Green walls are more commonly known as vertical gardens or living walls. Such walls are being constructed both for the outdoors and the indoors. These innovative vertical gardens are created through the use of soil-free planting system, that allows for a vertical surface to be transformed into a beautiful standing garden.

The main idea for creating a green wall is to be able to come up with a work of art that lives, making it possible for the air you breathe to be naturally purified. Having such kind of wall in your home interior is surely going to make your living more sustainable.

Scenic Lime Green Wall Painting

scenic lime green bedroom walls


Dining Room Green Wall Painting

dining room green wall painting


Bedroom Aqua Green Wall Design

bedroom aqua green wall design


A green wall can be a simple wall filled or planted with different plants. It can also be customised depending on your desires. For instance, you can have the wall arranged uniquely so that there are customised logos, patterns or even a space for your TV screen.

Stunning Sea Green Wall Design

stunning sea green wall design


Outdoor Garden Green Wall

outdoor garden green wall


Amazing Green Wall Background

amazing green wall background


Double Bed Green Wall Design

double bed green wall design


The freestanding vertical wall is one of the most commonly used designs because they are so versatile that they can be placed in almost any location like in an office lobby, your living room, or a small hotel reception area.

Pea Green Wall Painting Ideas

pea green wall painting ideas

Shine Design Interiors

Olive Green Wall Painting

olive green wall painting


Outdoor Patio Green Wall

outdoor patio green wall


Glossy Green Bedroom Wall Design

glossy green bedroom wall design


Classy Green Wall Design

classy green wall design


Outdoor Garden Decor Wall

outdoor garden decor wall


Cool Glossy Green Wall

cool glossy green wall


Living Room Green Wall

living room green wall


Lawn Lime Green Wall Ideas

lawn lime green wall ideas


Living Room Lime Green Wall

living room light green wall


Lime Green Wall Painting

lime green wall painting


Aqua Green Wall Bedroom Ideas

aqua green wall bedroom ideas


Glossy Green Wall Background

glossy green wall background


Glossy Green Wall Room Design

glossy green wall room design

Laura Dalzell Design

Saga Green Wall Design

saga green wall design


Sea Green Wall Bedroom Ideas

sea green wall bedroom ideas


Sea Green Wall Painting Ideas

sea green wall painting ideas


The best plants for living walls include; lipstick plant, sword fern, wedding vine, peace lily, crotons, rabbit’s foot fern, cretan brake fern, and pothos.

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