast to the western look of the rest of the exterior design.

Fiberglass Entry Doors

fiberglass entry doors

Design by : US Door & More Inc

This fiberglass entry door is a nice addition to this classic home facade. The look of the door design is very Mediterranean and fits perfectly into the elegance of the Roman style main entrance with two white columns.

Exterior Double Door Idea

exterior double door idea

Design by : Msl Associates Ltd

This double door main entrance is the perfect entry idea for this rustic country home. The glass windows on the sides of the door provide more view access from the inside and natural flow of light from the outside.

Simple Front Door Design Idea

simple front door design idea


Blue Color Entry Door

blue color entry door

Design by : Beth Goldfarb Design

Black and White Entry Design

black and white entry design

Design by : Paul Moon Design

Modern Solid Wood Front Door

modern solid wood front door

Design by : Karen Kempf Interiors

Colorful Cottage Home Exterior

colorful cottage home exterior

Design by : Photo by Stephanie Wiley

Unique Copper Pipes Designed Door

unique copper pipes designed door

Design by : Four Corners Construction, L.P

Yellow Color Entry Door Idea

yellow color entry door idea

Design by : Garden Studio Design

Large Folding Door Design

large folding door design


In choosing your front door design, it is important to consider some important factors. The design of your home exterior is one of the main considerations. If the color of your exterior is mainly light, make sure that your front door is dark in color – this allows for the entry way to stand out. The design of your house is another factor. This means that if your home if very modern, glass doors would be the best option. For more classic homes, wooden doors with overhead and side features are your best bet.

With the wide variety of front door selection, it could a bit difficult to choose one design or style that would fit you home. The examples provided above should be able to help you decide on what kind of front door would perfectly match your preferences, your home exterior design, and your budget.

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