Ornamental vector patterns are the solution to designers or creative individuals looking for ways to add more color and character to their everyday routine. Design patterns are not only pleasing to the eyes, but can stimulate the brain to make you more creative and come up with fresh ideas.

Surround yourself with awesome abstract designs by giving some of your precious possessions a makeover with vector patterns. You can use them as wallpapers, desktop and phone screen savers, art projects and gift packaging ideas. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to exercise your creativity. Download our patterns and have fun!

Floral Patterns

Vintage Floral Pattern

vintage floral pattern

Retro Floral Pattern

retro floral pattern

Seamless Floral Pattern

seamless floral pattern

Grunge Vector Patterns

Geometric Grunge Pattern

geometric grunge pattern

Subtle Grunge Pattern

subtle grunge pattern

Artistic Grunge Pattern

artistic grunge pattern

Grunge Paper Pattern

grunge paper pattern

What are vectors?

If you’re unfamiliar with vector graphics and what makes them great, here’s a brief refresher on what you need to know:

Most graphics you come across online are usually made up of grids and pixels. These are the famous JPEG’s and GIF’s on your feed. Vectors, on the other hand are created through lines and shapes that follow specific points to form a coherent image or pattern.

When you use vector graphics for artworks and creative illustrations like floral patterns, the image results in a clean and ready-to-edit format where you can scale and manipulate the image without compromising its quality.

When is the best time to use vectors?

Almost anytime, really. Vectors are the best option for constructing images, patterns, or putting together a flyer. They are especially useful if you plan on producing large outputs like posters, banners, and wallpapers. Using other formats can be unpredictable and risky because they might end up looking pixelated or blurry.

Vector patterns give you so many options for your designs, with a lot of room for creativity. There are also seamless vector patterns to make tiled images or wallpapers look clean and continuous; making them visually appealing.

Seamless Patterns

Nautical Seamless Patterns

nautical seamless patterns

Easter Seamless Patterns

easter seamless patterns

Geometric Seamless Patterns

geometric seamless patterns

Spring Vector Patterns

Spring  Leaves Patterns

spring leaves patterns

Spring Floral Patterns

spring floral patterns

Vintage Garden Spring Seamless Pattern

vintage garden spring seamless pattern

Abstract Vector Patterns

White Abstract Patterns

white abstract patterns

Blue Abstract Patterns

blue abstract patterns

Abstract Geometric Patterns

abstract geometric patterns

Geometric Vector Patterns

Tribal Geometric Patterns

tribal geometric patterns

Black and White Geometric Patterns

black and white geometric patterns

Retro Geometric Patterns

retro geometric patterns

Patterns for All Seasons

Choosing the right pattern to design your walls with or to start an art project can prove to be challenging especially when you have all these wonderful designs to choose from. Don’t let them overwhelm you by narrowing down your options to designs you think can best achieve your goals.

  • If you’re the structured type, linear and predictable designs might call out to you more. Black and White Geometric Patterns, Hand Drawn Geometric Patterns, and Hand Drawn Chevron Patterns are simple and uncluttered to ease your anxious mind.
  • The bohemian soul in you will probably jump for joy with our Aztec and tribal patterns. Bathe you walls in technicolor with Aztec Tribal Patterns, Hipster Seamless Colorful Tribal Pattern, and Abstract Hand-drawn Patterns.
  • Keep it low-key and relaxed with natural and rustic designs like the Seamless Nature Patterns, Watercolor Paper Patterns, Spring Floral Patterns, and Spring Leaves Patterns. You phone cover and wall art will surely look like a portal to the dreamworld with shabby chic vector patterns.
  • Vintage patterns like the Vintage Garden Spring Seamless Pattern, Vintage Watercolor Patterns, and Watercolor Butterfly Patterns make you feel like you’re suspended in a classier, old-fashioned yet stylish period in time.
  • If you’re looking for patterns to fit the holiday or season, the Seamless Easter Patterns, Abstract Easter Patterns, and Christmas Vintage Patterns will make you feel like you’re celebrating the holidays for the first time, with their unique approaches to design.

Download the designs that you feel best represents who you are. After all, designing is a form of self-expression. Your choice of vector patterns, when incorporated in your cards or flyers, are no longer reserved for your eyes alone. Establish a good impression with them.

