Advertising designs can be incredibly helpful in creating the best advertising campaign for your product. This article focuses on some of the best advertising designs for a number of different platforms in order to give you the best options and inspiration. Each item has been carefully researched so that we give you the best examples of advertising designs from around the web, giving you all of the ideas and inspiration that you need to create a great advertising campaign.

Media Advertising Designs

This set of media advertising designs are simple flat designs with cartoon images of any image that you wish to advertise. They are ideal for both online and print advertising, as they are simple and easy to use in many different areas.

Digital Media Advertising

digital media advertising

Social Media Advertising Design

social media advertising design

Marketing Advertising Designs

These marketing design ideas are simple white pages with bright red foods, such as strawberries as the main focus. The design also uses red in the writing in order to make the design more eye catching. This design is ideal for any type of food or food education project.

Digital Marketing Advertising

digital marketing advertising

Internet Marketing Advertising

internet marketing advertising

Social Media Marketing Advertising

social media marketing advertising

Magazine Advertising Designs

This magazine advert design uses a large portrait image of a beach in order to create the advertisement, the cuts in small amounts of text and information. This magazine advert design is ideal for travel advertisements and brochure designs.

Colorful Magazine Advertising Design

colorful magazine advertisement design

Magazine Advertising Template Design

magazine advertising template design

Outdoor Advertising Designs

This outdoor advertising design is specifically for a billboard. This advertising design uses the design of a Google search in order to create a funny and modern advertisement for a search assistance company.

Simple Outdoor Advertising Design

simple outdoor advertising design

Outdoor Digital Advertising

outdoor digital advertising

Product Advertising Designs

This product advertising design uses the image of the product then bases the rest of the image around it. The product itself is a night cream for the face, so the image is the cream, which is opened, with the lid over the top in order to make it appear as though it is a moon, making it clear what the product is designs for.

Product Advertising Poster

product advertising poster

Product Advertising Empty Banner

product advertising empty banner

Business Advertising Designs

This business advertisement incorporates a 3D bar chart in order to advertise the different aspects of the business. This is a clever way to advertise your business in print or in media in order to make the design of the advertising campaign tie together.

Business Advertising Flyer

business advertising flyer

Corporate Business Advertising

corporate business advertising

Multipurpose Business Advertising

multipurpose business advertising

Real Estate Advertising Designs

This real estate advertising design puts the main focus of the advert on the property, and then adds information underneath the image in order to tell the customer what they need to know. The design is different to the most common real estate advertisements, as it uses angled cuts in the image to create a different and more modern image.

Real Estate Vintage Advertising Design

real estate vintage advertising design

Real Estate Advertising Web Banner

real estate advertising web banner

Job Advertising Designs

This job advertisement is a simple paper advertisement that uses the image of a hand, only made up of different electrical objects, gears, and other strange things, with the caption ‘what could be can be’. This design is perfect for an engineering job advertisement, as it creates the look and feel of an engineered robotic arm.

Job Application Advertising

job application advertising

Transport Advertising Designs

This transport design is the cartoon image of two large weight lifters leaving the tube in London’s underground. This image can be stuck onto trains in order to advertise any kind of sporting event, as it is funny and eye catching.

Transport Truck Advertising

transport truck advertising

Fitness Advertising Designs

This fitness design is perfect for a gym that operated during early mornings, late nights, or ever 24 hours, as it juxtaposes a man in a business suit with his suit and his muscular body. This image shows that the gym in question is still accessible for busy people.

Fitness Gym Advertising

fitness gym advetising

Fitness Club Advertising

fitness club advertising

Hotel Advertising Designs

This advertising campaign shows the hotel staff performing their jobs in almost a dance style of image. This advertising campaign shows the passion and dedication of the hotel to providing quality service and customer satisfaction.

Hotel Billboard Advertising

hotel billboard advertising

Minimal Advertising Designs

This advertisement is a minimalistic image of white hard hats put together to look like teeth from a distance. This image is ideal for toothpaste, dental surgery, and other dental related products to make people take a second look at the image and recognise your brand.

Minimal Rock Festive Advertising Poster

minimal rock festive advertising poster

Education Advertising Designs

This set of images uses the background of a chalkboard and the images of children to advertise and promote primary education. This design is ideal for a children’s school, Pre School, and many other early education systems.

Why is advertising important?

Advertising is one of the main was that we can get products, brands, and companies out into the public eye, make them recognisable, and get as many customers interested as possible; all of which is paramount in developing a consumer base and bringing in a profit.

How are advertising designs useful?

Advertising designs are incredibly useful because they show the product and brand for what it is and make people interested in the product so that they are more likely to buy it. The more eye catching a design is, the more likely the product will stick in the customers head, making them much more likely to buy it and try it out.

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