Choosing the perfect gift includes the perfect gift package. As much as the gift is the main destination, your gift package serves as the ticket, while the unwrapping is the journey. Which means, in order to make the whole experience worthwhile, thoroughness in every aspect is a must.

If you haven’t started picking out your packaging designs, then check out our list of great gift package ideas for you to try out. They’re incredibly unique and can give so much emphasis on your present. With so much variety and creativity in design, the recipient of your gift might not want to unwrap the package at all!

Gift Packaging Box Template

gift packaging box template

Wrapped Gift Packaging

wrapped gift packaging

Open Gift Box Packaging Illustration

open gift box packaging

Realistic Gift Box Design

realistic gift box design

The Complete Package

Picking out gift box mockup designs shouldn’t be isolated from that of your actual gift. You shouldn’t pick out a package design just because it looks good, but because it would look even better when paired with your present.

  • The Gift Packaging Box Template, with its black and gold color combination and finely printed patterns give a hint of elegance and luxury.
  • The Wrapped Gift Packaging and Plain Wrapped Package and Gift Tags are more simplistic and straightforward but can also provide an air of mystery. Plain packaging with a simple color can also mean the gift-giver doesn’t want any attention taken away from the gift itself.
  • Creative packaging like the Candy Gift Box Packaging or the Newborn Baby Gift Package provides a fun element that can compliment the charming gift inside. The Gift Product Packaging adds more decorative elements with colorful crepe paper strips.
  • Themed packages like the Vintage Gift Box Package Template and Heart Shaped Package with Ribbon make the act of gift-giving even more unique.

Gift packages contain their own message even without the aid of a gift tag (although, that’s completely acceptable too). Put some thought into your designs and pour your heart out and creativity into them to make them just as priceless as your present.

Newborn Baby Gift Package

newborn baby gift package

Gift Product Packaging

gift product packaging

Vintage Gift Box Package Template

vintage gift box package template

Plain Wrapped Package and Gift Tags

plain wrapped package and gift tags

Candy Gift Box Packaging

candy gift box packaging

White Gift Box with Blue Ribbon

white gift box with blue ribbon

Square Gift Box Vector

square gift box packaging

Cardboard Opened Gift Boxes

cardboard opened gift boxes

Christmas Holiday Gift Boxes

christmas holiday gift boxes

Heart Shaped Package with Ribbon

heart shaped package with ribbon

Wrapping it Up

If want to get crazy creative with your gift packaging designs, take note of some of the best DIY box designs and gift ideas you can use for every gift-giving occasion.

  • If you’re tired of looking at the same square-shaped package again and again, use homemade origami boxes for a change! They may look complex, but a few practices can go a long way if you want something out of the ordinary.
  • A set theme or color palette may not only be applied to your wrapping paper, you can make a whole thing out of it by applying it to your actual presents.
  • An environment-friendly attitude can make way for environment-friendly gift ideas. Use pages of old books and magazines as wrapping paper for your present. You can make a collage of your favorite quotes and lines.
  • If you’re the minimalist type but want to bring out the holiday spirit, use plain paper wrapping and a delicate string, with an ornamental Christmas leaf or heart shaped gift tag as a striking accent.

Shake things up every now and then with your package designs. It’s not everyday you get to give out presents to the people you care about. Emphasize how much people mean to you by giving them something authentic and creative.

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