In this day and age, icons are commonly used for functions or programs, particularly in businesses, through widely known symbols or representations of such functions. If you’re currently working on innovating the look of your website or official documents, make use of our vector icons to create a whole new environment for you and your clients.

Vector icons are incredibly flexible to fit any type of medium or document you’re working on. We also have flat icon designs for you to fit into your company brand or event flyers. Our designs are downloadable and can be edited for you to be able to fully produce your own unique look.

Social Media Vector Icons

Simple Social Media Icons

simple social media icons

Business Vector Icons

Photography Business Icons

photography business icons

Professional Business Icons

professional business icons

Long Shadow Business Icons

long shadow business icons

Why are Vector Icons Useful?

Unlike the commonly used images and icons that are composed of pixels and grids, vectors are made of mathematical commands producing lines and shapes to create an image or pattern.

Making use of vectors for background images or social media icons can be extremely beneficial because of their uncompromising quality. You can easily edit and scale them without looking pixelated and downgraded as an end result.

  • Vector icons for business and professional use can be seen as an advantage because they can be used in as many ways possible in as many channels preferred by the company or designer.
  • They are great for materials with large formats like posters, tarpaulins, billboards, and/or wallpapers because they provide a clean output even after you’ve enlarged or minimized them to fit your design.
  • Our vector icon designs also promote efficiency and productivity because they help you save loads of time with ready-to-edit features. You can easily incorporate them to your designs, giving you to time to work on other aspects.

Equip yourself with a variety of icon designs to work with. Get the best of our icons by downloading all your preferred options and experimenting with them to come up with your final and official look.

Food Vector Icons

Fast Food Icons

fast food icons

Tasty Food Icons Set

tasty food icons set

Healthy Food Icons

healthy food icons

Wedding Vector Icons

Hand Drawn Wedding Icons

hand drawn wedding icons

Wedding Anniversary Icons

wedding anniversary icons

Which Vector Icon Should You Use?

As you start choosing your vector icons, think about the purpose and channel or medium for your icon use. Moreover, focus on your company or event image to easily narrow down your options to icon designs that are consistent with your image.

  • As tempting as it is to have a diverse set of icons, that may not always be the case especially if your going for a strict and professional look. Business icons like Real Estate Construction Icons, Business & Office Icons, and Office Icons PSD promote a clean set of icons for the more direct type of companies.
  • Romantic Love and Wedding Icons, Fast Food Icons, Travel & Holiday Icons, and Music Hand-drawn Icons are more comical in their style, with quirky illustrations for the more light and youthful companies and/or events.
  • A minimalist approach to your icons is ideal if you’re more straightforward than most. The Minimal Line Icons, Minimalist E-Commerce Icons, and Media Player Icons waste no time with unnecessary flairs to come up with a profound icon design.
  • Realistic icons that give off a 3-D effect are appropriate for the contemporary. The Round Flat Wedding Icons, Sports Equipment Icons, Water Sports Icons, and Health Insurance Icons look surreal to create a more lively and engaging overall look.
  • Icons to promote active participation from clients are best embodied by the Gym Exercise Icons Set, Flat Round Yoga Poses Icons, Yoga Exercise Icons, and Outdoor Summer Travel Icons. These icons are best for visual aids in manuals or design elements in advertising.

Clearly there are multiple ways to make use of icons just as there are many ways to design them. Think about what you would need icons for, such as aesthetic purposes, logo—designing, function buttons or bullets…etc.—to make it easier to decide which vector fits the role.

Wedding Ring Icons

wedding ring icons

Round Flat Wedding Icons

round flat wedding icons

Romantic Love and Wedding Icons

romantic love and wedding icons

Real Estate Vector Icons

Commercial Real Estate Icons

commercial real estate icons

Property Real Estate Icons

property real estate icons

Suitable Icons

If you’re wondering who can best use icons to their full advantage, well the answer is simple: anyone with an eye for design and excellent aesthetics. Whether you are a web designer or an events organizer, icons can be very beneficial in running a successful business, event, or website.

  • Food and party menus should never be exempted from the use of icons because they are the main source of information and are usually top means of advertising restaurants, cafes, and other types of eateries.
  • Doodle icons usually work best for the artistic types of professions and creative events like art cafes, artist profiles, festival flyers, social events, and much more. They add charm to your designs and give off an approachable and creative vibe.
  • Social media accounts and official websites are perfect avenues to make use of vector icons because they can fully optimize their function as buttons. Icons as buttons are also more friendly and appealing to the eyes by evening out the space without too many texts on the page.

