Butterfly patterns are one of those elements which are highly preferred in the designs area for their amazing color which grants life to any artistic work or canvass. While they glorify the beauty of mother Earth; they do not keep away from glorifying an artwork either. With the advancement of the tech world, you can now add butterflies easily to any artwork or photos using Photoshop which offers you with arrays of butterfly brushes; favorite among them being Heart brushes and floral brushes. Understanding your dilemma about these brushes; here is a list of various types of butterfly brushes which are available and designed to help your canvas gain life.

Butterfly Heart Brushes Photoshop

butterfly heart brushes photoshop

Butterfly Photoshop Heart Brushes set comes with around 21 high-resolution brushes. The Set you receive also consists of one ABR file which works best with Photoshop CS version and its higher versions. It is compatible also with Elements 4 and its higher ranges. Each of the brushes is 2500 pixels in width and of 300 DPI.

Watercolor Photoshop Butterfly Brushes

watercolor photoshop butterfly brushes

This brush set comes with 16 Brushes with high-resolution feathers giving the touch of original paintings done with watercolor. The brush sizes measure approximately 800PX x 1500PX of 300dpi. The file comes in the ABR format which works well with Photoshop CS2 and its higher versions. This set of butterfly brushes is a perfect one for creating beautiful watercolor butterflies in any programs compatible with ABR and Photoshop. In the zip file you get 16 brushes with high-resolution watercolor feathers; JPG screenshot of both the colorful butterflies and grayscale ones produced with different brushes available in this set.

Gold Glitter Butterfly Brushes

gold glitter butterfly brushes

Adding a golden touch to your canvas; this set of butterfly brushes comes in a pack of 9 with 36 variants each of resolution 2500 x 2500 PX. The set features 45 brushes, one ABR file and one file with the instructions of use.

Vintage Butterfly Brush Set

vintage butterfly brush set

These vintage butterfly patterns were discovered during the mid-1600s. Restored digitally; they now add grace to your projects. Sized generously; they range from about 3” to 11” in length. The set you will receive contains About 8 PNG and 1 ABR file.

Colorful Butterfly Brushes

colorful butterfly brushes

Coming in a set of 9 different butterfly brushes of 18 variants; consisting of 27 brushes each of a resolution 2500 x2500 PX. The set you receive consists of 1 ABR file along with one file helping you with all the instructions. The minimum Version of Adobe required for working with it is CS. You may also See  Fall Leaves Brushes

Abstract Butterfly Brushes

abstract butterfly brushes

This butterfly brush set features 40 different brushes of resolution 2500 x 2500 PX which is compatible working with Photoshop CS. The set further contains 1 ABR file and one Instructions & Help file.

Floral Butterfly Brushes

floral butterfly brushes

The Floral brushes come with beautiful colorful butterflies, flowers, and leaves. Using these brushes you can mix butterflies and flowers together in one picture. The set consists of one ABR file and help file. Upon searching for floral butterflies; flowers, leaves; you will comes across this brushes.

Grunge Butterfly Brush Set

grunge butterfly brush set

This comes in a set of 30 high-resolution brushes which you can use for manipulation of photos, gothic artwork, brochures, posters and others. This brush file includes 1 ABR Photoshop file with 1 PDF file with all the instructions about the use. The brushes can work with PSD, JPG and TIFF with the minimum Adobe CS version required: CS3.

Butterfly Photoshop Brushes Pack

butterfly photoshop brushes pack

Created by Gothic 11 Shadow; this set consists of 19 different butterfly brushes. These brushes have been created using the version Photoshop 7 and they are equally good for working with Photoshop 7 and Photoshop CS5.

Butterfly Clusters Photoshop Brushes

butterfly clusters photoshop brushes

Created By Saysamia; this Stock consists of 7 different high-resolution butterfly brushes which are compatible for use in Photoshop 7 and its higher versions. The set comes with the instruction file which helps the beginners in learning the art easily.

Cute Butterfly Brushes Pack

cute butterfly brushes pack

Butterfly Swirl Brushes

butterfly swirl brushes

Fantasy Butterfly Brushes

fantasy butterfly brushes

 Free Photoshop Butterfly Brushes

free photoshop butterfly brushes

PSD Butterfly Photoshop Brushes

psd butterfly photoshop brushes

Free Butterfly Brushes

free butterfly brushes

With such a wide array of brushes for adding the beautiful butterflies to your canvass which fills it with life; these sets are considered best for their compatibility with most versions of Photoshop. Also to make it easy for use by the beginners; all the sets comes with one help file attached. So what are more are you waiting for? Have fun using them while you learn the art too.

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