The dining room is that room of the house where major bonding among the family members take place. It is not just for dining but for creating memories that are shared forever. It is perhaps the best place for cracking conversations. Dining room design and décor differs from home to home, depending on what style you have incorporated in your house, you can choose the décor, layout, furniture, interiors and so on. Today there are a large number of themes ranging from vintage to floral and earthy and rustic and many, many more. We have selected exclusively for you some of the best dining room designs below. Hope you enjoy!

Small Dining Room Design

A small space dedicated to the dining area can make a cute and clutter free room, provided you add the right furniture and décor. You can use simple design elements that will trick your dining space into looking more large and spacious. Earthy tones and vintage styles are great in small dining spaces and make the space look good.

Modern Small Dining Room Design

modern small dining room design

Small Apartment Dining Room Design

small apartment dining room design

Small Dining Room Interior Design

small dining room interior design

Photo By: Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Modern Dining Room Design

A modern or contemporary dining space generally consists of minimalist modern décor ranging from mood lighting, wall frame, chandelier lights etc. The dining tables used in modern dining spaces are generally square or round shape and are made of materials like granite, wood and metal.

Small Modern Dining Room Design

small modern dining room design

Modern Country Dining Room Design

modern country dining room designs2

Modern Dining Room Furniture Design

modern dining room furniture design

Formal Dining Room Design

Formal dining rooms may be used in a formal setting such as offices, hotels and the like. These dining spaces are also used for the purpose of conducting seminars and meetings over good food. Formal implies minimalistic and hence they make use of classy but very little décor to create a formal ambiance in the space.

Traditional Formal Dining Room Idea

traditional formal dining room idea

Formal Dining Room Wall Decor

formal dining room wall decor

Gray Formal Dining Room Design

gray formal dining room design

Dining Room Interior Design

Dining room décor should be warm, inviting and pleasing to the eyes. Ranging from intricate detailing in the walls to delicate chandelier lights, there are several décor items that can be used to make the interior of your dining room fabulous. Incorporate the right kind of décor that matches the style of your house.

Contemporary Dining Room Interior Design

contemporary dining room interior design

Small Dining Room Interior Design

small dining room interior design1

Photo By: Sarah Sweeney

Blue Dining Room Interior Design

blue dining room interior design

Restaurant Dining Room Design

When it comes to restaurant dining rooms, there are several unique themes that are incorporated to make it stand out from the rest. Restaurants make use of vibrant color schemes, interesting lighting, décor pieces, etc which add a lot of appeal to the dining area.

Chinese Restaurant Dining Room Design

chinese restaurant dining room design

Photo By: Bonjwing

Small Restaurant Dining Room Design

small restaurant dining room design

Photo By: Eric Luciano

Modern Restaurant Dining Room Design

modern restaurant dining room design

Rustic Dining Room Design

While we talk about rustic dining room designs, earthy tone colors such as brown, beige and off white make a great décor idea. Antique pieces add to the rustic charm in a dining space paired with a wooden dining table and other accessories to highlight the rustic appeal in the space.

Modern Rustic Dining Room Design

modern rustic dining room design

design By: Uglyanitsa Alexander

Rustic Farmhouse Dining Room Idea

rustic farmhouse dining room idea

Small Rustic Dining Room Design

small rustic dining room design

Traditional Dining Room Design

A traditional dining room consists of antique furnishings and all things vintage. There is an untold charm about the traditional décor and when it is integrated with the dining area it makes the space unusually interesting and unique.

Small Traditional Dining Room Design

small traditional dining room design

Traditional Japanese Dining Room Design

traditional japanese dining room design

Traditional Dining Room with Fireplace

traditional dining room with fireplace

Luxury Dining Room Design

Luxury dining rooms generally make use of elegant interiors with the high-quality lighting, décor and furniture. A classy and luxurious dining room typically consists of a finest quality dining table, rugs, lights such as a chandelier, wall frames and so on.

Luxury Dining Room Interior Design

luxury dining room interior design

Luxury White Dining Room Design

luxury white dining room design

Luxury Formal Dining Room

luxury formal dining room

Photo By: Coles Hairston

Classic Dining Room Design

The Classic dining room is one where all the décor is rightly and perfectly placed. It is necessary that we keep in mind the design and theme of the house so that it goes in sync with the dining room design as well. Keep it classic with an awesome chandelier light, a dining table that stands out and the right wall décor.

Modern Classic Dining Room Design

modern classic dining room design

Classic Dining Room Furniture Design

classic dining room furniture design

Classic Apartment Dining Room

classic apartment dining room

Tuscan Dining Room Design

Tuscan style is inspired by the ancient European tradition. Decorating your dining room with Tuscan style involves keeping of vintage accessories from the European culture ranging from artifacts, antiques and intricate décor items.

