Paisley is an intricate pattern which features a teardrop shape and often incorporates flowers. The decorative nature of this motif is what makes it accessible in various items such as clothing, wallpapers and quilt designs. While paisley is believed to originate from India and Persia several centuries ago, the younger hippie generation who preferred psychedelic trends gave this design patterns more exposure. Whether for a scrapbook or website background, there is a paisley pattern that will showcase your creativity.

Black and White Paisley Pattern

black and white paisley pattern

You will not go wrong by choosing black and white paisley design. Suitable for individuals who prefer subtle motifs, the dark and light color scheme will look stunning on any formal background.

Paisley Flower Pattern Design

paisley flower pattern design1

Flowers are popular in paisley patterns, and this design is one that will catch the attention of everyone. It features a vector seamless pattern and you can change color or size. You may also see Classic Patterns

Seamless Paisley Pattern

seamless paisley pattern

Colorful paisley patterns are beautiful and eye-catching. It has a minimum CS version with jpg image, AL illustrator and vector ESPS graphic files included. Use this pattern for wrapping gifts this holiday season.

Geometric Paisley Pattern

geometric paisley pattern

Do you love bohemian designs? If yes, then go for this seamless geometric pattern. This parsley will give your design a modern appeal and a unique tribal texture.

Ornate Paisley Pattern

ornate paisley pattern

This paisley features round shaped ornate patterns in traditional Indian style. It comes in high resolution and different sizes that you can use on birthday cards, scrapbooking, wedding invitation or print on your fabrics.

Simple Paisley Pattern

simple paisley pattern

Simple paisley pattern is well layered and has bright colors that will make your items hard to forget. It is easy to download, cheap and you can quickly edit it to meet the needs of your project.

Vintage Paisley Pattern

vintage paisley pattern

Complement your vintage theme by getting this vintage paisley pattern. It includes high-quality jpg images and vector EPS graphics files.

Pink Paisley Pattern Design

pink paisley pattern design

If you need a classy paisley pattern that you can use to make your fabrics trendy, then opt for this pink paisley design. You can use this motif on cushions, carpets, shawls, bandanas and pillow cases.

Vector Paisley Pattern

vector paisley pattern

This paisley pattern has more than two vibrant colors in vector ESP format. All colors complement each other to form a striking design.

Blue Paisley Pattern Design

blue paisley pattern design

Give your project a traditional feel by using this paisley design. It features white and blue colors with floral patterns that are ideal for backgrounds, wedding cards, and gift wrappings.

Bright Paisley Pattern

bright paisley pattern

Photoshop Paisley Pattern

photoshop paisley pattern

High Resolution Paisley Pattern

high resolution paisley pattern

Grunge Paisley Pattern Design

grunge paisley pattern design

Star Paisley Pattern

star paisley pattern

Red Paisley Pattern Design

red paisley pattern design

Traditional Paisley Pattern

traditional paisley pattern

Decorative Paisley Pattern

decorative paisley pattern

Yellow Paisley Pattern Design

yellow paisley pattern design

Autumn Paisley Pattern

autumn paisley pattern

How to draw paisley pattern and unique description?

Paisley is a twisted teardrop that often looks like a kidney bean. This pattern gained popularity several centuries ago, and nowadays you can find it on diverse products. To draw paisley, first start by drawing a simple teardrop which can be long, thick, short or thin. Next, add another teardrop on the inside of the first symbol. Fill both teardrops with details like half circles, flowers or stripes until you are satisfied with your design.

While paisley was often used to decorate royal crowns and garments, its beauty continues to fascinate many designers. It is often associated with the Ying Yang symbol and uses different geometric shape to decorate the pattern. Paisley designs also incorporate flowers and curves which help the pattern to look pleasing to the eye.

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