You have finally chosen to go for an antler design regarding your chandelier but you still have some lingering doubts? You have nothing to worry about because here in Design Trends we are prepared to give you all the answers for these chandelier designs. From layouts to decorative tips sit tight and keep on reading for the following guide. We are going to share with you a collection of antler chandelier designs that will inspire. You may also See Wood Chandelier Designs

Modern Antler Chandeliers

In modern style the antler chandeliers offer you great alternatives for the classic crystal choices. The antlers can be painted in any color that might match your space while the layout should follow the room’s shape to create balanced look.

Modern White Antler Chandeliers

modern white antler chandeliers

JKA Design

Modern Wood Antler Chandeliers

modern wood antler chandeliers

AAA Architecture

Outdoor Antler Chandelier Designs

Antlers are a great way to add style in your outdoor space. You can choose the chandelier’s size depending on the space’s one in order to create a harmonious balance that will look complementing and stylish without overwhelming the eyes.

Outdoor Wood Antler Chandelier

outdoor wood antler chandelier

Crisp Architects

Simple Outdoor Antler Chandelier

simple outdoor antler chandelier

Petrina Construction INC

Small Antler Chandelier Design Ideas

In case your space is small then you don’t need to be disheartened. There is a great variety in sizes bringing you extraordinary pieces for your home. Choose a design with small size to complement your space while adding luxury.

small antler chandelier design ideas

Envision Web

Faux Antler Chandeliers

If you want the antler design but don’t want natural antlers then you can go for an alternative. Wood, plastic and clay can give you incredible designs regarding the antler design while offering you a stylish option for your space.

Faux Wood Antler Chandeliers

faux antler chandeliers


Modern Faux Antler Chandeliers

modern faux antler chandeliers

JM Designs

White Antler Chandelier Ideas

White antler chandeliers offer you a creative approach that is both elegant and stylish. You can complete your space with an antler chandelier painted in white to give you a luxurious look offering a high class design and ample lighting.

white antler chandelier ideas

Diy Antler Chandelier Designs

All across the web you can find tutorials about how to create your own antler chandelier. You can go for natural or faux antler designs depending on your preferences while you can maintain the color or paint them in any other color choice.

diy antler chandelier designs

Summit Log & Timber Homes

Antler Crystal Chandeliers

The combination of crystals and antlers can give you the most glamorous design with a rustic outlook. The available designs will give you amazing style that will complete your space in a way that will look luxurious with extra personality. You may also See Dining Room Chandelier Designs

Black Antler Crystal Chandeliers

antler crystal chandeliers

Hufft Projects

White Antler Crystal Chandeliers

white antler crystal chandeliers

The Cousins

Antler Chandeliers for Living Room

When it comes to the living room the chandelier must look impeccable. Antlers can give you exactly that along with extra personality that will complete your space with a special look. You can choose it in any style and color.

antler chandeliers for living room

M.T.N Design

Vintage Antler Chandeliers

Vintage designs offer you many designs that will complement your space with elegance. You can find them in designs that feature scones or candles that will add an all time classic tone with extra style and character that will amaze everyone.

Vintage Round Antler Chandeliers

vintage antler chandeliers

Lot C Architecture

Vintage Bathroom Antler Chandeliers

vintage bathroom antler chandeliers

JLF & Associates, Inc.

Antler Candle Chandelier Designs

Candle chandeliers have an inert classic look that originates from centuries back. When you see them on antlers the look is magnificent. You can use these designs in every space from the entrance to the bathroom giving you incredible style. You may also See Pink Chandelier Light Designs

antler candle chandelier designs


In antler designs you will find that the rustic style is a fitting look for many style merges. In general, rustic chandeliers can give you incredible ideas that will help you decorate your space with style and elegance following your own personal tastes and preferences regarding lighting fixtures with elegance.

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