Tuscan Farmhouse Dining Room Design

tuscan farmhouse dining room design

Tuscan Outdoor Dining Room Design

tuscan outdoor dining room design

Rustic Tuscan Dining Room

rustic tuscan dining room

Outdoor Dining Room Design

An outdoor dining room is a great way to unwind, spend some time out in the fresh breeze with your family and friends. It should be designed perfectly by keeping a simple and small, preferably round shaped dining table with chairs and minimum or no décor with loads of greenery and flowers.

Modern Outdoor Dining Room Design

modern outdoor dining room design

Functional Outdoor Dining Room design

functional outdoor dining room design

Formal Outdoor Dining Room Design

formal outdoor dining room design

Photo By: Tammy Randall Wood

Country Dining Room Design

We all love the serene and peaceful vibes of the countryside. Incorporating country style design in home décor is lovely and requires making use of vibrant colors like blue and white. A dining room with country style is slightly traditional and may have a wooden dining table with hardwood floors.

French Country Dining Room Design Idea

french country dining room design idea

Modern Country Dining Room Design

modern country dining room design1

Country Style Cottage Dining Room

country style cottage dining room

Cottage Dining Room Design

Cottage style dining room typically includes a light wood dining table with creamy walls. Keeping pretty flower vases in the rustic dining table can add a lot of color and beauty to the space. Floral vases placed near the window adds to the cottage style of the room and with the right flooring, a cottage dining room is subtly finished.

Beach Cottage Dining Room Design

beach cottage dining room design

Cottage Style Dining Room Furniture

cottage style dining room furniture

Cottage Chic Dining Room Design

cottage chic dining room design

Dining Room Table Design

Dining tables now come in several layouts ranging from rectangular to round and also a mix of both. The right table design has to be chosen depending on a number of factors such as the size of your room, design, color scheme, etc. Make sure to choose one that is comfortable and convenient in all ways.

Wood Dining Room Table Design

wood dining room table design

Farmhouse Dining Room Table Design

farmhouse dining room table design

Round Dining Room Table Design

round dining room table design

Apartment Dining Room Design

Apartments are known for their compact and cozy nature, therefore, a dining room in the apartments can be an extension of the living room or otherwise. Keeping it simple with the right but basic furniture with décor that fits well with the theme of your house is the key.

Studio Apartment Dining Room Design

studio apartment dining room design

Modern Apartment Dining Room Design

modern apartment dining room design

Apartment Dining Room Wall Decor Idea

apartment dining room wall decor idea

Contemporary Dining Room Design

A contemporary dining room has modern furniture coupled with modern décor. A classy dining table with comfortable chairs, wall décor such as frames, lights, etc along with a chandelier can make for a pretty decent design in a contemporary dining room.

White Contemporary Dining Room Design

white contemporary dining room design

Small Contemporary Dining Room Idea

small contemporary dining room idea

Contemporary Formal Dining Room Design

contemporary formal dining room design

Eclectic Dining Room Design

Eclectic is a blend of modern and boho which can be super cool to add to your dining room. Dining spaces with an eclectic design have a sense of versatility and blend with a mix of styles that are attached. An eclectic dining room is all about the mix and match game that can be played strong with the dining chairs.

Small Eclectic Dining Room Design

small eclectic dining room design

Vintage Eclectic Dining Room Design

vintage eclectic dining room design

Design by: Novogratz

Eclectic Country Dining Room Design

eclectic country dining room design

Photo By: Robert Brantley

Grey Dining Room Design

Grey color is most loved in interior design and decorating because of its neutral hue. It can be combined with almost any color and it is sure to give you awesome results. A gray colored dining room can make for a very elegant design when the right décor is incorporated.

Dark Grey Dining Room Design

dark grey dining room design

Grey And White Dining Room Design

grey and white dining room design

Small Grey Dining Room Design

small grey dining room design

Vintage Dining Room Design

A vintage design reminds us of the old school vibes and has its very appeal to it. The vintage dining room design typically consists of artifacts, antiques and rustic designs. Vintage style features a wooden dining table with hardwood flooring and antique furniture.

Small Vintage Style Dining Room

small vintage style dining room

Vintage Dining Room Furniture Design

vintage dining room furniture design

Vintage Rustic Dining Room Design

vintage rustic dining room design

How to Design a Dining Room?

A dining room has to be designed by keeping in mind the layout of your house, the design of the rest of your house, the space around the room etc. A well-designed dining room has to have decent décor such as lights, rugs, wall frames, proper wall paint and last but not the least good furniture including a dining table.

Color Tips for a Dining Room

Color schemes used in dining spaces can either be sober and peaceful or bold and dynamic but it should have mood enhancing qualities. Some color ideas for dining rooms include hues of gray and blue which are perfect if you want a modern and simple design. On the other hand, earthy tones such as beige and brown create a warm and inviting space. Some other color ideas include turquoise green, yellow, brown, red etc.

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