On every 21st June, the world celebrates Yoga day. With fitness becoming a rage and people becoming more health conscious, the need of exercise icons has emerged. There are different forms of exercise like yoga, aerobics, free hand exercise that helps people to stay fit.To enrich your innovativeness here is a collection of such exercise icons that will make a difference in every design you make. We hope you like them.

Fitness Icons set

fitness icons set

Fitness is the buzzword now and thus now and then there is demand for fitness related illustrations, templates, presentations, and infographics. Thus, use these vector icons that will help you design your very own fitness related presentations that look great and give an exact message.

Yoga Exercise Icons

yoga exercise icons

Yoga is being used by mankind since an early time period. It has helped mankind to be fit and fine and thus here are yoga exercise icons that will help you create your own unique presentations. They are vector images that can be resized and recolored easily.

Fitness Sports and Health Flat Icons

fitness sports and health exercise flat icons

Our next collection comprises of fitness sports and health exercise icons. These long shadow flat icons are available in vector format. You can change the size or color of the icons without compromising the quality of the artwork.

Vector Set of Gym and Exercise Icons

vector set of gym and exercise icons


This set of gym and exercise icons are different poses of exercises that are done for getting fit. These vector icons can be resized according the size of the project. Thus, change the color of the icons or resize them to create a great project.

Exercise Equipment Icons

exercise equipment icons

A collection of exercise icons will be incomplete if exercise equipment icons are not included in it. Thus, here are exercise equipment icons. Weights, sports shoes, measuring tape, skipping rope, mat, water bottle and weighing machine comprises this vector icon set.

Fitness Aerobic and Body Shaping Icons

fitness aerobic and body shaping icons

There are different ways to keep fit, like aerobics, flexibility training, strength and resistance training and others. This icon set comprises of those training that will help you stay fit and fine. Use these vector icons for making a colorful presentation or template. This vector icon can be resized and recolored as per your specification.

Fitness Icons Free Vector

fitness icons free vector

This is another vector fitness icon that showcases different equipment related to fitness and exercise. Use them where they are required and make your artwork unique. These vector icons are easy to edit and they are available in EPS file format. Download them to create unique artwork to impress your clients.

Gym Exercise Icons

gym exercise icons1

This is a unique collection of people working at a gym. You can find some common posture here that can be seen at a gym that includes weight lifting, running on treadmills, sit ups and others. These vector files are easy to edit and resize. You can change the background color and they are available with a transparent background.

Fitness and Sports Vector Flat Icons

fitness and sports vector flat icons

Here is another collection of fitness and sports vector flat icon set that showcases some posture of famous and common sports and exercises. When you need icons for sports or exercise these vector icons will come handy. They are perfect for any backdrop. Set them according to the need of the project and make the artwork look great.

Exercise Progress Icons

fitness exercise progress icons

When you are exercising it is necessary that you keep a check on the progress and thus for such work here are fitness progress icons. They are just perfect for any templates or illustration where you want to convey a message on fitness and exercises and the progress you get while exercising. These vector icons make it easy to change the size of the icons or recolor them.

Simple Fitness Icons Set

simple fitness icons set

Set of Vector Fitness Icons

set of vector fitness icons

Unique Weightlifting Icons

unique weightlifting icons

Decorative Gym Icons

decorative gym icons

Yoga Icons in PSD Format

yoga icons in psd format

Beautiful Workout Icons

beautiful workout icons

High Resolution Exercise Icons

high resolution exercise icons

100 Fitness Icons Set

100 fitness icons set

Black Color Body Building Icons

black color body building icons


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