The dates for London Design Festival 2016 has been announced and the festival is all set to start from Sep 17 and will continue till Sep 25. The festival is expected to have 400 events in these 9 days and the projects and installations will be displayed in various corners of London city. Well established architects and designers as well as potential architects will showcase their extraordinary creations which are going to be based on any theme or will focus on any material and locations.

The projects and installations have become the face of London Design Festival, creating a mark in the design world and justifying the status of London as the design capital of the world.

The Smile

london design festival

Another successful collaboration with American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC)along with Alison Brooks Architects, Arup Merk led to the creation of a new installation called, The Smile. It is a cross laminated hardwood installation made out of American Tulipwood. The structure offers a new way of looking at the city as it made to be inhabited. The internal spaces looks very unconventional since everything from the floor, to the ceiling to the walls is curved making the interiors very dynamic for the inhabitants. The space appears to be like some sort of an adventure in itself.

The festival has earlier collaborated with American Hardwood Export Council on various creative projects such as The Timber Wave, Endless Stairs, and The Wish List. These installations displayed the potential of sustainable timber.

Baboushka Boxes

babushka boxes

An experimental installation designed by dRMM, Baboushka Box is a conceptual piece that aims to change the user experience of housing along with other things like design and construction. These are strong adaptable boxed made out of timber and is ecologically and economically sustainable. dRMM is known as pioneers in the usage of cross laminated timber and have used them in Baboushka boxes too. These boxes are inhabited structures that can be re-arranged as per individual’s need.


foil benjimen hubert

Foil comprises of ribbon that will continuously move in the gallery in a wave like motion and will reflect and scatter light all around. The ribbon is made of 40000 metallic element and will be 20 meter long and will run down the entire length of the room. The installation has been designed by Barun design team in collaboration with Benjamin Hubert, founder of design agency Layer.

Liquid Marble

liquid marble design

This project is designed as part of Mathieu Lehanneur ongoing series that explores the materiality of marble. The designer is known for this innovative approach that combines design with science, arts, and technology to create humanistic projects. Liquid Marble will be displayed in the V&As gallery. It has been designed by combining advanced digital techniques and man made methods of creation. The piece will create waves that will have liquid appearance and will resemble fossils in solid marble. The black marble has been sculpted digitally and hand polished to achieve a certain level of reflective surface.

The Green Room

london design festival1

Glithero, London based design team, known for their enchanting mechanical installations has collaborated with Italian luxury watch makers Panerai and have created the design installtion called the Green Room. The room comprises of an optical effect created by colorful strings and hues blending into each other. These colorful strings will be lifted and dropped with the help of a motorised revolving CAM arm. This will prompt the visitors to travel through the Green Room



L’Eden by Perrier-Joue?t is an enchanting space designed by the designer giving the veiw of a living room inspired by nature. During the festival selected visitors will be invited to visit this marvellous installment to gain the mesmerising experience

For 2016 there will be 8 official districts with distinct design activities and events. These districts have been organised under the authority of London Design Festival.

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