There are different things that you need to put in your blog. One such thing is the share icon. The share icons that are available are not like the old one. It is not the two axis with the same old three nodes. Modernization in the icons has been the recent trend. You may also see Social Media Icons

Green Color Share Icon

green color share icon

Connecting People Share Icon

connecting people share icon

Combined Facebook Instagram and Twitter Share Icon

combined facebook instagram and twitter share icon

The modern day’s share icon is having different sets in them. You will find the share icon in different colours. This will help the readers to identify the icon easily. The same old faded colour are hard to be identified in the blog pages. You need to have something new with you. You may also see Booking Icons

Brown Color Circle with White Share Icon

brown color cirlce with white share icon

Black and White File Sharing Icon

black and white file sharing icon

Google+ Share Icon

google share icon

4 Share Symbol Circle Buttons with Long Shadow

4 share symbol circle buttons with long shadow

Pretty Green Dots Sharing Icons

pretty green dots sharing icons

Circular Facebook Share Icon

circular facebook share icon

Square and Circular Share Icon Set

square and circular share icon set

Orange Background Share Icon Set

orange background share icon set

Connection Social Share Icon

connection social share icon

Set of Colored Web Share Icons

set of colored web share icons

Among the new trends, the same old icons of sharing are there, but along with those, there are the new sets too. You will get the different types of shares, like that in the social networks. Share the blog in Facebook or Twitter or even in Instagram of Digg. So a lot of options are now for you.

3 Layered Social Share Icon

3 layered social share icon

Share It Icon

shareit icon

25 Colored Variation for Rounded Square Icons

25 colored variation for rounded square icons

Social Stamp Share Icon

social stamp share icon

Data Shared Icon

data shared icon

Share with Cloud Icon

share with cloud icon

Arrow Inside Circle Share Icon

arrow inside circle share icon

App Share Icon

app share icon

You can use them in the blogs. It can be an article or ca be a video blog too. So, just use them to get the perfect support for your website. You can also use them in the different offline articles too. In that cases you will have to put the links in those. You may also see Radio Icons

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