Icons are suitable and are readily available for various kinds of professions. It all lies in the creativity of the designer to make them blend perfectly into every design.

Media Vector Icons

Media Player Icons

media player icons

Digital Media Icons

digital media icons

Media Controller Icons

media controller icons

Office Vector Icons

Business & Office Icons

business office icons

Black Office Icons

black office icons

Office Icons  PSD

office icons psd

Kitchen Vector Icons

Kitchen Appliances Icons

kitchen appliances icons

Vintage Kitchen Icons

vintage kitchen icons

Cooking & Kitchen Icons

cooking kitchen icons

Food & Kitchen Icons

food kitchen icons

Sports Vector Icons

Sports Equipment Icons

sports equipment icons

Water Sports Icons

water sports icons

Basketball Sports Icons

basketball sports icons

Shopping Vector Icons

Shopping Cart Icons

shopping cart icons

Flat Shopping Icons

flat shopping icons

Shopping & E-commerce Icons

shopping e commerce icons

Vintage Vector Icons

Vintage Food Icons

vintage food icons

Cinema Vintage Icons Set

cinema vintage icons set

Hipster Vintage Icons

hipster vintage icons

Vintage Clothing Icons

vintage clothing icons

Holiday Vector Icons

Travel & Holiday Icons

travel holiday icons

Flat Summer Holiday Icons

flat summer holiday icons

Easter Holiday Icons

easter holiday icons

Travel Vector Icons

Vacation Travel Icons

vacation travel icons

Outdoor Summer Travel Icons

outdoor summer travel icons

Travel & Tourism Icons

travel tourism icons

Health Vector Icons

Health Insurance Icons

health insurance icons

Medical & Health Icons

medical health icons

Digital Flat Health Icons Set

digital flat health icons set

E-commerce Vector Icons

Minimalist E-commerce Icons

minimalist e commerce icons

E-commerce Payment Icons

e commerce payment icons

Yoga Vector Icons

Yoga Exercise Icons

yoga exercise icons

Set of Yoga Equipment Icons

set of yoga equipment icons

Flat Round Yoga Poses Icons

flat round yoga poses icons

Architecture Vector Icons

Architecture & Building Icons

architecture building icons

Architecture & Construction Tools Icons

architecture construction tools icons

Historic Architecture Icons

historic architecture icons

Gym Vector Icons

Fitness Gym Icons

fitness gym icons

Gym Exercise Icons Set

gym exercise icons set

Fitness Equipment Icons

gym equipment icons

Communication Vector Icons

Business Communication Icons

business communication icons

Communication Web Icons

communication web icons

Media & Communication Icons

media communication icons

Minimal Vector Icons

Minimal Line Icons

minimal line icons

Minimal Hotel Icons

minimal hotel icons

Minimal Vector Icon Set

minimal vector icon set

Flat Vector Icons

Banking & Finance Flat Icons

banking finance flat icons

Medial & Health Flat Icons

medial health flat icons

Modern City Flat Icons

modern city flat icons

Circus Flat Icons

circus flat icons

Hand-drawn Vector Icons

Christmas Hand-drawn Icons

christmas hand drawn icons

Finance Hand-drawn Icons

finance hand drawn icons

Music Hand-drawn Icons

music hand drawn icons

Doodle Vector Icons

Digital Marketing Doodle Icons

digital marketing doodle icons

Investment & Growth Doodle Icons

investment growth doodle icons

E-commerce Doodle Icons

e commerce doodle icons

Vector Fashion Icons

Beauty & Fashion Icons

beauty fashion icons

Fashion Clothes Icons

fashion cloths icons

Fashion and Women Accessories Icons

women fashion icons

Other Important Documents

Aside from websites and on-site paraphernalia to design with icons, important business documents can benefit from the use of company icons.

  • Icons can be used in your official printed documents. Your logos stand as icons of your company; thus, they are necessary to mark your identity and the legitimacy of your documents.
  • Icons in invites and tickets are not only efficient, they are also visually appealing. They save space, can still serve its purpose of relaying important information, and are pleasing to the eyes.
  • Icons for official newsletters, brochure, and catalogs are also useful in making wise use of space. They are also effective in labeling or categorizing sections in your catalogs or brochures to make every aspect distinguishable and relevant.

Use our vector icons in ways you think can best serve their purpose. Be consistent with your design approaches and in incorporating them within the image of your business or organization.

You can download our vector icons and easily edit them to fit any of your preferred channel, documents, or medium.

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