Basement flooring is a very important part of your basement inetrior design. Though the basement is not the most exposed part of a house, it does get a lot of foot traffic, especially if it is being used as storage area, or as an entertainment or gaming space. There are several effective basement flooring ideas that you can choose from. The one vital factor that you need to consider is the use of the basement space. In some cases a bamboo flooring maybe a good idea if the basement is not going to be used as storage for heavy stuff.

Basement Laminate Flooring

basement laminate flooring

For a basement that has been transformed into an entertainment area like this one, laminate flooring is a recommended option. The faux wood is so neatly done that the overall effect allows the space to look like a modern living space and not a basement.

Basement Vinyl Flooring Idea

basement vinyl flooring idea

This basement space is finished with vinyl flooring. Vinyl tiles are easy to install and they are easy to maintain, as well. Another good thing about them is that you can get them in geometric floor tiles designs.

Rubber Basement Flooring

rubber basement flooring

For a basement that has been converted into a game, rubber flooring is one of the best options. This basement gets lots of floor traffic especially when people are playing table tennis. This means that a material as resilient and durable as rubber is highly recommended.

Hardwood Basement Flooring

hardwood basement flooring

The hardwood flooring used for this basement space makes the room look elegant despite the low ceiling. The natural beauty of polished wood provides a great contrast to the rustic appeal of the fireplace wall and the modern simplicity of the rest of the features.

Raised Basement Flooring

raised basement flooring

Outside scene blending in well into the interior design – this is what this basement is all about. The raised flooring is made of stained concrete flooring signifying the separation between space. The big boulder used as decoration enhanced the purpose of the concrete flooring.

Modular Basement Flooring Idea

modular basement flooring idea

The interior flooring idea used for this basement is tiles with carpet inlay. The result is an enticing multi-colored tole flooring with the comfort of thick white carpeting. The elegance of the space if well-defined because the rest of the features match well with the carpet and the tiles.

Concrete Basement Flooring

concrete basement flooring

Stained concrete flooring is the perfect match for the exposed brick walls used for this basement/living space. The light gray color of the floor matches the whiteness of the ceiling and the rest of the space.

Floating Basement Flooring

floating basement flooring

The use of unpolished wood as flooring for this basement space eliminates the risk of slipping. This is the ideal option for spaces that is being used as gaming and entertainment area, like this one.

Basement Cork Flooring

basement cork flooring

If you do not like the idea of a wooden floor for your basement, the next best alternative is cork flooring. This space has cork flooring, which means that you can be assured of sound control and absorption of noise and foot falls.

Basement Tile Flooring Idea

basement tile flooring idea

The flooring of this basement is made of 3 x 6 inch sized tiles that are so perfectly installed to look like bricks. The result is a rustic flooring that matches the feel of this entertainment/gaming space.

Basement Brown Stone Flooring

basement brown stone flooring

Urban Basement Polished Concrete Flooring

urban basement polished concrete flooring

Sea Blue Basement Flooring

sea blue basement flooring

Design by JAC Design

Amazing Basement Floor Idea

amazing basement floor idea

Basement Concrete Flooring Idea

basement concrete flooring idea

Basement Renovation Flooring Idea

basement renovation flooring idea

Modern Basement Tile Flooring Idea

modern basement tile flooring idea

You can have colorful flooring for your basement, or you can also have a plain flooring. The choice is yours. The important thing to know is that among your options, the most recommended ones include; rubber, tile, wood and concrete. It is even possible to create a flooring made of two materials.

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