To protect every product from the different elements, a packaging is used to do such task. Product packages also protect the products from transit and help preserve them, especially if the products are perishable goods and are very sensitive to changing temperatures.

Other packaging designs may also have unique shapes to imitate their product’s shape, which can be a hard thing to do. This gives the packaging its character. Other packaging designs are made from plastic, paper, and cardboard. Scroll down below to start your search for the perfect cardboard packaging design template.

Cardboard Box Packaging

cardboard box packaging1

Square Cardboard Packaging

square cardboard packaging

Corrugated Cardboard

corrugated cardboard

Pizza Cardboard Box

pizza cardboard box

Cardboard Box Packaging with a Handle

cardboard box packaging with a handle

Packaged in Cardboard

Using templates for different packaging design shapes will help give you a guide to create a unique shape easily and will save you the time from forming them yourselves. These templates give guides on how to fold your design to its designated shape. Below are some examples of unique cardboard box designs you can use for your product packages:

  • Cardboard box packaging – These types of designs are the most used ones because you can basically store anything you’d like. This design usually comes in a rectangle shape, which are perfect to store most products.
  • Square cardboard box packaging – These cardboard packaging designs being used to store food and drinks. However, with its square shape, you can only store a limited amount of products, like slices of cakes, cupcakes, mugs, or glass cups.
  • Pizza cardboard box – This design’s flat and square shape makes it the perfect box to use for storing pizza. The template on our website will give you guides on forming your pizza boxes.

Cardboard Delivery Packaging Box

cardboard delivery packaging box

Isolated Open Box Cardboard Package

isolated open box cardboard package

Black Blank Cardboard Packaging

black blank cardboard packaging

Recycled Cardboard Packaging

recycled cardboard packaging1

Cardboard Box Packaging Mockup

cardboard box packaging mockup

White Square Cardboard Box Packaging

white square cardboard box packaging

Vector Cardboard Packaging

vector cardboard packaging

White Cardboard Milk Package

white cardboard milk package

Realistic Open Package Cardboard Box

realistic open package cardboard box

Black Package Cardboard Box

black package cardboard box

Food Box Packaging Set

food box packaging set

White Realistic Package Cardboard Box

white realistic package cardboard box

Where to Use Your Designs

The look and shape of your product packaging designs depends on where you will use them. You would always need to consider the product inside the packaging. It does not hurt to have multiple templates in your collection so you can have a variety in case you need to use them immediately. Below are a few ways you can use these cardboard packaging designs:

  • Use them for food and beverage products – The most common use of a package is to store food. You need packages to wrap food for people who want to eat them for later; the same concept applies to drinks, which also have their own variety of cardboard packaging designs.
  • Use them for fragile products – Another common use of packages is to conceal  and protect fragile products like glass cups, lights, and other kinds of breakable materials. The packaging used to wrap fragile materials have to be durable and do not break nor get destroyed easily.
  • Use them to store things you don’t use anymore – Since cardboard packaging is great for storage, you can also use cardboard packaging to store personal things you no longer use, such as old books, clothes and even furniture. Cardboard packaging is also perfect for easy transport in case you wish to donate or sell your old stuff.

As much as possible, consider how your product packages will look like having a unique product packaging design will attract more customers.

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