Whether it is our hair, our looks, our clothes and shoes or our walls and interiors, it is easy to get bored with the same style and design. But a drastic makeover is not feasible all the time. Especially if you plan to change your wall design or wall pain, it requires planning and also a good financial budget. Such radical changes requires time and financial capacity but small, minimal changes can bring the desired change without much effort. Doing small changes can bring a refreshing tone to your house and they never go unnoticed. There are many things that you can try on your wall, rather than limiting it to posters and wallpapers, that can help you renovate your space and give a completely new character to your wall.

Here are some simple ideas that you can try to re decorate you walls with minimum effort and investment but the result will bring out maximum creativity and class to your walls.

Stone Art

stone art wall design

This idea is certainly better than putting any poster or frame to your walls. It is as simple as it looks and requires pebble stones. Create your own stone art with the help of the pebbles and draw around the pebbles to complete the design. You can also add other natural elements around the stone and create something beautiful and earthy. Whether you decorate complete wall or just a section of a wall depends on the material available with you but not matter how much space it takes on your wall, the impression in any case will be long lasting.

Strings of light

wall design ideas1

Chandeliers, light bulbs and lamps are there but this idea of lighting your wall with a light string will instantly bring christmas to your space. Just add these light to a certain section to give a bright makeover to an otherwise dull wall. You can also hang your family pictures along the string to make an adorable addition to an already delightful area.

Bulletin Board

bulletin board design

No we are not talking about the conventional green board known as the bulletin board. We are talking about DIY creative bulletin board which is as unique as you and your imagination. You can use an old cardboard sheet or an old metallic frame and paint them to give them a brand new look.


embroidery work design on wall

This is for the embroidery lovers. If you do embroidery and have pieces of your embroider lying around at your place and a wall is a perfect place to bring them to display. They will immediately pop out from the plain wall background. This needle work will set a welcoming tone, making your room appear cozy and warm.

Chalkboard Paint

chalkboard wall design

wall design ideas2

Don’t we all love such interiors when we see them in our favourite cafe. Then why not try them at our own place. Painting a wall with chalkboard paint can provide a very interesting look to the room. You can write you favourite quote or draw or leave note on that wall marker or chalk.
All you need to do is get some chalkboard paint and paint a single wall of the room with the paint. After it dries you can either leave it as it is or you can draw or write over it. Chalkboard paint is easily available on any hardware store.

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