No one can deny the rustic charm of country dining. It is not just the food that’s exceptional, but also the ambiance. A country dining arrangement brings in board tables, plush chairs, unique chandelier lighting and several other things that are unique to a traditional décor. If you are planning to convert your countryside property into a fine experience, here are some examples that should give you the right cues. Of course, the final arrangement will depend on your budget, unique needs and style of living.

Country Style Dining Room Furniture

country style dining room furniture

A country styled furniture is best represented with wooden installations. As you can see here, a wooden bench in place of a chair makes the room look more rustic and provokes an unusual charm that is hard to find in modern day homes.

French Dining Table Idea

french dining table idea

Design by : Alex Koretsky

French dining is famous across the globe for its countryside charm and delicious food. Well, you can recreate this is your dining room too. All you need is an open space – the more airy, the better it is. While lunches will get friendly, dinners will be set in romance!

Country Dining Room Sets

country dining room sets

One of the most important features of a country dining experience in an elongated layout well places cutlery and warm lighting. Using unique chandeliers, you can transform your dining experience into a seriously romantic one!

French Country Dining Chairs

french country dining chairs

The French really know how to have their food in style. One of the highlights of the experience is big decorated chairs that would be hard to resist! The more comfortable you are in your dining table, the tastier the food becomes. You can also see Formal Dining Room Designs

Country Style Dining Table

country style dining table

A unique way to evoke a country style dining would be having a low table and some unique chairs around. A chandelier goes ideally well as long as you stick to a theme.

Country Table and Chairs

country table and chairs

Country tables and chairs are meant to breathe in a rustic ambiance to the setting. While there are several models to choose from, go for ones that best suit your needs and décor theme. Also ensure that you don’t overdo things. The best country style living lies in the simplicity of it.

White Dining Room Table

white dining room table

Design by : Jennifer Hagler

White dining room tables and chairs prove to be a neat arrangement as long as you have enough space around. It is also necessary to keep the room furnishing to the minimum to make the white table the most important part. Having other things around can make your distracted and it subsequently transcends into the overall mood of the space.

Oak Dining Room Chairs

oak dining room chairs

Design by : Laura Hardin

Oak is the most ideal material for a country style arrangement. It brings forth a rustic texture, is available in a variety of rich grains and also adds durability and strength to your living. Oak wood ding tables will last more than a lifetime if you choose to maintain them properly.

Round French Country Dining Table

round french country dining table

Round or oval shaped tables too can be an exciting addition to your dining room. The ideal material will again be rich colored wood. However, also make sure that you create a complimenting rustic ambiance with the use of unique chandeliers and other traditional décor.

Dining Room Wall Decor

dining room wall decor

Dining room walls for your country house should be minimal. Even a simple framed picture can add a lot of personality to the room. However, ensure that it is relevant to the arrangement.

Small Country Dining Room Design

small country dining room design


Modern Country Dining Room Design

modern country dining room design

Country Dining Room Blue Chairs Idea

country dining room blue chairs idea

Kitchen Side Country Dining Room Design

kitchen side country dining room design

Chandelier Small Country Dining Room

chandelier small country dining room

Fireplace Country Dining Room

fireplace country dining room

Trendy Chair Country Dining Room Design

trendy chair country dining room design

Design by : Annete Manuilova

Decorative Country Dining Room Design

decorative country dining room design

Wood dining room tales are always an exciting addition to any home. Making the choice will however depend upon your budgets, material requirements and living style.

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