If your old school soul is getting tired of the urban scene, an unforgettable retro event is the perfect fix. Revive and revamp the 80’s and 90’s with cool retro event flyers to get people hooked on your event.

Our flyer designs offer the best of retro with designs that can cater to any type of event you plan on having. From pop art, psychedelic patterns, to retro rustic chic—let our flyers bring out your old school spirit in original and electric ways. You can download our designs and even customize them to fit your vibrant personality. Start browsing!

Music Event Retro Flyer

Retro Radio Event Flyer Template

Retro Club Event Flyer

Retro Futuristic Flyer Design

Retro Vintage Sign Event Flyer

Funkydelic Fun with Flyers

Getting the right blend of classy and funky can be quite a challenge if you’re not equipped with the right designs; but there’s no need to worry about that with our list. You’re bound to come across more than one retro flyer that will have you wishing you can use them all. (You can, actually!)

  • One of the most iconic retro flyer designs are those that feel like they literally came from an 80’s comic book. The Retro Football Flyer looks absolutely comical with pop art illustrations packed with strong bouts of nostalgia.
  • The Retro Wave 80’s Synthwave Flyer is the original Vaporwave aesthetics millennials are falling for these days, with gradient sunset backgrounds by the bay area; perfect if you want your flyers to look like a legitimate movie poster.
  • If you want to bring back the classic poster layouts from the 90’s with icons and minimal text, the Retro Movie Festival Flyer, Retro Music Club Party Flyer, and Retro TV Show Flyer Poster can speak volumes about your event.
  • For a more vintage and rustic look, go for the Retro Wine Festival Flyer, Wine Festival Retro Vintage Flyer, and Retro Club Event Flyer with their clean borders, grainy backgrounds, and elegant illustrations.

Have your event flyer designs come out in style by choosing the design that best expresses the mood of your event.

Retro Movie Festival Flyer

Retro Music Club Party Flyer

Retro Wine Festival Flyer

Wine Festival Retro Vintage Flyer

Retro Summer Beach Party Flyer

Indie Retro Music Flyer

Retro TV Show Flyer Poster

Retro Wave 80’s Synthwave Flyer

Retro Football Flyer

Retro Party Flyer Design

Travel through Time in Style

In designing your flyers, take note of some staple design elements that will surely make your retro event flyer look like the time-travelling tickets they were meant to be.

  • Bold & Funky Fonts – The 80’s and 90’s were the best time for loud and eccentric everything—from color palettes, fashion wear, hairstyles, and more. Typefaces are not excepted. Let people know they’re in for a groovy night with retro fonts on your flyers.
  • Icons – Inform your guests what type of event it is by featuring retro icons. A music event can make use of old microphones or vinyl records, while a film festival flyer can take in the form of an old movie ticket.
  • Striking Color Scheme – Some retro flyers look better in neon colors, while others have more to say in grainy monochrome. Use daring color combinations to keep things interesting.

Designing retro flyers is definitely one of the most creative and fun activities you can experience when hosting an event. Bringing out the 80’s and 90’s vibe may be a challenge, but it’s definitely worth it once you’ve got everything in its place. Download our retro event flyer designs to get a head start on your funky event.

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