Hardwood flooring just like material in the fashion world changes every season. The colours get darker or lighter, planks get narrower or wider and wood possesses that grainy or stain finish depending on the preferred choice and the current trend. And, because you have so many options while choosing a hardwood floor for the home, we have compiled a list of 10 popular hardwood options to serve you with the best flooring inspiration.

1. Distressed Wide Planks

distressed wide planks


Wide-plank flooring is gaining popularity in homes because of its beauty and fewer seams. The wide wooden planks come in a number of wood types but choose a distressed wood if you are looking for a rustic look.

2. Grey Wooden Flooring

grey wooden flooring

Grey is one trending colour that has finally made its way to the hardwood floors. The cool tone has seen an increased presence in higher and more fashion forward customers. The grey coloured flooring holds the advantage of playing around with more vibrant and experimental piece of furniture and accent pieces.

3. Vintage Reclaimed Wood

vintage reclaimed wood

The vintage material which carries a timeless and original charm has seen a growth in the interior and fashion world. And, wooden flooring is not behind in this trend, reclaimed hardwood with its imperfections and natural character carries that antique look which is currently in vogue. This eco-friendly flooring is made from old beams and logs from rivers and lakes.

4. Maple Plank

maple plank

The maple flooring is one contemporary hardwood flooring option to choose for the interiors of your home. Maple looks particularly ravishing when paired against black and white linear mosaic tiles. The flooring might not be the best choice for the bathroom but it can be efficiently used in the powder room.

5. Red Oak

red oak


Red oak is one of the most popular hardwood choices available because of its availability to coordinate with any design style. The red tone adds to the beauty and also makes it resistant to the high movement areas like the living room.

6. Brazilian Cherrywood

brazilian cherrywood


If you are looking for an exotic look, the Brazilian cherry wood with the colours in the grain gives the tile a mosaic look. Apart from a refreshing visual appeal, the flooring is sturdy and comes with an affordable price making it a popular choice among exotic hardwoods.

7. White Oak Puzzle Piece

white oak puzzle piece


If you are looking to add a unique and impressive hardwood flooring to your space, this white oak puzzle piece flooring will certainly challenge the traditional look of wood-plank flooring. The oak puzzle flooring comes in 16 different patterns with six unique colour choices for a customised look.

8. Wire Brushed Hardwood

wire brushed hardwood


Wire-brushed hardwood flooring carries that authentic weathered look which is created by using wire to open and enhance the wood grain. This results in subtle texture which also maintains a smooth surface. It is an expensive option and is generally available on pre-finished wood.

9. Douglas Fir

douglas fir

Douglas fir plank flooring brings a comfortable feel to your home. The stain in the fir expresses detail in the grain and also renders an aesthetic presence to your space.

10. Ultra Blonde

ultra blonde


Ultra blonde is the second most popular choice for hardwood flooring after the darker options. The light colour makes the room look brighter and bigger while also expressing a casual look. Furthermore, the flooring even entails the advantage of drying faster and cost lesser.

Wooden flooring helps to expel instant warmth and also add class to your space. Choose the colour and finish depending on the look and feel of your home and bring an immediate transformation to your space.

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