Looking for unique fountain lights? Well, your choice can be the reason of a complete transformation of your outdoor space. Apart from the arrangement, fountain lights also incorporate a variety of effects using color and movement to create interesting visuals. Whether you are looking for something for your privately owned property of the public park fountain, here are some designs you should browsing through.

Indoor Fountain Light Bulbs

indoor fountain light bulbs


If you have a small fountain installation inside your extravagant home, just as shown in the example, go for static water fountain light bulbs that change colors rather than move beams. This will create a lively ambiance. In some cases, you can even get to control the color and intensity of the bulbs. You can also see Dining Table Light Design

Small Fountain Light Idea

small fountain light idea


Similar to the above, if your fountain in installed outdoors, you would be requiring less number of features. You might not want to control the intensity of the lighting and stick to the standard. Just ensure that the lights present proper illumination, highlighting the flow of water.

Water Fountain Lights Bulbs

water fountain lights bulbs


The special thing about fountain light bulbs is that they are meant to be submerged in water and have enough intensity to add color to the water. An installation as seen in this example would be a great addition to the outdoors and doesn’t also demand too much of an investment.

Pool Fountain Lights Design

pool fountain lights design


Swimming pools are among the most common watery space to light up in your outdoors. It is however necessary that the lights are limited to act as a mark and let people know that there’s water ahead. More than looking beautiful, they should be put up as signs. An ambient lighting that is easily distinguishable from the surrounding is what you should be looking for.

Vintage Fountain Lights Idea

vintage fountain lights idea


Vintage Fountains are meant to be extravagant designs with a lot of illumination and exciting artwork. Depending on your tastes and requirements, you can always go for changeable lights, thereby adding a personality to the installation.

Led Fountain Lights Decor

led fountain lights decor


LEDs give the perfect opportunity to create exciting outdoor lighting, including fountain lights. Automatically insulated from temperature changes, LEDs come as both light bulbs and light strips to create intricate designs with light. Talk to a specialized expert to get the most of your LED fountain lights décor!

Underwater Fountain Lights Design

underwater fountain lights design

Design by John R. Wood Properties

Fountains, however small, are an interesting way to highlight your outdoors. In this example, we see how a swimming pool is landscaped to integrate several small fountains (flowing water channels) into the design. Having an underwater LED installation just below the surface of the water creates an interesting ambiance.

Outdoor Fountain Lights Decor

outdoor fountain lights decor


True to the design of a complete fountain, these would be lights that highlight the synchronized splash and flow of water, thereby giving a personality to the design. If you are looking to create something extravagant, this should be the basic way to go about it.

Blue Fountain Light Idea

blue fountain light idea

Design by : Luna Enterprises

Fountain Color Lighting Idea

fountain color lighting idea

Design by John R. Wood Properties

Exterior Fountain Light Design

exterior fountain light design


Landscaping Fountain Light Idea

landscaping fountain light idea


We hope you loved our ideas for fountain light installation. Make sure that you invest in high quality to avoid accidents and worry little about maintenance and replacements.

Fountain Lights Covers

For additional protection and longevity of your fountain light bulbs, you can also buy extra covers that keep the bulbs insulated. While LED is always a necessity, the extra insulation always ensures that there is no stark difference between the filament temperature and the immediate water outside.

Fountain Light Fixtures

There’s no better way to pay your tribute to the war heroes than incorporating it in the décor for public view. This special fountain light design looks like the Memorial Day fountain and would be a great thing to have in your premises too.

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