Pixels Vector Patterns

Tileable Pixels Patterns

tileable pixels patterns

Subtle Pixels Patterns

subtle pixels patterns

Colorful Pixels Patterns

colorful pixels patterns

Watercolor Vector Patterns

Vintage Watercolor Patterns

vintage watercolor patterns

Autumn Watercolor Patterns

autumn watercolor patterns

Watercolor Paper Patterns

watercolor paper patterns

Watercolor Butterfly Patterns

watercolor butterfly patterns

Hand-drawn Patterns

Seamless Circles Hand-drawn Patterns

seamless circles hand drawn patterns

Abstract Hand-drawn Patterns

abstract hand drawn patterns

Hand-Drawn Waves Patterns

hand drawn waves patterns

Hand Drawn Geometric Patterns

hand drawn geometric patterns

Best of DIY

If you want a hands-on experience with designing, then by all means go for it! Not only is DIY more authentic, you get to practice and improve your artistic skills to a whole new level. If you want to know how to get crafty with vector patterns, grab some ideas from our list:

  • Create personal greeting cards straight from the heart with hand drawn patterns to let loved ones know how much thought and effort you into designing your cards.
  • Recycle grunge or tropical vector patterns for gift packaging and gift tags to not only save mother earth, but find a whole new way to be stylish and creative.
  • Create origami shapes and paper filigrees for your wall art designs. Blow your own mind, and the minds of your guests, by creating a whole new image or shape with papers that already have existing patterns and designs.
  • If you plan on using a specific theme or pattern for an online poster, add more spontaneity by using different styles or colors of the same theme for every poster. They establish good online presence, and can raise the interests of viewers.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different vector patterns and designs. DIY is usually the best method for that. There are certainly errors in every try, but that’s also the best way to discover new designs.

Chevron Patterns

Vintage Chevron Patterns

vintage chevron patterns

Hand Drawn Chevron Patterns

hand drawn chevron patterns

Seamless Chevron Patterns

seamless chevron patterns

Chevron Stripes Patterns

chevron stripes patterns

Paisley Patterns

Seamless Paisley Patterns

seamless paisley patterns

Hand Drawn Paisley Patterns

hand drawn paisley patterns

Geometric Paisley Patterns

geometric paisley patterns

Autumn Paisley Patterns

autumn paisley patterns

Dot Patterns

Polka Dot Patterns

polka dot patterns

Stripped and Dotted Patterns

stripped and dotted patterns


Cosmic Dots Patterns

cosmic dots patterns

Retro Dots Pattern Set Patterns

retro dots pattern set patterns

Easter Patterns

Easter Eggs Patterns

easter eggs patterns

Seamless Easter Patterns

seamless easter patterns

Happy Easter Patterns

happy easter patterns

Abstract Easter Patterns

abstract easter patterns

Vintage Patterns

Christmas Vintage Patterns

christmas vintage patterns

Seamless Vintage Patterns

seamless vintage patterns

Tileable Vintage Patterns

tileable vintage patterns

Tribal Patterns

Seamless Tribal Patterns

seamless tribal patterns

Aztec Tribal Patterns

aztec tribal patterns

Hipster Seamless Colorful Tribal Pattern

hipster seamless colorful tribal pattern

Nature Patterns

Seamless Nature Patterns

seamless nature patterns

Abstract Nature Patterns

abstract nature patterns

Nature Leaves Pattern

nature leaves pattern

Paper Patterns

Crumpled Paper Patterns

crumpled paper patterns

Grunge Paper Patterns

grunge paper patterns

Vintage Paper Patterns

vintage paper patterns

Kraft Seamless Paper Patterns

kraft seamless paper patterns

Striped Patterns

Tribal Striped Pattern

tribal striped pattern

Black and White Stripe Patterns

black and white stripes patterns

Seamless Striped Patterns

seamless striped patterns

Discover Yourself in Designs

For every design pattern you use, a part of your personality is shown. This is why picking out a vector pattern can be recreational and stimulating, because they can be avenues to express yourself.

How you incorporate your designs can be telling of the things that matter to you most.

  • Using paisley patterns on cellphone cases can be a sign of your boldness and willingness to stand out. Grunge patterns on your screens or posters can bring out the edgy side of you. Floral watercolor patterns, on the other hand, are for the more delicate and charming.
  • The kinds of designs you send out to people through your flyers, greeting cards, business cards, and gift packages can also carry a personal or professional message from you. Every design contains a message that says more than what your printed words can express. Which is why it’s very important for you to carefully consider your design options, so as not to send the wrong message.

Be smart and playful with your vector patterns to come up with one that can best achieve your goals and purpose for designing. Download as many patterns as you want. They can be edited with ease and are sure to produce high quality designs.

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