The Avatar icons Set contain professional icons for commercial use. These icons are available online in selected websites. There are available free as well as premium avatar icons. Among the common type of icons that are found include the avatar, default avatar, people, and human to name a few. The Avatar icons are available in different colors. Some icons have square designs with rounded corners, colored backgrounds. The icons can be downloaded from the web for use.

Professional Avatar Icon Set

professional avatar icons set

This type of Avatar icon set consists of standing professionals. Available in JPG or EPS format these icon set is of premium type. This icon set is available in online e-commerce websites.

Flat Round Avatar Icon

flat round avatar icons

This type of Avatar icons are available in PNG, EPS file types. There are as many as 12 PSD files with 9 icons. Similarly, there are 12 PNG files with 9 icons. There are 12 files with the images of 9 icons having high resolution type.

Vector Avatars Icon

vector avatars icons

This type of avatar icons are available in high resolution, fits the requirements of the projects. The avatar icons are available on the web from where they can be downloaded for use.

Set Of Family Avatars Icon

set of family avatars icons

This set of seven happy family member avatar icons is popular among users. The graphic files include PNG, JPEG, and EPS. The files are fully editable using software like the Adobe Illustrator.

Flat Style Avatar Icon

flat style avatar icons

These types of avatar icons are amazingly designed. The flat icons include those of men, women, youth and aged people. Mostly used in web design, social media postings, blog postings, the creative designs, 3D looks of the icons make them popular among the designers.

Business Avatar Icon Set

business avatar icon set

These are simple looking and used mostly for commercial purposes. Available in high resolution and sizes there are icons that users can use according to the project requirements. The business avatar icon set is available online from where it can be downloaded.

Fantasy Avatar Icon

fantasy avatar icons

The fantasy avatar icons are available in archive files. The graphic files include JPEG, EPS files. These files are layered. The premium icon set is available online in certain e-commercial websites from where it can be downloaded for use.

Male and Female Character Faces Icon

male and female character faces icons

There are avatar icon types with male and female character faces. These icons are available online along with other icon types. Both the free and the premium icons are available online from where they can be downloaded for use.

Avatar Icon Set

avatar icons set

The avatar icon set has a high resolution set. This icon set fits the project requirements of the user. The icon set contains a number of attractive icon images. Available online, these icon set can be downloaded for commercial as well as personal use.

Male Avatar Icon Set

male avatar icon set

This avatar set contains a collection of as many as 48 icons. The male or female icons that are there in the icon set are useful for mobile application, website, and print. The premium avatar set icon images can be edited using Adobe Illustrator.

People Avatar Icon

people avatar icons

This type of avatars is of premium type. This type of avatar icons displays human images, people faces. Available online, these can be downloaded free of cost. This avatar type can be used for commercial purposes.

Avatar Faces Icon

avatar faces icons

Avatar Profile Icon Set

avatar profile icon set

Free Avatar Icon

free avatar icons

Men and Women Stylish Flat Avatar Icon

men and women stylish flat avatar icons

Simple Avatar Icon Set

simple avatar icon set

Female Avatar Icon Set

female avatar icon set

Line Art Avatar Icon

line art avatar icons

Vector Male Avatar Icon

vector male avatar icons

High Resolution Avatar Icon

high resolution avatar icons

Business Avatar Flat Icon

business avatar flat icons

The different avatar vectors are available online. Many of which are designed for commercial use. The vectors are of different types. They contain images of human, cartoons, male, female. The avatar vectors can be downloaded for use. There are free as well as premium avatar vector packs. Some of the premium avatar vector packs contain quality vectors.

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