When you crave for a refined outdoor life, you can complement your patio and garden with a matching wooden deck design. A sophisticated look in the outdoor areas is desired by all. With the right choice of furniture and other accessories, people have come across different innovative deck designs. Wood itself is inherent with impressive decorative features, and when you get the right things into place, you gain something attractive. Here are ten awesome wooden deck designs which you will love to admire.

Small Wooden Deck Design

small wooden deck design


Wooden outdoor decks can be built either in the terrace or in the garden. In either areas, it fits the limited space superbly. With wooden trellis and tall planters in the deck, the space looks splendid. The beige and purple colour combination for the deck and flowers is innovative, and you can arrange for the necessary sitting arrangement in the wooden deck.

Wooden Double Deck Idea

wooden double deck idea


When you have an outdoor sitting areas with a stone table-top and river rock ground, you can go for the double deck idea. This is an ideal setting for a rock patio, and you can implement other beautifying accessories like a fountain in the space to make it look beautiful.

Backyard Wooden Deck Design

backyard wooden deck design


Houses in higher grounds have a sloping yard or terrace garden. In these areas, you need a fashionable deck to complement the beauty. This widen structure has multiple decks, and kooks great amid the green cover in the step garden.

Simple Wooden Deck

simple wooden deck


This is a simplified wooden deck and you can opt for this particular design in your backyard to enjoy a spacious look. The thin wooden planks look splendid with brilliant lightings, and you can get a matching look in the space when you use the same material for the privacy wall around the backyard. A few small shrubs will add to the beauty of the area. You can also see Floating Deck Designs

Outdoor Wooden Deck Idea

outdoor wooden deck idea


If you are looking for a beautiful outdoor deck for your backyard patio, get in touch with this particular design. The elevated area can be made further sophisticated when you use tiny deck lights along the borders. The covered wooden deck has a bright appearance and you need to get matching wooden furniture to be placed under the covered area.

Ground Level Wooden Deck

ground level wooden deck

Design by Dagan Design & Construction

When you look out for a ranch-styled wooden deck, go for this particular design. The wooden deck looks floating at the ground level and with the greenery around, you will definitely like to spend long hours in the natural setting. The Rustic Deck looks more attractive when you have a cedar fence surrounding the area. You can also see Ground Level Deck Design

Front Yard Wooden Deck

front yard wooden deck


A sleek and smart wooden deck can cater the purpose of a boardwalk when you think of your front yard. Line both the sides of the deck with small river stones and incorporate island flower beds for decorative wood planters. Innovative wall lighting will add to the splendour of the front yard.

Wooden Deck Railing Design

wooden deck railing design


Houses in hilly areas have wooden decks with railings, and in these cases, you can create a great compatibility between the floors and rails. The wood patio has deck tiles along the steps and enjoys a contrasting look with the grey walls, pillar and furniture. Potted plants in the deck can further enhance the beauty of the patio.

Traditional Wooden Deck Idea

traditional wooden deck idea


When you look out for a Transitional Deck with an outdoor fireplace, you can arrange for an elegant wood-deck bench in the area. The combination is superb, and the elegant patio area basks in beauty. The in-built deck in the sitting area is ideal for storing necessary accessories.

Modern Wooden Deck

modern wooden deck


Houses with modern patios look great when you have a smart and sleek deck. You can opt for grey furniture and sofas in the space, and opt for a darker shade of brown for the wood sidings. The railing planters are bright and beautiful and the low deck table in the center has a sophisticated look.

Wooden Deck Design Furnished Idea

wooden deck design furnished idea

Design by Don Anderson, InSight Photos

Tropical Wooden Deck Design

tropical wooden deck design


Classic Wooden Deck Design

classic wooden deck design

Design by : Brent Builders

Small Exterior Wood Deck Design

small exterior wood deck design

Design by Carley Montgomery

Hardwood Deck Design

hardwood deck design


Formal Wooden Deck Design

formal wooden deck design


Courtyard Wooden Deck Design

courtyard wooden deck design


People are trying out diverse wooden deck design ideas in their patios and rooftops. With the inception of new ideas and aptitudes, the designs are evolving. You may come up with your own wooden deck design theme, and when you do so, feel free to share your ideas with us.

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