We deal with measurements in our day-to-day lives. Virtually, there’s no structure that can come about without involvement of measurements. From the building and construction to the industrial or manufacturing processes, measurements are required. This implies that there’s a wide range of graphic and web design projects related to measurements.

Measuring Devices Icons

measuring devices icons

Speedometer Interface Icon

speedometer interface icon

Diabetes Measurement Icon for Medical Purpose

diabetes measurement icon for medical purpose

Measurement icons are quite useful when it comes to design projects related to measurements. Icons featuring a ruler or a tape measure are suitable for use in a design project in the line of construction. Where measurements of internal or external radii of objects are required, icons featuring calipers would be ideal for such related design projects.

Set of Measuring Tool Icons

set icons of measuring tools

Ruler Scale Icon

ruler scale icon

Circular Gauges Icon Set

circular gauges icon set

Chemical Test Tube Measurement Icons

chemical test tube measurement icons

Colorful Speedometer Icons with Arrow

colorful speedometer icons with arrow

Miscellaneous Icon for Justice

miscellaneous icon for justice

Besides linear measurements, other projects would involve an aspect of metering. Thus, icons featuring a meter or gauge could be excellent for use in design of such projects. For design projects involving measurement of volume, icons featuring a vessel graduated in units for measuring volume would be ideal.

Heart Measure Icon

heart measure icon

Icons of Measuring Instruments

icons of measuring instruments

Temperature Measure Thermometer Icon

temperature measure icon

Measuring Cup Icon Set

measuring cup icon set

Body Measure Icon

body measure icon

Meter Icons Set

meter icons set

Balance Weight Icon

balance weight icon

Measuring Icons Buttons

measuring icons buttons

Pencil and Ruler Measurement Icon

pencil and ruler measurement icon

Pharmacy Shopping Measurement Icons

pharmacy shopping measurement icons

Research Icon of Cronometer

research icon of cronometer

Measuring Jug Icon

measurement jug icon

An icon featuring a thermometer could be perfect for use in graphic design involving temperature measurement and recording. One featuring a clinical thermometer could be ideal for use in a project related to healthcare. There are some sorts of weather icons that a designer can use for projects related to measurement.

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