It is important to take time and be cautious when choosing flooring tiles for your garage. Regular tiles may be cheap and pretty (as they come in different shapes, sizes and designs), but they may not last long. Your garage is the home of your vehicles. This is the place where you would probably do some mechanical tasks. These are messy tasks, thus you need easy to clean garage flooring tiles that can also withstand the test of time.

Garage Floor Coating

garage floor coating1

This garage has a good example of a nicely designed flooring. The colors of the tiles and the way they are arranged are truly captivating. What’s really good about them though is that they are Free-Flow tiles – they are like a grid that allows dirt and water to go directly into the floor. So there is not much mess to worry about.

Rubber Garage Flooring

rubber garage flooring

Interlocking floor tiles are increasingly gaining popularity. If you like the rubbery feel of a garage interlocking tile flooring you can go for a single color design, or you can take a hint from this garage and go for two-tone design.

Garage Floor Mats

garage floor mats2

Epoxy garage flooring is a good choice, but it would be gain a better aesthetic look if you can place some nice and decorated rubber garage mats. The color of the garage mat used for this garage is a perfect match to the color of the cabinets and a nice contrast to the color of the floor. You can also see Geometric Tiles Designs

Concrete Garage Floor

concrete garage floor

Concrete flooring is flexible flooring. For the shiny and clinically-clean look – like on this garage – you should go for the metallic epoxy floor painting system. Remember that choosing the right color is important. This garage has the dolphin gray color, which perfectly fits the silvery look of the whole set up.

Epoxy Garage Floor Idea

epoxy garage floor idea

Epoxy flooring is a common choice for garage flooring ideas. It is easy to apply and nice to look at when finished. This garage has epoxy coated flooring the creeps up into the room foundation.

Pvc Garage Floor Tiles

pvc garage floor tiles

Design by : A Closet Case

PVC interlocking tiles are nice to use because they come in different colors, making it possible of DIY’ers to created nicely designed garage floorings. This garage, for instance, has a nicely designed flooring wherein individual spaces for each car are designed differently than the rest of the room.

Plastic Garage Floor Tiles

plastic garage floor tiles

Design by : Cathy Schwabe Architecture

These polished concrete garage floor tiles are so nicely attached that they really look so appealing. Used for this garage are scored concrete slabs done with heavy-duty epoxy sealer. This allows for easy clean up of oil spills and zero slab penetration.

Garage Cement Floor

garage cement floor

Your cement or concrete garage floor can be made to look more appealing by using a high-quality epoxy sealing system. The polished look of this garage floor makes the whole space an easy to clean garage.

Vinyl Garage Flooring

garage floor coating

Design by Ruhm Luxury Marketing

This colorful garage flooring system is done in vinyl and it provides the space with a slip-proof flooring. It is the best option for small spaced garages.

Modular Garage Flooring

modular garage flooring

Modular garage flooring system is easy to install and definitely just as easy to maintain. These are the main reasons why they are becoming more popular. They are also durable making them ideal for space that experiences heavy daily foot and vehicle traffic.

Polished wood Floor Garage

polished wood floor garage

If you want long lasting garage floors it is essential to know what’s best to use and what to avoid. The first thing you should know is that DIY floor paint coating does not always work. So, it is best to consult the professionals. Another thing to keep in mind is that there are several choices when it comes to garage floor tiles. This means that you must first determine which type is going to make you garage space look better and serve you better.

Garage-Carport Design

garage carport design

Game Room Garage Flooring tiles

game room garage flooring tiles

Rubber Matting Garage Cabinets

rubber matting garage cabinets

Concrete Tiles Garage Floor

concrete tiles garage floor

Contemporary Garage Flooring Idea

contemporary garage flooring idea

Rubber Flooring Toy Garage

rubber flooring toy garage

Race Deck Garage Flooring tiles

racedeck garage floors

Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

epoxy garage floor coating

Gray Concrete Flooring Garage

gray concrete flooring garage

Basically, there are several options for garage floor tiles. Your choice should be based on your personal preferences, as well as opinions of your family and some experts. The garage flooring design samples featured here should give you some nice ideas on how to start on your own garage flooring project.

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