The ideal deck design should appeal not just to the visual senses, but to the emotions too; invoking a sense of inner serenity and calmness. A deck could serve as an entertainment spot, an outdoor dining area, a meditation spot, or even an outdoor family movie spot; the options are basically endless. Looking to build a deck? Here are a couple of Ground Level Deck Design ideas to steal from.

Diy Ground Level Deck

diy ground level deck

Decks don’t always have to be hidden in the backyard, they could as well be placed at the front of the house. The above design features a combined porch and deck whereby the deck is raised and screened. This, together with the change in levels makes the whole design interesting. You can also see Transitional Deck Designs

Wrap Around Ground Level Deck

wrap around ground level deck

Design by : Dan Hisel Architect

Notice how this deck appears to flow outwards as a continuation of the indoors? The large floor to ceiling windows open up the interior space to views, and also provide the outdoors with lighting thus minimizing the need for lighting at the deck.

Wooden Ground Level Deck

wooden ground level deck

Design by Austin Outdoor Design

In this design the lighting is incredibly done, including those hanging from the trees and the well lights in the gravel. Besides that, providing different seating options is a genius idea enabling the deck become a timeless multi-functional space.

Simple Ground Level Deck

simple ground level deck

For small decks, splitting levels is a good idea as it not only gives the illusion of space but also creates visual interest. When it comes to a small space it’s the tiny details that count therefore attempt to pay particular attention to the finishes such as the border edging on this deck for instance. You can also see Mediterranean Deck Designs

Stand Alone Ground Level Deck

stand alone ground level deck

Design by : Dagan Design & Construction

A floating ground level deck is a sustainable solution for those dealing with uneven ground. It majestically extends from the grass resulting in zero ground interference yet still creating a tranquil space with spectacular views.

Timber Ground Level Deck

timber ground level deck

This is another idea of how you can combine a patio and a deck. To tell the two spaces apart, both different levels and different flooring materials have been used whereby the wood deck gradually transitions to the stone patio.

Ground Level Patio Deck

ground level patio deck

Design by : TimberTech

The beauty of having a deck with multiple seating options is that you can entertain both old and young people while giving each their own space and privacy. For large decks, provide different levels to allow for demarcation of the various seating spaces.

Wood Ground Level Deck Railing

wood ground level deck railing

The mixture of pea granite, concrete stepping stones, ipe decking and metal railing with an ipe top railing gives this small space acute visual interest. Fire pits are not only cheaper than fireplaces, but they are also portable hence can be set up anywhere on demand.

Concrete Patio Ground Level Ground Deck

concrete patio ground level ground deck

There is certainly nothing unlovable about this deck. The interplay of different materials and textures, the beautiful views and the crisp ocean air all set the perfect mood for a deck by the beach.

Ground Level Deck Lighting

ground level deck lighting

This deck transitions gracefully from the interior while still maintaining its own identity. Although the glass panes allows for flow of light from the interior, the lighting above the table at the deck is a great touch, as is also the recessed floor lighting.

Outdoor Ground Level Deck Idea

outdoor ground level deck idea

Modern Ground level Deck

modern ground level deck

Pool Side Ground Level Deck

pool side ground level deck

Floating Ground Level Deck

floating ground level deck

Outdoor Dining Ground Level Deck

outdoor dining ground level deck

Design by : austin outdoor design

Frontyard Ground Level Deck

frontyard ground level deck

Backyard Garden Deck Design

backyard garden deck design

Ground Level Deck Backyard Sofa

ground level deck backyard sofa

Design by : Paul English Landscaping

Modern Patio Ground Level Deck

modern patio ground level deck

Design by : KUBE architecture

Craftsman Ground Floor Deck Design

craftsman ground floor deck design

A good Ground Level Deck Design provides a space that is both graceful and elegant such that it stands out without distracting one from the rest of the house. Also, when it comes to decks it isn’t about the size, it’s all about the mood created through location, materials used and decor.

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