Patio can change the look of your outdoor space dramatically. A well-planned patio brings freshness to your house. Whether it is to spend a peaceful evening sipping on a hot cappuccino or hosting a get together for friends, patios always make best venues for socialising. Especially in summers when evenings are long and barbeques become an excuse to kill the time. Your guests will be left impressed if your patio is not only practical but also visually pleasing.

Concrete Patio Flooring Idea

concrete patio flooring idea

Before wooden flooring became a fad most patios were made of concrete. As flooring option concrete is versatile to be used in various designs. Recent coloring and stamping techniques have further enhanced its design quotient. Besides being versatile concrete is durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. It is the best option for open patio flooring.

Small Patio Flooring Design

small patio flooring design

Design by Gardens & Gables

Bluestone is often found in neatly cut rectangles but nothing fits a rustic setting better than broken bluestone. It can be in any shape; triangular, trapezium or rhombus with a few green around it just changes the look of your outdoors. Whether you have a huge outdoor space to be redone or a small backyard, bluestone can be used in both. You can also see Garage Flooring Tiles Ideas

Patio Stone Flooring

patio stone flooring

Argillite commonly known as mudstone can also be used for the patio. A slight yellow tinge of mudstone gives a characteristic look to the patio. It can be combined with simple wooden furniture, clay pots and some greens. It looks rustic yet stylish to leave your guests impressed.

Patio Wood Flooring Idea

patio wood flooring idea

Wooden patios make a wonderful style statement. There are wonderful wooden patio options available if you are willing to splurge. Hardwood like teak is suitable for patio flooring and can be used for sitting areas as well as poolside decks. It blends well with the greens giving your outdoors a natural look.

Enclosed Patio Flooring Idea

enclosed patio flooring idea

If you have an enclosed patio or a sunroom beaming with sunlight, all you need is slate flooring. Natural colors of slate add texture and style to your sunroom. It is non-slippery, durable and stable in varying pressures and heat.

Limestone Patio Flooring

limestone patio flooring

There is nothing better than limestone tiles if you wish to add the old world charm to your patio. It’s huge organic palette compliments any color used for interiors. Limestone is available in multiple shapes and can be used in varying patterns.

Modern Patio Flooring

modern patio flooring

Using porcelain or marble tiles made to resemble natural stone tiles adds a rustic look to your patio without the threat of decolouration. Colored and polished concrete flooring gives you the freedom to use it according to your décor. You can also use rugs on the concrete floor to add some colour.

Patio Deck Flooring Idea

patio deck flooring idea

If you are planning a decked patio, Ipe wooden deck railings make a perfect flooring option. Ipe wood can bear extreme weather conditions and is durable. Team this look with wooden furniture and you are done.

Patio Rubber Flooring

patio rubber flooring

Rubber patio tiles are considered to be a perfect alternative to traditional stone tiles. They are available in different shades of Red, Brown and grey and are easy to install. They are durable, waterproof hence washable and made of recycled rubber.

Mediterranean Patio Flooring

mediterranean patio flooring

Ashlar slate tiles add the perfect texture required to a Mediterranean patio with outdoor kitchen. They are available in varied patterns with colors ranging from beige to grey. Teamed with wooden furniture and some beautiful flowering plants like bougainvillaeas the design creates a magic.

Renovation of Patio Flooring

renovation of patio flooring

Outdoor Patio Flooring

outdoor patio flooring

Design by System Pavers

Exterior Patio Flooring

exterior patio flooring

Design by Kikuchi + Kankel Design Group

Outdoor Limestone Patio Flooring

outdoor limestone patio flooring

Backyard Patio Flooring Idea

backyard patio flooring idea

Bluestone Patio Flooring Idea

bluestone patio flooring idea

Patio Flooring With Curved Sofa

patio flooring with curved sofa

Unique Patio Flooring Idea

unique patio flooring idea

Your patio can be your secret corner to relax, an area buzzing with life during social gatherings or a bright sunroom where you soak up the sun. It reflects your choice and personality. Whether you are looking for affordable options or wish to splurge, with so many patio flooring ideas you will be spoilt for choices.

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