If you’re designing a formal dining room, chances are you do quite a bit if entertaining or you have a traditional bent. Either way, formal dining rooms are great for spending quality time with family and friends. Round tables are great for intimate dinners, in which case you need a table at least 60 inches in diameter. You can go up to 72 inches if space permits. However for larger parties, you would need a long, rectangular table.

Royal Ornate Wooden Chairs

royal dining wooden orante chairs


Vintage Furniture Idea For Dining Place

vintage furniture idea for dining place


Formal Dining Room With Chandelier

formal dining room with chandelier


For a traditional look, you want to go with a wood-polished table with some ornate On the other hand, a glass top will give you a sleek sophistication. Upholstered chairs are recommended for more comfort.The colours of the walls should set off the furniture stylishly, be it paint, wall paper or wood panelling. Wall art can reflect your personal taste, and can also become occasional conversation topics.

Patterned Dining Chair Idea

patterned dining chair idea

Jill Morgan Home Designs

Corner Cabinet Dining Room

corner cabinet dining room


Small Dining Room With Round Table Design

small grey dining room design


Eclectic Style Dining Room Design

eclectic style dining room design


Small Urban Dining Room With Lighting

small urban dining room


Formal Dining Room With Blue Chairs

formal dining room with blue chairs


Large Dining Room With Chandelier

large dining room with chandelier


Traditional Dining Room Idea

traditional dining room idea

Photo By: Paula Grace Halewski

Green Chairs Dining Room Design

green furniture dining room design

Photo By: Jill Wolff

If you have a garden, you may opt for French windows. Put a table and some chairs outside and you now have room for a larger party. For a sophisticated touch, install a long, rectangular mirror on one of the walls. Apart from the aesthetic, it will reflect more light inside the room.

Dark Blue Dining Room With Lighting

blue dining room with lighting


French Country Dining Room

french country dining room

Photo By: Dickson Realty

Elegant Dining Room Decor Idea

elegant dining room decor idea


Black and White Formal Dining Room

black and white formal dining room


Dining Room With Awesome Interior

dining room with aweome interior


Black and Yellow Arm Chairs

black and yellow arm chairs


Wooden Dining Table Design Idea

wooden dining table design idea


Speaking of lights, you might want a row of lamps on the table, if it is long one, or one in the centre for a round table. That may not withdraw the need for a dining room chandelier, but you can adjust the lighting according to the mood. Flowers on the table can also be a graceful accompaniment. A dining table set on a carpet or rug is a style statement that transcends all design categories.

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