People are quite experimental with the Outdoor Wall Sconce design. These designs vary according to the outdoor ambience of different homes. People also show a remarkable degree of variation in taste and aptitude. When you crave to have a well-crafted outdoor wall sconce design, you just need to make it personalized. Well, home is one of the greatest assets to you and you have to make it as personalised as possible. Get in touch with some of these ideas and incorporate them, you will find them remarkably elegant.

Outdoor Wall Mounted Lighting

outdoor wall mounted lighting

In case you are having a rock wall design for the exterior of your home, you can avail the scroll lanterns to illuminate the patio. This will be compatible with the beige siding with the balcony wall. Hang the lanterns on both sides of the window and these will match the look with the pavers.

Led Outdoor Wall Sconce

led outdoor wall sconce

When you have a patio TV cabinet, you can use this particular sconce pattern. It suits the look of the concrete tiles in the exterior of the home. Place them on both sides of the fireplace, hanging from the walls. If you have a terracotta roof in the house, you will get the perfect look.

Outdoor Sconce Light Fixtures

outdoor sconce light fixtures

When you look out for Modern Wall Designs, get in touch with sconce fixtures that glorify the outdoor balcony with indirect lights. Place your bed under the two lights, and these go well with homes with canvas patio covers.

Outdoor Wall Lantern Design

outdoor wall lantern design

When you have a classic mansion with steps leading up to the front door, get in touch with outdoor lantern-styled lighting. Buy the black lanterns to complement the black door and white paint of the room. These are ideal for homes with a single front door and windowless rooms.

Exterior Wall Sconce Light fixtures

exterior wall sconce light fixtures

If you have a cottage-styled home with red brick exterior, you can get in touch with this bright lighting idea. These are ideal for homes having dark gutters and extended patio. This goes well with Block Wall Designs. Hang the lights on the two sides of the doors, and this will deliver an elegant look to the home.

Contemporary Outdoor Lighting Sconces

contemporary outdoor lighting sconces

Bradford C. Smith Architect

When you have a large mansion designed like towers with brown roof, you can use this sconce idea. This will be compatible with a tiled driveway and dark chocolate brown doors and windows. Use a lighter shade of cream colour for the walls.

Large Outdoor Wall Sconce

large outdoor wall sconce

These go best with wooden front doors of the house. The Wooden Wall Designs are ideal for this combination. If you have a wide arching door with copper lighting in the interior, these lights are the perfect match for the setting. These sconces are larger than the ordinary ones and provide a sophisticated look to your home.

Antique Outdoor Black Lantern

antique outdoor black lantern

You will love this elegant outdoor lantern idea when you are having a mansion with a white exterior. A rustic fence and a black roof will add to the beauty of the lights. Hang the lights from the central area between two pillars, and it will match the looks of the black doors.

Small Outdoor Wall Sconce

small outdoor wall sconce

This is an ideal setting for you when you have a small outdoor area. Install a brick wall fence around the area and incorporate the lattice décor in order to bring out the real charm of the lights. Hang the lanterns from the brown brick pillars in between yellow walls.

Rustic Outdoor Wall Sconce

rustic outdoor wall sconce

When you have interior brick walls, you will like the rustic outdoor wall sconce idea. This is ideal for a ranch house, where you will have a passage leading to rooms by the sides. Use a natural wooden paint for the doors and windows, and burnish it well to yield the gloss. The lights are well-matched with the brick walls.

Pool Side Wall Sconce Light

pool side wall sconce light

Modern Wall Sconce Light

modern wall sconce light

Wooden Exterior Sconce Light

wooden exterior wall scounce

Courtyard Outdoor Wall Sconce Light

courtyard outdoor wall sconce light

Oak Outdoor Wall Sconce

oak outdoor wall sconce

Garage Outdoor Wall Sconce Light

garage outdoor wall sconce light

Outdoor White Wall Sconce Design

outdoor white wall sconce design

Exterior Elevation Wall Sconce

exterior elevation wall sconce

Design by : Dale Tu Photography

Trends are changing and there are new designs like the Accent Wall Design. So, you just need to make your choices tailored to the looks of the house. When you incorporate these ideas, make sure that the exterior is compatible to the looks of the sconces. You can come up with your own ideas as well, and feel free to let us know about the same.

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