The kitchen has many features starting from the floor and rising to the ceiling. However, having the right foundation will help make the space look fashionable. The available floor designs can give you various options for many styles. Also they play a great role in the way the rest of the fittings will look in general. Following you will find a collection of kitchen flooring designs with useful information regarding style and specialty on each.

Kitchen Tile Flooring

Kitchen tiles come in stunning designs and combinations. You can find them in materials like ceramic, stone and porcelain that will give you excellent results into completing your kitchen with style. Choose the color scheme based on your current fittings.

Traditional Kitchen Floor Tile

traditional kitchen floor tile

Modern Kitchen Tile Flooring

modern kitchen tile flooring

Modern Kitchen Flooring Idea

Modern designs require a minimalist approach that extends to the flooring options too. You can choose any material that draws your attention like cork, stone and wood in order to add a natural look for an inviting and warm kitchen. You may also see Hardwood Flooring Designs

Modern Contemporary Kitchen Flooring

modern contemporary kitchen flooring

Modern Kitchen with Wood Floor

modern kitchen with wood floor

Wooden Kitchen Flooring Idea

Wood flooring is the epitome of elegance and warmth in every kitchen. It comes in a variety of designs that range from small to large wood slates and many different finish types to add extra character to the kitchen’s style. You may also see Wood Floor Pattern Designs

Wooden Chevron Pattern Kitchen Floor

wooden chevron pattern kitchen floor

White Wood Kitchen Floor

white wood kitchen floor

Laminate Kitchen Flooring Idea

Laminate is the most affordable option for many homeowners. However it is equally stylish with the expensive designs. You will find it in a variety of imitations like wood, stone and marble bringing you an exquisite flooring design with elegance. You may also see Laminate Tile Flooring Designs

Laminate Wood Kitchen Flooring

laminate wood kitchen flooring

Laminate Tile Kitchen Flooring

laminate tile kitchen flooring

Photo by Eran Turgeman

Small Kitchen Flooring Design

A small kitchen needs a stunning flooring design in order to make it look perfect. In a small space the expense of the flooring will be less allowing you to choose a wooden or tiled design with limestone or ceramic designs.

Small Kitchen Wood Floor Design

small kitchen wood floor design

Small Kitchen Concrete Tile Floor

small kitchen concrete tile floor

Design by Nostra Déco

Concrete Kitchen Floors

Concrete is a modern looking material that can give you perfect flooring options for a kitchen. It is suitable for contemporary and industrial designs that require an abstract look with stylish touch to finish the kitchen’s look in elegance. You may also see Concrete Bathroom Floor Designs

Modern Kitchen Concrete Floor Design

modern kitchen concrete floor design1

Contemporary Kitchen Concrete Floor Design

contemporary kitchen concrete floor design

Kitchen Stone Flooring

If you want to add a natural touch with stunning looks then you can go for stone flooring. Travertine, slate, granite and limestone are only a few of the stone types you can incorporate in your kitchen’s flooring for character.

Simple Kitchen Stone Flooring

simple kitchen stone flooring

Rustic Kitchen Stone Flooring

rustic kitchen stone flooring

Vinyl Kitchen Flooring

As a synthetic material vinyl can give you any look you desire to achieve. From stunning stone floorings to stylish wood designs you can find a multitude of vinyl options that will match your kitchen’s fittings adding character and style.

Classic Vinyl Kitchen Flooring

classic vinyl kitchen flooring

Cool Vinyl Kitchen Flooring

cool vinyl kitchen flooring

Farmhouse Kitchen Floor Idea

A farmhouse kitchen requires a classic look that you can achieve with wood, stone and tile flooring. You can get any material that blends with your kitchens furnishing and install it in a stunning and creative formation that will add character.

Farmhouse Kitchen Brick Flooring

farmhouse kitchen brick flooring

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Floor Design

rustic farmhouse kitchen floor design

DIY Kitchen Floor Design

Nowadays there is a great variety of materials and tools that allow you to install your own flooring in your kitchen. Laminate and many tile designs give you an ergonomic design that will make placing the flooring a game.

DIY Kitchen Wood Flooring

diy kitchen wood flooring

As materials go you have to be prepared for any choice. Stone designs tend to have a porous quality that is susceptible to stains without proper sealing after installation. Wood will give you a warm design that will look stunning while they come in prefinished style to help with maintenance and duress. Cork is a great alternative since it offers sound defuse antibacterial protection. Lastly tiles have a stunning look and quality will minimum maintenance.

From stone to laminate flooring you’ll have to check all the facts that will help you with maintenance and care and choose the one that will fit your needs. Also in case of a remodel you have to go for a style that matches the rest of the kitchen’s fittings.

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