One fact is a given. Icons can very ably and stylishly make a world of difference to any design. For example, you your eyes hit a desktop screen which has interesting-looking icons, you’re going to pause and take a closer look. That’s a sign of intrigue and curiosity, sight? Well, icons have that knack in them, and that’s exactly why designers spend so much time and effort in creating them. Icons are little details which can do great number things, both in terms of design and utility. In this post, we will be talking about of the most popular icons which, you’re going to see everywhere – the Box icons.

Set of 16 Gift Boxes Icons

set of 16 gift boxes icons


Set of 20 Flat Styles Gift Box Icons

set of 20 flat styles gift box icons


Colourful Open Box Icon Designs

colourful open box icon designs


Well, the box icon typically could be used to denote a lot of things. Ideally of course, in the website culture, box icons are usually used as representation for gift items, delivery, shipping items. Needless to say they come in all colors and sizes and you can always tweak the shape a little bit, however essentially its always supposed to look like a box. The box icons are available in various formats. Depending on your preference and use you can always choose the box icons which look the part and fit your needs best.

Wooden Box Icon

wooden box icon

Stylish Download Box Icon

stylish download box icon


Set of Nine Colourful Gift Box Icons

set of nine colourful gift box icons


Music Box Icon

music box icon

Line Shipping Box Icon

line shipping box icon


Drop Box Icon

drop box icon

Colourful Gift Box Icon Designs

colourful gift box icon designs


Closed Cardboard Vector Box Icon

closed cardboard vector box icon


Shaded Box Icons

shaded box icons


Cardboard Box Icon

cardboard box icon


Vector Sealed Box Icon

vector sealed box icon


Super Mario Box Icons

super mario box icons

Set of Open and Closed Cardboard Box Icons

set of open and closed cardboard box icons


Cartoon Download and Upload Box Icons

cartoon download and upload box icons


Cartoon Package Box Icons

cartoon package box icons


Gift Box Icon on White Background

gift box icon on white background

Of course, because box icons are used for a variety of reasons, it makes sense for them to be available in just as many or more variations. There’s a wholesome collection of them on the Internet. Take a stroll, and download to use the ones you see as best.

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