Art deco is an artistic style, which transcends all time, since symmetry and geometric patterns are eternal. That is the reason art deco admirably lends itself to any kind of architectural or interior style, be it rustic, traditional or modern. However, art deco design features and elements have a tendency to take on flamboyant forms, which may not suit your idea of sophistication.

Crystal Decor Dining Room Design

crystal decor dining room design

Luxurious Decor Dining Room Design

luxiours decor dining room design

Crisp Architects designs

Sassy Decor Dining Room Design

sassy decor dining room design

You could begin with the dining table. Think in terms of a round or a hexagonal table and chairs with an angular design. Let the unit stand as a culinary island in the centre of the dining room. You may consider wallpapers with geometric or linear designs. Leave a foot of space at the floor and ceiling. Attach a trim at both ends of the wallpaper and install wood panelling.

Amazing Dining Room Decor Design

amazing dining room decor design

Gorgeous Dining Room Decor Design

gorgerous dining room decor design

Wood Decor Dining Room Design

wood decor dining room design

Modish Decor Dining Room Design

modish decor dining room design

Most dining rooms sport a wide mirror on one wall. Combining them with an art deco chandelier can create a stunning atmosphere of aesthetics and light. However, we can tweak this creatively. Install the mirror on the ceiling directly above the table. Select a lamp that will light the room and also serve as the centrepiece of the dining table. Now you do not need a chandelier as the mirror above will flood the room with reflected light.

Transitional Decor Dining Room Design

transitional decor dining room design

Awesome Decor Dining Room Design

awesome decor dining room design

Classic Decor Dining Room Design

classic decor dining room design

Stunning Dining Room Decor Design

stunning dining room decor design

Vanessa DeLeon Associates

Sample Decor Dining Room Design

sample decor dining room design

Lovely Dining Room Decor Design

lovely dining room decor design

Coastal Dining Room Decor Design

costal dining room decor design

Cool Decor Dining Room Design

cool decor dining room design

Royal Dining Room Decor Design

royal dining room decor design

Elegant Dining Room Decor Design

elegant dining room decor design

Accent Dining Room Decor Design

accent dining room decor design

Traditional Decor Dining Room Design

traditional decor dining room design

Artistic Dining Room Decor Design

artistic dining room decor design

Classy Dining Room Decor Design

classy dining room decor design

Creative Decor Dining Room Design

creative decor dining room design

Rustic Dining Room Decor Design

modish dining room decor design

Barbara Gilbert Interiors

Sassy Dining Room Decor Design

sassy dining room decor design1

Beautiful Decor Dining Room Design

beautiful decor dining room design

If your dining area happens to be in the kitchen, the entire space will need complementary art deco design features. However, since most kitchens are dominated by long counters and tall cupboards, with gleaming appliances, most of your designing is already done. Here, you may not need a mirror, so grace your walls with some art or some photo frames. You can further enliven the ambience with tallish plant containers on the floor.

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