Icons are those small but important elements which are primarily used in any website or mobile application aiding the user with a better understanding and identification of a particular concept which the messenger is trying to convey. With the growth of Internet, too many people are found relying on applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. Emoticons and activity icons used in the designing of these mobile applications and websites make them more interesting for the communicators using them. So if you are planning to design a new mobile application or website for the public; check out these 10 set of activity icons which claim to enhance your project designing

Physical Activity Icons

physical activity icons

Spice your physical activity routine with this set of colorful icons. These lively icons come with people symbolizing the activities they are indulged with like cycling, skipping, reading books, jogging, and others. Get your set downloaded now ditching those blunt boring icons.

Outdoor Activity Icons

outdoor activity icons

Searching vibrant icons for your outdoor activities? Here you get a set of 9 amazing exercise icons perfect for resembling outdoor activities in a modern style. The set comes with high-resolution icons of fishing gear, grill, bicycle, mushroom, mountains, boat, tent, camper van and fire.

Flat Round Activity Icons

flat round activity icons

This set of 50 flat round icons is apt for designing websites, power point presentation, illustrations, mobile apps and templates. The icons resemble various indoor as well as outdoor activities which one adheres to in daily life such as working with a laptop, washing utensils, walking with a dog or baby or briefcase, taking a photograph, driving a car, waiter, watching TV and the list goes on. To find out the extended list, download it now.

Multicolored Activity Icons Set

multicolored activity icons set

Spice up your project designing them with these colorful icons. The set of 36 easily modifiable icons comes in 3 different sizes: small, medium and large. You can adjust the color and size according to your requirements. The pack consists of both PSD and PNG file.

Activity Glyph Inverted Vector Icons

activity glyph inverted vector icons

A set resembling domestic and professional icons; Activity Glyph Inverted Vector Icon grabs your attention with a design. From banking icons to communication icons, teaching, policeman, doctor, barber, cleaner; this set caters to your needs.

Colorful Activity Icon Set

colorful activity icons set

From engineers to architects; these set of 50 colorful activity icons are recommended best for adding a unique touch to your project. The AI, EPS, CDR, JPG, PNG, SVG and PSD file format is suitable for designing your website, templates, mobile apps, and PPT or project illustrations. The texture seems tempting enough for you to download.

Flat Camping Icons Collection

flat camping icons collection

Best for being used as an icon, logo, infographic, pictograms; shadowed Flat camping icons make way for the designing of your mobile apps and websites. You are offered with an editable EPS file format which allows you making the changes as per the needs of your project. Also, you can download the file in AI, PSD, PNG, JPG and SVG file format. Some of the icons symbolize adventure, art, arrow, binoculars, fishing, nature and much more.

Illegal Activity PSD Icons

illegal activity psd icons

This set of images can be used to make public cautious about illegal business websites, spam websites or other various related activities. Available in Vector EPS and JPG image file format; the icons you get here are designed on a vibrant green-blue background which redefines your project.

Hand Drawn Activity Icons

hand drawn activity icons

Want to give a hand touch to a mobile app or website designing project? Check out these high-resolution hand-drawn activity icons  for Golf sports. The set consists of 9 icons resembling golf stick, ball, golf cart flag, cap, net, hole, umbrella and a bunk of golf sticks. Designed on a vibrant sea green background; these icons fit well with your needs.

Sport Activity Flat Icons

sport activity flat icons

Modern Physical Activity Icons

modern physical activity icons

Winter Sport and Activity Icons

winter sport and activity icons

Beach Activity Icons

beach activity icons

Sport Line Vector Icons

sport line vector icons

Activity Green and Black Icons

activity green and black icons

Nature Outdoor Activities Icons

nature outdoor activities icons

Colorful Physical Activity Flat Icons

olorful physical activity flat icons

So you want to go back to the black and white era of the photography world? This set of icons meets your project needs best with more than 30 different icons designed on a black and white background. The shapes remind you of those you learned in primary school. Download it today to relish the flashback.

Camping and Outdoor Activity Icons

camping and outdoor activity icons

Leisure People Activities Icon Set

leisure people activities icon set

Hobbies and Activity Flat Icons

hobbies and activity flat icons

Don’t these 10 different fitness icons seem best for communicating your views? Choose your favorite set of icons to entice your design with a profound touch. Get them downloaded now and enjoy with your project designing.

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