The dining room area needs to be stylish in order to set the mood for your dinner guests. Choosing the right chandelier designs will help you complete your dining room with style and personality. Chandeliers are trending in every style giving you extraordinary pieces that will create a strong focal point to use. Following you are going to find a list of dining room chandeliers that will help you find the right design for you.

Modern Dining Room Chandeliers

Modern chandeliers have a stunning look that is suitable for both modern and contemporary dining rooms. You can choose the right shape depending on the table’s shape in order to create a balance to the room while adding extra style.

Modern Wood Dining Room Chandeliers

modern dining room chandeliers

West Chin Architects & Interior Designers

Modern Colorful Dining Room Chandeliers

modern colorful dining room chandeliers

Amy Lau Design

Dining Room Lantern Chandelier Designs

Lantern designs offer a classic look that is attractive and stylish. You can find these chandeliers in various designs bringing you combinations of materials like glass, crystal, metal and wood accentuating the style of the dining room.

Large Dining Room Lantern Chandelier Design

large dining room lantern chandelier design

Lorts Manufacturing

Dining Room Lantern Chandelier Design with Vanity

dining room lantern chandelier design with vanity

Gordana Car Interior Design Studio

Crystal Dining Room Chandeliers

Crystal is a material that can give you incredible style and luxury. You can find it in almost every design ranging from classic to modern styles while at the same time offering you a glamorous tone that looks amazing.

Simple Crystal Dining Room Chandeliers

simple crystal dining room chandeliers

Natasha Barrault Design

Victorian Crystal Dining Room Chandeliers

victorian crystal dining room chandeliers

Marlene Wangenheim AKBD, CAPS, Allied Member ASID

Dining Room Drum Chandelier Designs

Chandeliers in drum style can give you a fantastic look for your dining room. You can find them in round and rectangular shapes allowing you to find the right design for your own dining area. A colorful design will add charm.

Dining Room Drum Glass Chandelier Design

dining room drum glass chandelier design

Maria DeGange

Modern Dining Room Drum Chandelier

modern dining room drum chandelier

Rectangle Dining Room Chandelier Design Ideas

Rectangle chandeliers have a creative approach giving a great deal of choices for rectangular dining tables. You can go for any design like drums or crystal hanging designs. This will allow you to create a beautiful setting with sophisticated approach.

Rectangle White Dining Room Chandelier

rectangle white dining room chandelier

Jane Lockhart Interior Design

Luxury Rectangle Dining Room Chandelier

luxery rectangle dining room chandelier

tuthill architecture

Dining Room Table Chandeliers

The shape of the dining table is going to help you choose the right chandelier design. Round table designs require round chandeliers while rectangular ones require rectangular pieces. You can also use two round chandeliers to create balance adding character. You may also See Dining Room Ceiling Light

dining room table chandelier1

Michael Abrams Limited

Rustic Dining Room Chandelier Ideas

Choose designs that will look amazing whether the lights are on or off. You can go for two different materials that will create antithesis or a matching look to enhance your space’s style as well as the dining tables shape.

rustic dining room chandelier ideas

Crisp Architects

Dining Room Candle Chandelier Designs

Candle chandeliers have been a stunning addition for many dining rooms for centuries. Choosing a candle chandelier will give you a luxurious look that will complement your space while adding a touch of glam with a stylish design and personality.

dining room candle chandelier designs

Linda McDougald Design | Postcard from Paris Home

Vintage Dining Room Chandelier Design Ideas

Vintage designs will give incredible choices in order to style your dining room with a glamorous and elegant design. These chandeliers come in materials like metal, crystal, fabric and glass giving you the opportunity to experiment with something completely different.

vintage dining room chandelier design ideas

Jennifer Bevan Interiors

Orb Dining Room Chandelier Designs

If you want a design that will impress everyone then you should go for an orb chandelier. These designs give you a merge of classic design with modern approach that will make your dining room look stunning with creative looks. You may also See Dining Room Lighting

orb dining room chandelier designs

Scenic Sotheby's International Realty

All of the above designs aim for a stylish approach in the dining room designs. These rooms need to look inviting and well designed in order to create a fabulous outlook. You can go for any design that draws your fancy, however make sure that it complements your own space.

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